Some doubts you could have about us...

How can we introduce our startup?

You have 3 options:

Apply online

Or contact by email with:

Or by phone 91 458 24 92 and ask for Adela or Lía.

Is any cost involved in the demoday?


It costs 100 euros paid upfront, at least 3 days before the Demoday. You actually pay 250 euros in advance; And we will refund you 150 on the Demoday. This system is intended to discourage people from signing up and then giving up. This attitude, strange as it may sound, is more habitual than can be expected, and generates serious organizational problems, not to mention a lack of respect to the people attend the demoday

How can we get funding (from ViCe Foundation) for our startup?

You can get funding in two ways:

  1. After the Demoday, if the Advisory Committee considers that your project deserves to be analyzed in detail, and even mentored in some way, you will meet with a member of the Committee during the next two months. Once this wider knowledge has been obtained, the Committee can propose to invest in your project, if you are interested.
  2. We will e-mail your project, through our platform, to a large number of national and international investors. If any of these investors have any sort of interest, either will contact you directly, or it will do so through us. This matching is standard. We will send you a message of the investors contacted for your knowledge.

Is there any cost to the Founder to get funding in these 2 ways?

No it ́s free.

We will not charge you any cost to obtain this financing through our platform or through the Advisory Committee.

Has the Advisory Committee so far invested in any project?

In 2016, the Committee has invested in 9 projects for the amount of 1,325 Million euros.-

Will any fees be passed on to the Founder, for attending Workshops, conferences, or for receiving any type of training organized by the Foundation?

No, it ́s free of charge.

Will you sign an NDA? How do I know you won't steal my idea?

No, we will not sign an NDA.

No venture firm would at this stage. And in any case, accept a kind suggestion: Do not overrate the “ideas”. There are millions of good ideas in the world. The key, usually, is not the idea. The key is in the performance, the team, and the management skills.

Do you only fund startups in a particular field?

No, we'll consider startups in any field.

We don't want funding, but will you give us advice?

Of course.

I'm starting a startup. Can I meet with you?

Of course.

Will someone from ViCe Foundation review my startup idea?

Of course.

We can check your idea, and give you our first glance impression. Yet ViCe Foundation does not provide legal or financial advice. What we can inform you  of is who can do it for an affordable fee and for great quality: both at the same time.