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BioBarica is a company dedicated to the provision of hyperbaric medical services through a network of high-quality therapeutic centers hosted in clinics, hospitals, and doctor’s offices. BioBarica will deploy and operate the hyperbaric chambers in the centers, and co-exploit them with their hosts, who will find it very convenient to enhance their service offerings with the inclusion of hyperbaric treatment which is recommended for many pathologies.

BioBarica has the exclusive rights for Spain, and non-exclusive for the rest of the EU, of the Revitalair 430, a professional grade medical device engineered to meet the increasing demand of hyperbaric applications. The Revitalair 430 is built and certified under international quality and safety standards.

The list of pathologies and syndromes for which hyperbaric treatment is recommended is always growing: neurology, strokes, burns, diabetic injuries, postsurgical wounds, traumatology, fibromyalgia, cerebral palsy, autism, injuries, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc

The deployment of hyperbaric chambers has taken off in Spain, and there are currently four devices operating or about to start. This amounts to half the expected installations for the first operational year in BioBarica’s business plan.

Financial requirements add up to 350k€; these funds will be dedicated to finance hyperbaric devices to be deployed and to sustain the initial marketing & sales activities.


Binfluencer is an influencer search engine and campaign management platform that allows brands and communication agencies to identify the best influencers for a concrete brand’s target audience. Binfluencer is able to filter influencers according to their audience’s gender, age, location, interests and the influencer’s reach and engagement rate. Binfluencer’s software uses artificial intelligence technologies such us image recognition and natural language processing in order to process all this data in social media.
Binfluencer’s current focus is on the creation of a self-service tool that will enable any brand or agency to create, segment and manage their influencer marketing campaigns in the same way they currently do through Facebook Ads.


The only effective solution to solve the interference problem in the diagnosis of brucellosis.

Achievable market: 2,300,000 cattle (sheep and cattle). We manufacture in CZV (Porriño, Spain) modified vaccines based on the classical effective vaccines S19 and Rev-1 (the latter in a second phase) that have a florescent protein of marine origin (GFP – Green Fluor Protein) as a biological marker, and are going on to create the new S19-GFP and Rev1-GFP. These vaccines, in combination with the diagnostic kit that identifies GFP antibodies, can easily distinguish vaccinated animals from infected ones. Meat and milk from a cow infected with brucellosis is unfit for consumption and the fate of these animals ends up being preventative slaughter because the disease is highly contagious and until now it was impossible to solve the DIVA (Differentiation between Infected and Vaccinated Animals) problem.

The only effective solution for the DIVA (Differentiation between Infected and Vaccinated Animals) problem, a large-scale problem and an issue for public health. The vaccination is mandatory in the majority of affected countries (Latin America, Asia, Africa) and all of their governments are demanding an urgent solution to this problem, which is a real headache for health officials. Furthermore, it can achieve savings of up to 50% for countries in the treatment of this disease.

Beholder System

Beholder Systems will reveal the how and when of the cash flows, the balance of cash and banks in
real time, the amounts and timing of cash receipts and payments, will enable financial forecasts,
based on models of market evolution that minimize the uncertainty of the forecasts. This will allow
companies to improve their policies for collections and payments, improve their budgets and sales
forecasts, facilitate decision-making on new products and/or marketing campaigns, improve
inventory management, will help them to effectively negotiate with financial entities, avoid idle
funds and getting the maximum return on company resources.


Bioquochem S.L. is a biotechnology company dedicated to the development of products and devices for measuring biomarkers in health and food BIOPARAMETERS.

In the early days of the company, our “target” focuses on R & D groups in universities, hospitals or different companies. However, our most ambitious goal is to bring these products to the target audience predictive or diagnostic purposes (in the case of diseases or sport).

Bioquochem has two distinct business lines:
A) Portable devices for measuring biomarkers. This business line has three distinct areas:

1. Health: Devices for early detection of diseases such as brain stroke or cancer. It is in this section
that we are currently focusing our efforts and for which the investment is requested.
It is our most ambitious aim is the development of a portable device for the assessment of cardiovascular
risk in early stages, the use of which will go to hospitals, intensive care units or outpatient clinics.

2. Sport: Devices for measuring the resilience of athletes after strenuous physical exertion. This measure
is designed to prevent episodes of overtraining.

3. Food: Devices for assessing various parameters of food quality.

B) Biological Kits for use in laboratories globally.


In BOTANICA Company we are doing walls on which plants grow. We are developing clean farming systems, automatic and very easy to use for people with no knowledge of agriculture.
In order to bring this incredible user experience, the system consists of: a structure shaped vertical wall, seeds and everything necessary for the full development of the plant, a hydraulic installation monitored with controlled by a microcontroller connected to the Internet sensors ( IoT) and finally a mobile App as a user guide explaining in detail all the steps to cultivate each variety and resolve all problems that may arise.

Such application also monitors the data extracted by the sensors, it warns the user whether to add any of our accessories (light, heater …) or add water to the installation and finally allows the client to communicate with other users and access the online store to buy new systems or subscribe to regular deliveries of seedlings, seeds or other accessories.

Compared to traditional farming land, our walls growing significantly consume less water, reduce the likelihood of crop diseases, do not use pesticides or chemicals that are harmful to the environment and health and also can produce up to 4 times more in the same culture surface due to cultivation techniques using high performance.


Bet Master is a free social game for cell phones based on real sports bets, in which users compete between if they´re betting ¨bananas¨ in sports events in order to reach the number one spot in the rankings.



Presentation of the Company:
Bioprognos is a biotech company, created in January 2016 and dedicated to the development of diagnostic solutions for the early detection of different types of cancer through a simple blood test.

To improve clinical outcomes and quality of life for cancer, by developing innovative, non-invasive, accurate, and cost-effective diagnostics solutions.

To be the top reference worldwide diagnostics company that allow people to enjoy better health.

The test “MBDAA for Lung Neoplasia Dx”, calculates the risk of lung cancer ―and provides histology in the case of a positive test―, combining the values of 6 tumour markers obtained with a simple blood test, with other clinical data from the patient, with a 93,5% Sensitivity and 96.2% Specificity.

Our coverage model will be Direct and Indirect Sales, in a world wide market.

Public and Private Authorities involved in cancer prevention protocols
Clinical Analysis Laboratories (Private and Public) with, or no experience with tumor biomarkers
Lung Specialists/Oncologists
Insurance companies
Biomarkers Manufacturers
Institutes of Oncology
Research Institutes

In a couple of weeks we are starting a multi country proof of concept project with an International and relevant laboratorie. NDA signed.

Our main competitor for Lung cancer might be the test known as PAULA.

We have reached the “CE Declaration of Conformity” (CE Mark) for our Lung Cancer MBDAA Algorithm.
1 Algorithm ready to Market this month
2 Algorithms expected ready to Market in 3 months

Improve the Especificity and Sensibility for 12 new Cancer Algorithms, starting from Lung cancer and reduce the Go-to-Market time frame


People who create content in blogs should make an effort to schedule the broadcast to social networks every week, in order to offer daily content to followers and prevent the content is forgotten. It is necessary to automate the process of scheduling and later automatic dissemination that allows people to dedicate more time to their communities, new content and to continue to boost their business.

BlogsterApp is a SaaS (Software as a Service) application. Available in the market and able to automatically plan messages to social networks from all the relevant content that the user has in his blog and news from his sector. Integrates with Blogger and WordPress and broadcasts to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest.

Available in English and Spanish . Billing since February 2015, we have clients in Spain, LATAM and USA.


Project Description
E-commerce where we swim underwater, we design, we meet, and we become familiar with the trends of the planet. Without established rules but with a clear philosophy: personality is what defines us and it defines as unique. Without ambition but stepping strongly, this is BDanger.

Our Services
At BDanger, we rely on risky people, for this reason we have a section that serves as a new talent launcher for those that fit our philosophy.

BDanger with a Plus
Through our personal shopper service we locate, in our network, the garments that you love of your favorite celebrity and we propose to you other options of the same style fitting your needs and budget.

Technology – Product/Service Solutions
BDanger serves as a launcher for young designers that have recently graduated in order to help give them the first step, that is by bad luck, they don´t have sufficient resources to carry the careers forward.
Our ecommerce has as an end to bring to market different special products and in some cases are exclusively brought from around the world. We select brands to sell through our website that are difficult to find in Spain.
And lastly, we offer a unique and pioneering service in the ecommerce world, in order to help our clients that have no time to search for the clothing of their favorite celebrity or something for a certain special occasion, through a simple reference photo, working directly with the factories, we get really good prices and that gives them a higher margin.