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Desing, supply and commissioning of transport systems based on electric vehicles fordiffrents applicationsm with points powered renewable energy recharge.

Benefits . increasing market interest in sustainability and electric mobility.
Covers a customer needs unmet so far in the abssence of a global projet like this.
Diferentiation: Image market expert / Expert battery technologies.


Aldea Sophia is a disruptiv project in the construction industry. It originates mainly from the need to generate a simpler construction, a self-sufficient building, a construction that can be prefabricated in an industrial environment achieving greater efficiencies, a friendly construction with the environment, with those who live and build, especially achieving so a better type of construction, which does not need anything extra. With this prerogative the only way to achieve these qualities was started by the structural part.

Patent Aldea Sophia is a lamination of Bamboo, mixed with layers of strategically placed Aluminum, which connect the ends with the ends of the joists and recessed connections, this simple achievement completely changes the building industry wood for the simple fact that you can now compare one on one with construction industry concrete and metal structures.


“A social Startup aimed to educate and raise public awareness about patterns of alcohol consumption, zero tolerance and respect for the non-consumer. This is achieved through technology (Applications and digital platforms), consultancy services and consulting services to businesses and the development of recreational and creative ways to reduce risk factors associated with excessive alcohol consumption activities. We seek to strengthen and promote sustainable model values such as responsibility between the individual and society to help respond to this social problem. ”
Having won the Zinc Shower 2016, we participated in 2 other contests Entrepreneurship, namely i) Driving Program – Social Nest, national finalists (In progress) and ii) IEBSchool 2016 – Winners (3rd place) among more 500 projects



Education starts to be conceived as “learning to think by yourself, learning to make and repair friendships, learning to see other people’s points of view, learning not to be frightened of uncertainty or difficulty, earning how to live in society, learning how to be a citizen, learning how to be self-reliant. This way, we can prepare our children to respond in the future to the qualities that employers are and will be looking for like problem-solving, like initiative, like teamwork, like very good spoken communication.
Many schools are already adopting such person-centred transversal approaches in education, such as methods influenced by Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences among others. However, the uptake of these approaches is separated from the technological domain and the transition needs to be accelerated. Even if technology is starting to be used in many schools, there are still several limitations to overcome to leverage the full potential of the technology in supporting the child’s development.

Robots with ICT systems offer the solution to tackle the above challenges in an integral and strategic way, which can dramatically transform the way children learn and play, but also support teachers and parents towards new methods of learning.

PRODUCTS: Aisoy1 is the first emotional robot for children education in the world. Aisoy1 KiK, the latest generation, is much more than the next Aisoy1 generation. It is our vision of a social robot for the education of today’s modern children. It is a more personalized education which develops our multiple intelligences. Aisoy1 is emotional, different, unique, fun and educational. Now, it has taken on a life of its own with a captivating personality. Its mission is to help you have fun, surprise you, play, chat about different topics and stimulate the development of your creativity and multiple intelligences. Aisoy1 is not just a robot. Now it is your colleague and friend.


Driver renting platform that matches clients that need a driver, valet, or courtesy vehicles, with companies that offer them. It allows increased mobility with greater and better use of vehicles.

Our potential clients are all those that need to get around, move their car, or move an object. Also those that want to park them, those that have an event and want to give a service in order to build brand presence.

Car sharing companies and rental services that want to give a more personalized service to the client. Garages, insurers, and warehouse and distribution companies.
In sum, any person or company that wants to better their own mobility, or that of their clients, employees, etc.


Knowledgeable and with much experience in the sector of animal companionship, our Project is to open a new chain of establishments in this sector dedicated to these distinct activities: veterinary consultants, canine and feline beauty shops, spa, recovery center for dogs with mobility problems, etc. and pet stores.

Our establishments, with store designs that are novel and attractive, get away from the traditional store; they will be situated in the best, most important, most prestigious commercial centers of the country, El Corte Ingles.

In this moment the sector of animal companionship is growing in Spain at the level of other European countries that have already developed it years before. Companies, dedicated to the pet sector, are being bought by foreign investors and being placed in established commercial places that have stores in distinct parts of the country.

Developing these types of stores in large commercial chains of Spain, like El Corte Ingles, will situate us in a good position of having the possibility of opening 70 stores in all of Spain. We have assured traffic, that is, El Corte´s clientele, in addition customers that already have pets and want to find out what offers we have as an external operator operating within El Corte Ingles, but still offer the same guarantees.

The project can have one service or various depending on the size and characteristics of the center.



Saving lives through early cancer detection

Amadix is a leading molecular diagnostics company focused on developing innovative diagnostic tests for early cancer detection to improve patient survival and quality of life.

The Company’s non-invasive assays tested in blood are oriented to early cancer detection avoiding the complications and side effects of existing invasive procedures and to improve the accuracy and compliance of currently marketed non-invasive tests. ColoFast, the most advanced product developed so far, is an innovative blood-based test for colorectal cancer (CRC) diagnosis based on a gene signature of micro-RNA (miRNA). The clinical validation of the test is currently undergoing an European prospective study and is planned to obtain CE-Mark in the coming months to be commercialized in 2018. The Company’s test pipeline includes, in addition, two blood-based tests for early detection of lung and pancreatic cancer.





It allows to rent any property simply, quickly and safely


For millions of tenants to rent a property is stressful & expensive. A rental guarantee is necessary,

because it is demanded by landlords.

Easy solution

The tenant pledges his life savings policy in favour of the landlord to guarantee the obligations under the rental agreement.


AEInnova is a spinoff from the Microelectronics department of the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona; it was founded by four doctor and professor researchers of the Microelectronics department. The four founders are engineers of electronics, mechanics, telecommunications and Informatics, one of whom equipped with an MBA from Esade. Our technology allows for the recovery of energy from residual heat sources to improve industry efficiency, as well as to power wireless and batteryless sensors. AEInnova patented this technology (which is regularly used in space to power satellites) specifically to be used in this industry.

If you consider that large refining industries such as petrochemical, iron and steel, cement, paper, glass and food lose more than 65% of energy to residual heat loss, and that this lossage equates to 20% of total European energy consumption, it is easy to imagine the impact of being able to recover some of this heat.

In this way, AEInnova is able to support `big industry´ businesses and governments fulfill the objectives laid out for the Paris 2020 and Belize 2030 climate summits and by the European Commission.


A3D Additive Printer, SL, is a business initiative for the development of a 3D printing system of large dimensions (XXL) that allows the manufacture of architectural elements of complex geometry and, specifically, a modular housing with an area of 30 m2 (minimum viable product) that we call “OVO Habitat”. We are convinced that there is awindow of opportunity to position A3D as a change engine in the application of additive technology for Industry 4.0 in different sectors. Specifically for the construction sector we will generate the processes and the methodology to get from design to the manufacturing.

The project basically consists of developing a 3D Printing System through which houses of different types can be manufactured. For this, it will be necessary to have a specific design that can be printed with additive technology.

Formulate a material based on lightweight concrete with high structural capacity. Develop integration, optimization, printing and process management software (methodology, from design to manufacturing). A set of machines (printing hardware), from printing by robotic arm for a volume of 12 m3, to the construction of a robotic system for a printing volume of about 360 m3 with which you can print a house (demonstrator) of 30 m2 of surface.

The project is based fundamentally on innovation, we resort to research and development only when it is necessary, either because there is not what we need or for an interest in protecting part of the development.

Technology is not the end of the project but the means for the practical application of an existing technology in the development of a new business model.

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