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ViCe ILP Foundation´s mission is to help young and talented entrepreneurs foster their startups by giving them advice and smoothing their way through the investment community.

Superb teams make it through the door with their projects, full of enthusiasm and energy in the midst of hard economic times. ViCe ILP Foundation wants to help those entrepreneurs find financing for their talents and make those ideas become a reality. Most of the projects come from engineers: young, bright and restless to make it in the business world. “If you want it, you can get it”, that’s how we approach it.

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People & Projects

ViCe Foundation´s objective is to advance societies by raising their knowledge and improve their business activity in diverse areas.

The transmission of knowledge and the promotion of research and advance training have emerged through 3 different activities:

Supporting private, high qualified educational organizations.

Developing entrepreneurs and start up projects.

Supporting students in need with their educational programs.

ViCe Foundation has the commitment to continue raising funds to help and improve today´s society.

Fundación Vice has a physical space available to  new entrepreneurs, in which they can meet and take on their projects. If this applies to you, contact us and we’ll help you.

Telephone: +34 91 853 57 26

Address: Avda Asturias 5, 28248, Hoyo de Manzanares, Madrid

E-mail: emprende@fundacionvice.org

Contact Person: Purificación Flórez 

Investment Comittee

Our Advisory Committee is composed of professionals with national and international prestige, in the field of Venture Capital, Private Equity and Startups, as well as in the financial, technological and legal world. It is difficult to find such a qualified Advisory Committee. It is what makes us different. Check it by yourself.


Each month we organize training workshops, conferences and meetings with investors.

Every 15 days we organize a Demoday with members of the Advisory Committee and with some guests; each entrepreneur gets 15 minutes: 10 for the pitch, and 5 for Q&A.