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CoNetCam is a P2P collaborative platform for audiovisual equipment. A niche digital site of exchange between owners of equipment, and audiovisual tools and  services, and users (professionalls and freelances) who need access to them to a “democratic” and immediately low priced solution, with an easy management and confidence and security..

On the team,  we refer to the project as “the Blablacar or AirBnB of the cameras”

We have implemented various services and solutions for our users. This startup has various bussines levels.

With The aplicattion of a Lean model bussines  we can generate a list of  services, activating progressively  to create a diversified monetizacion system.

The claim of the project is “all technology of the world to the service of the creators”

Some of the Conetcam mainly bussines models are Insurance, logistics and plattform of paid besides the commission on exchange for matching. We´re working to seal partnerships with companies of references in these markets.

A combination that makes it one of the most optimized startup with the best revenue system of the moment.

A solid project with exponential growthing and dedication to market killer/leader.

With a 5 people experienced team, Conetcam is seeking for a 75k€ seed capital investment, which will be used to launch a marketing and comunication campaign  (Inbound MK)to capture the first 15-20K users and to assume the costs of the development of a Tech platformm and the mobile App, Validating the bussines model throught the lean methodology and incorporating the new monetizazion formulas


The Cony Center of medicine and psychology puts into practice a new comprehensive paradigm based on a broad vision of the human being; We are talking about a medical practice based on the recovery of vibrational harmony of the human being; structured as a network energy vibrating in resonance with the considered order implicit in the universe and its cohesion with nature.

This lack of cohesion or disunification with the natural vibrating order leads to a loss of health at various levels, physical, psychic mental, and spiritual. (pain, anxiety, stress, circulation problems, fears, phobias, bones problems and joints, contractures, allergies, neurosis, depression, unspecified ailments, indecision, tiredness, aggressiveness, personality disorders, and others).

We started opperation in 2005, attending proceses, based on these techniques; Psicoterapy, Relaxation, Meditation, Projection, understanding and awareness, among others. Aplling material related to the vibratory field; laser of short wave, several instruments, filters, bowls, flowers of Bach, colors, magnets. We require 200.000 € to help adecuate new office space of work with new tecnologíes, that will favour the proceses of alineating energétic and recovering of health. At this stage we need materials for body alignment; elongation machines, emitters of infrared heat, ultrasound, shortwave, magnetic therapy.


Climber Hotel gathers demand data from several external sources and cross analyses it with the internal reservations history from the hotel. This way we are able to recommend the optimal price at which the hotel should be selling their services through a pricing elasticity algorithm, which we have developed in-house. We use behavioural science to run real-time micro segmentation and external sources we use are events, competitor’s prices, weather, air traffic, online shopping regrets and denials and the hotel’s online reputation. We estimate that Climber will help hotels save 6-8 hours/week and increase revenues 8-10% (industry averages).

By being easy-to-use and fully automated we removed the middle man – spreadsheets – where the hotel managers used to do their budgets, forecasts and revenue analyses, we now allow them to save time and to focus on what is essential for the hotel – the guest experience.

If the hotel is already integrated with one of Climber’s cloud PMS providers, the plug-and-play lead-time can be as fast as 5 days, so the hoteliers can start optimizing pricing right away. Climber Hotel increases hotel revenue and saves time to the hotelier.


Cadel Deinking (Elimination of ink from printed plastics)
Cadel Deinking is an engineering tool to take advantage of an industrial PCT patent at a global level. It is developed by the University of Alicante and aims to eliminate the ink from printed plastics.

Our customers are companies dedicated to the production of flexible plastic packaging. In order to understand from where the business opportunity stems, it is necessary to know the production process of the sector. These companies use extracted plastic waste to obtain printed plastic pellets and obtain a plastic film which is cut into packaging balls.
During the process of printing and cutting, normally due to changes from one customer to the next, printed plastic is wasted. As recognized by most of the sector, this accounts for about 8% of total production.

The problem
The problem is that such waste is sold to recyclers at low prices (between €350 – 400 per tonne). The recyclers, using plastic extruders, melt the plastic mixed with the printed ink to generate new tinted plastic pellets. These are used to make trash bags, irrigation pipes, or flower pots. That is, low value-added products.

The solution
Cadel has developed an industrial process being installed “in-house” that allows companies to remove the printed ink from their plastic waste. When the plastic is free of ink, the resulting pellets are reused as raw materials. Currently, this raw material is being purchased for €1,400/t.

The change in value that occurs is very significant and since the costs of the process to the plant are very affordable (thanks to water recirculation and recovery of chemicals used for cleaning), the return on investment for a customer who installs one of our plants has a pay-back time of less than 2 years.
Industrial deinking process

The steps of the process are:
1. cut the plastic into flakes
2. wash the plastic using a chemical agent developed by Cadel
3. dry the plastic
4. ink-free flakes are extruded to generate new pellets and finish the recycling process

Business model
Cadel Deinking is an engineering company, not a recycling company, whose objective is to install deinking plants at converter companies.
Therefore, income comes from:
1. license of the patent
2. annual royalties
3. necessary engineering for the installation and adaptation of each plant according to the needs to each customer
4. providing the cleaning agent needed in the process

We are a completely disruptive process. Manufacturers of machines for recycling are betting on an extrusion system that decreases the color tone of the pellets obtained, but in no case can the material obtained be used as a substitute for raw materials.You can see the difference in quality between our plastics and those obtained using the latest technology of these machines.
Industrial demonstration plant
Currently, Cadel Deinking has a plant in Alicante which is used for potential customers to validate the effectiveness of the process with their own plastic.

Trial orders
Cadel expects to sell its first license during the year 2017. 10 companies from around the world have paid Cadel Deinking for these tests and to produce plastic film from recycled material. 40 companies have visited our facilities and more than 300 companies are interested in receiving more information about the process.
Potential market
We have a large market in which more than 1,000 companies around the world are likely to become our customers. We estimate a market potential of €2,000m.

Cadel’s success as a company is determined by the people who compose it. It has created a multidisciplinary team of doctors, engineers, and business managers who have a deep understanding of the flexible plastic packaging sector. Furthermore, we have the advice of a prominent expert who has served as director of Chemical Industry for the ministry of Spain for 4 years and has lead major business areas of companies like Repsol and Sener Engineering.

Execution plan and founding
It is vital to the business model that the company penetrates the market quickly because, despite having a worldwide patent, we know that as soon as we install the first plants, a mechanism will arise for copying it.
This is why, from the direction of the company, a model of financial strength will provide speed to the project, both commercially and in terms of process improvement, thus reducing the risk of copying and improving the chances of success of Cadel Deinking.


Want a local virtual friend / tour guide on your smartphone? Yes! Never again will anyone be alone in a city .

CityMe provides you with a VIRUTAL local friend in any city in the world you choose.
A VIRTUAL local friend who will tell you everything interesting that´s happening around you by voice over, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING .

A young , cool , virtual and local tour guide who will accompany you as you wonder around the city and will let you know in detail everything interesting around you : from the history of the city , its streets and monuments to local restaurants , bars , art and even fascinating and quirky curiosities.

Things you’d miss without a local friend.

And always in audio format / voice over. As if someone was walking by your side.

All you have to do is listen, no reading !

Also you can visit any city of the world without moving from yours.


Cositas de España (CdE) is the first European fashion ecommerce for Latin America. It was founded in October 2015 and currently services Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

Foreign fashion offerings in these countries are limited mainly by national and American brands that are highly valued and have large market penetration. On the other hand, offerings for European brands are very scarce, with only big brands like Zara, H&M, or Desigual having presence; and they provide limited or different catalogs than what’s offered in Europe.

In general, foreign products are perceived as very valuable, in reference to fashion, European brands are the favorites for some of the most important fashion shows in the world. However, the shortage of offers makes a niche market that is covered in totality.

Currently, this type of product is only found in the physical stores of each brand and in some general retailers, like Ripley or Saga Falabella, that have a small catalog of the main brands. In the world of ecommerce, one can find the same limitation with respect to European offerings, the outstanding specialized places like Dafiti or Kliper.

Cositas de España provides its client the possibility of accessing a greater catalog of European brands and with more variety than any currently existing. In addition, it gives national coverage in countries in which the offerings of European products are limited to 1-5 physical stores per country.

The target market is composed of women 20-40 years old that belong to the A/B social classes. Often they have a college education and work in big companies or are married to business owners with high amounts of purchasing power. They worry about their image and look to differentiate themselves through their way of dressing.

Only in Chile, Colombia and Peru, according to 2015 census data, the potential market is 2.4 million clients. Including other Latin American countries, this number could increase an additional 1-4 million.

The product catalog currently amounts to almost 500 articles and varies from footwear of the latest fashion and accessories of different styles to satisfy the tastes of the client. With respect to price, this varies from $26 to $250 USD, which is within the spending capabilities of the target market
In conclusion, at Cositas de España we have the ability and the opportunity to cover the European fashion demand in Latin America through online channels and retain our clients through a customer centric culture. In addition, the FMA gives us a competitive advantage that will allow us to grow quickly.


Realstate based on collective funding. Digital Territory.
Financing of Real Estate Modality: Collective Financing (crowdfunding)
Real estate manager Services rendered to properties financed.
Real estate options market buying and selling of real estate shares throughout the entire process.

Big Data Bussines Analytics based on Sparck
Ecommerce Magento


Do you find hard to walk the 18 holes in a long course or playing golf every day?



– Complies with all the EC regulations for this type of vehicles.
– As a innovative anf high perfomance vehicle the equipments included and the manufacturing sistem exceed quality standards.
– Powered by two electric DC brushless customize engines electronically switched made bay Maxon (Braun Group-Switzerland).
– Controller box of special design in order to distribute the power transferred to the wheels, specially developez by Maxon for the scooter golf.
– 48V-15Amp, lithium battery allows autonomy of about 32 holes, always seated; and more than 36 in mixed form, walking and seated.
– Special tyres adapted to the weight distribution.
– Calculation and design developed by a specialized auto motion engneeering I-Alpe (Madrid.Spain)
– Adapt for different customer preferences, chassis colour, club bag and cuff.
. Can be used by peaple weighing up 150 kg (330,693 pounds) plus club bag.
– One year warranty

Enjoy your favorite sport!


CerQana promotes autonomy and inclusion of the elderly and dependents. It adapts the technology to the specific abilities and limitations of each person at any moment in their life, eliminating any technology gap from which they may suffer; furthermore, it includes a series of new functions that allow family or custodians to remotely ensure their security and safety.
CerQana was born as an application which utilizes the Android OS on any smartphone through simplifying and adapting it to allow family members or custodians to receive alerts or notifications about the status of the user simply by connecting to our web Platform or a multimedia platform application. The system automatically detects dangerous or unfamiliar situations and notifies in real time the emergency contact, so as to intervene if necessary and attend to the user.
CerQana strives to close the technology gap of daily challenges of the many elderly and youth with cognitive or intellectual disabilities. We want them to enjoy greater freedom and autonomy with total security.
With a market undoubtedly growing, In Europe alone, there have reached 133 million persons who could benefit from our technology. CerQana is aligned with European Union objectives for 2020, reducing aid costs derived from care for the elderly by delaying the eventual admittance into a care home or residence through supporting their autonomous lifestyle.


Cargoback is a 100% digital platform whose objective is to connect professional carriers with companies to offer the greatest immediacy of trucks in the market at lower prices, by optimizing routes and the free space of the trucks.
We are the Uber of the transport of goods for the companies, digitizing the sector and applying the collaborative economy model, which makes the connection between supply and demand instantaneous.
Companies can configure their shipments in a simple way, being able to automatically know the price of the transportation service, which saves them time when comparing budgets and being cheaper than the usual rates. The system launches the cargo offers to the smartphones of the carriers interested in the route they are going to perform, which allows them to make more profitable their truck and access to a greater number of freights.
The platform offers multiple functionalities to generate trust among the users of the platform and provide a greater added value to our customers. A document validation management system that allows carriers and companies to upload and access documentation for greater transparency and visibility with the consequent administrative reduction.
The management software will allow the client to optimize the efficiency of its supply chain through a system of optimization of their shipments and routes.
Our project aims to reinvent the freight transportation sector, in a business that just in Spain moves € 16,170 million.