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Aura Innovative Robotics (AIR) is an industrial robot and automation company, applying cutting edge robotics research into innovative applications for a wide range of industries such as health, energy, entertainment and others. AIR is a commercial spin-off resulting from robotics R&D performed within the UPM (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid).

The main product line of AIR is a family of social assistance robots called RoSA that help people with activities of everyday life that they may find demanding. For example, finding the right place to go in large indoor areas such as a big hospital; RoSA will be the perfect companion, gently guiding her assisted human all the way to the target.

RoSA is in a prototype phase and has been successfully tested in real environments, checking human-machine interactions. Hype has set off, and this has led to the first commercial orders which are currently being negotiated. The financial resources needed to set up serial production and launch business development activities – mainly marketing & sales – are 500-700 k€.

But there is much more in the AIR pipeline: a robot which inspects pipes in oil fields, a highly innovative diagnostic equipment for syndromes such as TDAH, exoskeletons aiding in recovery therapies, …



Ankar Pharma is a biotechnological start-up that accelerates the pathway from drug discovery to drug market sales, aiming at obtaining successful preclinical trials of drugs for neurodegenerative diseases and sells to pharmaceutical companies the rights to develop the drug into clinical stages and market development.

Ankar Pharma was created as a spin-off of CSIC (the prestigious Spanish public R&D institute). It has selected a very promising drug (AP-1) and negotiated the exclusivity to develop it until the market stage. The research investigators that have discovered and developed the drug are partners of Ankar Pharma.

Through alliances with other companies and investigation teams, Ankar is able to accelerate and develop, with lesser costs than the pharmaceutical companies, its drug portfolio.
As refers to the potential market, neurodegenerative diseases and patients will boost with world aging population: Alzheimer (24 million), multiple sclerosis (2,4 Million), Parkinson (7 million). These disorders have a high price-tap per patient. As an example, multiple sclerosis has 500€/patient/month.

Our competitive advantage is a very promising evidence of AP-1 as a drug for multiple sclerosis with few stages to cover to have preclinical stage finished. AP-1 has a triple effect: neuroprotection, anti-inflammation and remyelinization.

Di-risking strategies through alliances with other biotech companies interested in using AP-1 as a solution for other diseases (Alzheimer, Parkinson), and obtaining orphan drug status for Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis are forecast.

Our business model relies on identifying IP promising drug molecules and expedites successful pre-clinical and clinical trials in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies, in an effort to shorten the drug’s overall time-to-market. License agreement to Pharmaceutical companies (lump sum plus royalties) after finishing pre-clinical stage, or later are forecast.


Alcatraz Solutions with over 10 years of experience has become for some time now, the benchmark in the field of personal data protection, providing SMEs, Medium and Large Enterprises and Public Administration the alternatives to adapt the Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD). The leading position in Spain of Alcatraz Solutions in Management Tools and Adaptation to the LOPD, with over 60,000 adaptations and 25% market share, his extensive experience in technology law, are the tangible evidence of potential and guarantee of success.

In our objective of continuous growth, we have started few years ago an expansion plan of the company, with an internationalization strategy, that has allowed us to obtain a significant presence in the Latin American market, currently with our headquarters located in Bogotá.

Therefore, our goal is to continue the immersion process in other countries that just joined the legislation on personal data protection (Chile, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Peru, Dominican Republic and Uruguay) with a potential market over 15 million companies, offering an exclusive service in a market without strong competition.

According to this, our company is searching for funding to build and strengthen its leadership position simultaneously in the most important LATAM countries, using the favorable time opportunity and competitive advantage of being the first at the beginning of a new market.


FIONA is the LEGO of Cognitive Computing. It allows to create virtual robots, by combining bricks from third parties, to perform specific tasks.

Virtual robots could be used for customer service, personal assistant or knowledge gurus. From reporting weather to provide bank statements, FIONA is the only global platform that empowers companies to automate knowledge worker tasks, on a cheap way and with no technological obsolescence.

Adele Robots has invested around 1MEUR in the development and early commercialization of FIONA.
We are looking for 700KEUR out of 3.5MEUR budget for piloting different solution over FIONA in key clients, as well as to scale up to new geographies.


Every day and in every home, from when a hot tap is turned on to when water comes out at the required temperature, we let large volumes of water run down the drain, which in addition to the waste in itself becomes a waste product which is costly to treat.

AquaReturn Basic, is an appliance which will prevent this waste of thousands of litres of water in homes with boilers or tank or tankless water heaters. It is an innovative small domestic appliance with CE approval (AQUAR 120101) which prevents water from coming out of the tap until it has reached the right temperature (35ºC), generating major savings for users and society.

The average estimated saving achieved by AquaReturn is 8000 litres of water per person and year, to which we should add savings in heat and pumping energy, just from preventing the wasting of 22 litres a day because they are not at the desired temperature.


High-tech textile electronics for 3D postural re-education therapy in spinal conditions, via ambulatory postural performance tracking and real-time ambulatory audio-tactile feedback. (Recipient of INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR UNDER 35 SPAIN 2016 AWARD by MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW)

Initially – earlier and more effective postural re-education therapy for conditions of the spine that are currently treated with braces. Scoliosis, lordosis and kyphosis in adolescent populations (stop progression) and adult populations (reducing chronic pain).
Medium term – as hardware technology becomes more affordable with volume scale-up, development of an increasingly large variety of monitoring and training software solutions for applications in the occupational health, sports performance and digital entertainment arenas.

Wearable motion capture technology that is able of unprecedented accuracy and stability, easy to use, ultra discreet for all-day-long usability, data intensive and more cost effective than existing bracing therapy.

In our beachhead market, a comfortable, discreet, high-tech solution that can enhance postural re-education therapy to the point that disease progression may be stopped or at least delayed while growth potential remains, thanks to putting full control on ambulatory postural compliance in the therapist’s hands; potentially to avoid burdensome bracing therapy and highly disabling surgery, at a fraction of the cost.


Aiudo is a home help service which operates by utilizing telematics. They facilitate direct employment between the family and caregiver without the necessity of either member getting involved in the formal process and formalizing the contract under the labour law agreements for homecare givers, resulting in a price reduction of 50% from traditional agencies.
With the use of technology we are able to perform personnel selection 100% online.
Personnel Selection – Video Conferences and automated tests.
Sales – Calculator and passive tools for sales. https://aiudo.es/calcula/
Coming soon – Formalization and automated labour procedures.
Adwordds and display publically 100% of revenues.
Also associated with Alzheimer and other corporations, establishing a win-win.
Recommended by the Red Cross amongst others.


ARATECH lifestyle technology is a startup founded in 2013 focused on the creation of technological value, through the development of digital tools customized to the needs of customers and partners, accompanying them from the idea and the business model to its implantation and later diffusion. It understands technology as the necessary tool to reinvent and grow traditional sectors.

Its differentiating factor is market diversification, technological niches with a strong social marketing component, offering products at reasonable prices that are equivalent to the market, facing competition based on the differentiation of personalized services, confidentiality and transparency with customers.

This process has led them to bet, parallel to the previous line of business, on the development and marketing of products and services under their own brand in very specific niches in order to enhance the sustainable growth of the company, without neglecting the development and maintenance of the technological tools of the clients.

Since 2016, ARATECH has been awarded the INNOVATIVE SME label based on competitive advantages in agile project management methodologies, flexible solutions, startup creation consultancy, business modeling and creation of R+D+I projects in various sectors.


We are the only marketplace in the world able to connect, on a 100% online transactional basis, end clients and mainstream tourism (tour-operators and OTAs), to the fragmented sector of recreational boat chartering. We have developed a combined equivalent of SAP (BoatGrid, a fleet management software), Amadeus (a GDS), And Expedia (aBoatTime, a 100% transactional website) for the nautical industry and all the integrations to offer boats through touroperators and OTAs. Our goal is to become the standard for the three categories and make nautical chartering (offering the boat for sailing) and the use of boats on an accommodation-only basis (alternative to an apartment, without leaving the harbour) a vacational alternative to the masses. Additionally, we would like to exploit, on an online basis, the adjacent businesses that the industry is already demanding, such as boat brokerage, nautical AirBnB, the sale of nautical spare parts, etc.
• We have 3,000 boats (equivalent to 21,000 hotel beds) in more than 100 destinations in the Mediterranean and Caribbean, and have posted revenues since 2011. The market (direct commissions only) is of € 37 bn. € 67 bn if we include adjacent businesses. Since its foundation (Nov’10) the company has raised € 3 mm of Spanish, Swiss, German, Italian, Austrian, Portuguese and Mexican capital, and amongst our shareholders are Google US and Europe directives, the former CEO of Air Berlin for Spain and Portugal, the former worldwide Sales Manager of Air Berlin, a Professor of IESE Business School, the former Olympic sailing team coach for Spain and Portugal, and senior management from the European tourism sector. Additionally we have raised € 890k of different government funding programmes.

We are integrated to offer boats via: Booking.com (world’s largest accommodation website), Viajes El Corte Inglés (leading agency group in Spain), Halcón Viajes (part of Globalia), Catai Tours (tour-operator specialised in high end travel), Nabortu (Russian OTA owned by Expedia), NT Incoming (most important incoming operator for Russian tourists in Spain, partner of Natalie Tours, the largest Russian travel group), Iberotours (German tour-operator, partner of Lufthansa City Center, one of the largest travel agent chains worldwide), Kompas (leading Croatian “incoming” tour-operator), among others.

We signed a contract but not finished the integration yet: HomeAway (competitor to Airbnb) and Dominion Enterprises (American company owner of the 3 largest nautical websites worldwide; yachtworld.com, boats.com, boattrader.com and cosasdebarcos.com).

We are in advanced negotiations with: TUI Travel, TUI Marine (Part of TUI, owners of Sunsail, The Moorings, le boat and Footloose with 2,500 boats in 100 destinations), Thomas Cook (programming finalised), Lufthansa City Center (negotiating exclusivity), WIMDU (Airbnb´s competition) and Unister (negotiating a white label regime).

Although tour-operators and OTAs haven’t unwound their real potential yet, our metrics keep improving. Comparing Jan-Apr 2015 Vs Jan-Apr 2016, net sales multiplied by 3.6x.

Tour-operator, OTA and other channels annual contribution keep growing. In the period Jan-Apr 2016, 34% of total net sales originated in touroperators, OTAs and other channels. That implies multiplying net sales originated in these channels by 3x.

River charter: signed in 2015, our first river fleet with 385 boats and already had sales.

Deloitte audit: completed with favourable opinion for 2013 and 2014. In 2016, we will audit our 2015 accounts with Deloitte again.

Insurance: we signed the insurance contract with InterMundial Seguros for customer travel insurance, completed their intranet training, and sold our firsts insurances. Offering a complete range of insurance policies, including cancellation insurance, should mark the difference against our competitors.

Our strategy seems to be working, since bookings through tour-operators and OTAs are increasing, seasonality is decreasing and we are evolving from simply selling boat rentals to starting to change the sector.


An infographic resume editor that even helps with personality assessment and guidance.
Recruitment / HR / Personal Development
Cloud based platform with infographic resume formats.
Personality assessments and predictive capabilities for career development.