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In the information technology age, the most valuable asset is quality data in real time, its segmentation and good use, and to know the customer to get ahead of their needs and provide optimal solutions to build customer loyalty.

Neargay-NearLes is an integral solution for the daily necessities of our 3 types of customers in the gay market: final users, businesses, and institutions. In the initial market there are more than 10 million people and a clear road to international scalability.

This solution is armed with an intelligent social network for mobile apps and the web that collects, processes, and uses the information that users unintentionally generate every day on the platform and its relations to other users or content (also to generate their own content). In this way we can obtain a commercial profile of our users and prepare quality market research in real time. We can also lead, guide, and optimize sales and advertising. Therefore, we can elect businesses with more competitive prices in any place and negotiate group buying rates.

With these tools we can effectively mediate between supply and demand. This is a market with much potential but without intermediaries, and without reliable market research given its “taboo” trajectory in recent years. We have a specialized strength in LGBT tourism en events and activities, but we also offer professional, specialized ecommerce, professional services, utilities for trips, guides, tools, group chats, etc. It is a meeting point in the cloud of reality where personal relationships, shopping, leisure, information, and professional services for the LGBT community come into play.

We are the only gay app on the market that is totally free and unlimited for the final user. While we are the most complete, we want to break the rules of competition by implementing a new, more efficient model while we generate a greater volume of valuable information. In very little time we have attracted over 20,000 users and we have the honor of being the official app of World Pride 2017, an international event in Madrid for which more than 3 million people are expected.


Nostoc biotech develops biotechnological solutions for agriculture.

We produce and sell biofertilizers. These are products that contain benefitial microorganisms for the crops. Some of them are focused on plant nutrition while others can also the crop against important diseases and pests. Our company has invoiced around 100.000€ in 2015.

Our aim is the reduce the amount of chemical pesticides and fertilizers in agricultire, so the farmers can keep the natural fertility and heath of their soil, and the final consumers get heathier and tasty fruits and vegetables.

Our team is formed by both experienced professionals from the agriculture field, and young and talented entrepreneurs with scientific background.

Our biggest achievements have been to treat succesfully important plant diseases and pests such as: Esca of the grapevines and red-spider mite, nematodes, and thrips in greenhouse crops, among others.

Nostoch Biotech is looking for investment in order to scale the business: the funds will be applied mainly in: upgrading the manufacturing facilities, atract talented agronomists, and build the commercial network.

The activity of our company helps to mitigate the global climate change by avoiding innecessary emisions of Greenhouse gasses like NO2.


NOYSI is a communication app for teams, designed to help organisations reduce dependency on email for their day‐to‐day conversations, improving productivity and reducing cost. Unlike its competitors, NOYSI is built on the back of the latest event‐driven, non‐blocking data frameworks, offering light‐speed loading times for any number of concurrent users, from any device and internet connection, and for a fraction of the cost.


¨Personal Dosimeter.¨
Highly novel device the size of a credit card that makes it easy for any person to transport that detects during all hours of the day the quantity of electromagnetic radiation to which one has been exposed. Among other things, the device can learn places that have been registered such as home, work, leisure places, etc.
This device, different from the competition in that, detects all frequencies in a narrow range from 50MHz to 6GHz, which is stored in the memory in order to be periodically sent through the internet to our database to be analyzed.


With the growth of the world population (2000 million people now living in urban centers) the system of food production isn´t sustainable, in fact, nowadays in many cities it is very difficult or expensive to get quality vegetables
Urban vegetable gardens are in growth and each time there are more popular. According to the FAO, 800 million people are already developing agricultural activities in urban cities. The problem is that cultivation is not simple: it requires time, knowledge, and currently there isn´t technology that simplifies it. In addition, urban spaces are reduced in a way that current technologies lack the ability to maximize yield per square meter.
Niwa is a cloud platform made for mini-greenhouses and an app that automates and optimizes cultivation so that everyone can farm at home. Choose what you want to grow en the Niwa app and the greenhouse and the steps for growing it will be downloaded, and the app will then begin to monitor the conditions for growth.


Project Description
EL Maestro is a TV program like a ¨reality¨coach, that offers a 360 solution in which techniques and tools are applied in first person in order to facilitate developing potential and talent. El Maestro was born to encourage parents and profesionales of the main education principles, for support, development, trust, and better communication through tools and academic resources.

1st phase – TV
2nd phase – Web portal of materials, tools, and cases for parents, professors, and alumni.
3rd phase – Apps for smart devices

Distribution and Marketing
Distribution through TV channels and the internet. Different sources of revenue will include:
• Merchandising
• Product placement
• Sponsorships
• Sale of TV format in international market


Ticket rental service that are bought in the cloud.
Through a simple integration in the cashier software (TPV), we allow the digital printout of purchase confirmations and when there are no more tickets, the message ¨No Mas Tickets¨ is left on the client´s profile. Clients will be able to consult and manage their ticket purchases from the website or app, independently from the setup of the digital projector.

This allows for:
• Saving on
• Obtain segmented information on clients (Business Intelligence).
• Publish geolocalized promotions.
• Promote consumer loyalty offering an added value that strengthens their rights as consumers.

Business Model
Our business model is based on an annual fee (of only €59) for license of use for the small business and a fee per volume of tickets stored for large companies.

Also, we generate revenue through linked micropayments for added services, like, for example, campaign promotion through a tool through our service, or more detailed reports from BI.

In addition, we offer a more premium version of the app, oriented towards professionals, with functions similar to accounting programs.

The price per volume of tickets stored varies according to the section of storage, the most expensive being €0.005/stored tickets for the lowest ticket volumes and the cheapest being €0.0006/stored ticket for large levels of storage (more than 20 million stored tickets) which represents a minimum 50% saving with respect to the printing-out of physical tickets.


Neuronal Bite SL was born when we saw that small and medium e-commerce had a need: to introduce artificial intelligence to its business models, without it the companies will lose competitiveness. The big technological companies know this and make use of it, big nontechnological companies also have artificial intelligence implanted in their business models,through custom made models, in fact part of our team has been dedicated to develop for these companies during the last 8 years.

That is why Neuronal Bite was born, we implemented modules of artificial intelligence with technology developed by ourselves, in order to optimize the sales of each e-commerce.

We offer a SaaS, the process is through a registration form on our website. From there, any ecommerce can begin to consult how to optimize its sales through the different modules that we offer: product recommendation, churn rate, customer segmentator, etc.


The maturity of the technologies for the guidance and control of RPAS allows proposing innovative operational options such as the ability to spray (a liquid) or spread (a powder) a significant amount of an agent of any sort at a pre-established point in the atmosphere.
This is the case of NITROFIREX, an innovative project that integrates the industrial technologies of the Defence Force in order to attain an operative capability that could be applied in the battle against wildfires,

Due to the ecological harm caused, the social alarm generated as well as the human and economic losses that they bring forth, the project that NITROFIREX is developing with maximum priority is the one to combat wildfires. For that very reason NITROFIREX is concentrating on its nighttime operations as an indispensible and necessary complement to aerial means already in use during daytime


Nested is a Marketplace for flexible office space renting solutions. Our service offers renewable month-to-month leases without deposits. Additionally, we provide a talent matching system to encourage professional synergies with property owners. NESTED is the Airbnb for office spaces.

At Nested we make it possible for companies to grow smoothly within the rigid infrastructure of the real estate sector; connecting companies with excess workspace to other companies, individuals or freelancers who need the space to operate and grow.

We offer any company with underutilized space to convert into a “Coworking”.

Flexible agreements eliminate the risk of a long-term lease, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on growing their businesses.

With our offer, we can cover the needs of any stage of an entrepreneur or business, from providing a periodic meeting room, to a work desk in a coworking or business center (hourly, daily or by job), or work desks or private offices within another company (monthly), including entire offices under more flexible conditions (shorter duration, less deposit and with the right to sublease) than others advertized.