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CorreYvuela is a Spanish technology start up specialized in the development of Instant Messenger (IM) chatbots for airline ticket sales. Located in Barcelona, the company was founded in 2016 by two successful entrepreneurs experienced in the sector of e-commerce advanced technologies, they are backed by a talented team of IT developers and `Big Data´ miners.

The principal mission at correYvuela which is the primary focus of our Research, Development and Innovation, and is the axis of our long-term strategic plan, is to revolutionize the travel sector by fostering Instant Messenger Commerce (IM-Commerce) as the global standard. CorreYvuela aims to develop an innovative automated-system of Instant Messenger chatbots devoted to all services related to booking, reservation and purchasing of the travel value chain.

In order to meet this strategic objective, corrYvuela has developed its first commercial chatbot-prototype for which the main research and development tasks have been carried out and with which the results have been widely exploited commercially.

Thanks to high technological achievement at the time of launch in June 2016, correYvuela has managed to become the FIRST transactional chatbot of airline ticket sales operating in both English and Spanish on Whatsapp, Telegram, SMS and Facebook Messenger with voice and text recognition, providing customers the most economical prices available.


CloudGuide is dedicated to the development of a mobile phone application that unites all the official contents of museums, monuments and other cultural and tourist institutions on a single application. This means that a user no longer has to download a different application for each institution they may visit, but has all the tours, guides and basic information on one easy-to-use application.

Currently, CloudGuide works with more than 300 institutions. Amongst its clients are the State Museums of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain, Sorolla Museum in Madrid, National Museum of Sculpture, El Greco Museum in Toledo, Recinte Modernista of Sant Pau (Barcelona), the collection also includes: the Atomium (Brussels), La Boverie (Liege), the Bozar Museum in Brussels, the ADAM Museum (Brussels), the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Mazza Museum in Ohio, the Thyssen Bornemisza in Vienna and the Smithsonian of American Arts in Washington.

The team has the support of private investors, Silicon Valley and Swiss venture capitals, public institutions (Enisa, ICF, ICEX, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport) and the European Union. The company has also received the European Union Seal of Excellence.


CocopíFood is the first peer to peer food delivery service.
– MVP validation
– We have learned how to replicate our business model
– We found our product market fit
– We also closed 2017 with a turnover of more than 30,000 euros
a through the sale of 7,500 food rations having started in April
Traction has been showed in all the projects (“nodes”) started up. Having, during 2017, a
monthly average sales growth more than 50%
CocopíFoood has sold 10,714 food rations and has billed 36,400 euros.
Business model:
– Transactional: we charge a commission either diner and cook.
– Sale of complements (bread, fruit and drinks): CocopíFood sells these products directly,
obtaining a profit of more than 50% compared to the purchase price.


 The address book is the essential tool for anyone to connect with the family, friends, business colleagues, partners, customers, suppliers or advisors, among others. Nowadays the reference address book rests on the mobile device and its existence is cornerstone for multiple applications to work.
 However, the native address book in mobile devices is the only relevant application that has not exploited the benefits of digital transformation. It sadly remains a mere copy of physical agendas. Its limitations are clearly excessive.
 Native digital address books are entropic and prone to accumulate chaos. Contacts are distributed in several databases, incomplete, duplicate, outdated and contain erroneous information. It would require a titanic effort to perform a simple review to maintain, classify, complete, correct or update the contacts and the results would undoubtedly be unsatisfactory. Not only do native digital address books not offer relevant smart functionalities but they neglect a gigantic opportunity that ContactLink now intends to cover.
 ContactLink is born to resolve a clear universal need. It aims to become the global personal address book for all personal and professional mobile phone users (5 billion people), and a tool for millions of professionals and companies to get closer to stakeholders, simplify and improve internal processes, and generate new business opportunities at a very low cost.
 The MVP solves the most relevant shortcomings associated with existing native digital address books. It assists users or executes automatically tasks that are unthinkable in existing native apps or that are extremely tedious. It becomes the personal assistant for users in what is a new ethical and private environment, in which user’s contacts data reside only in the device and communications are carried out safely between applications and among the users themselves.
 The development of the solution is designed to benefit from positive network effects and viral dynamics that promote penetration. It is flexible and scalable. In the medium and long term, ContactLink aims to transform the current concept of what is an address book to become a relevant player in different extremely large global markets.


Chic&Love is a lifestyle fashion brand aimed at women aged 16 to 39. Lifestyle, because they are the products that accompany women in their daily lives.
The business model is based on the exploitation of the brand through agreements with licensees who are responsible for producing and marketing Chic&Love collections in each of the categories.
The Chic&Love brand is launched on the market in September 2017, with its first category of products and will be present on the market in 2018 with new additional categories.


Check & Car is an online platform for management of technical reports of used vehicles, which objective is to minimize the risks in the acquisition of a second-hand vehicle.
We generate trust in sales transactions. If you want to buy a vehicle, but your only way of knowing its status is trusting in what the seller tells you, it is when Check & Car makes sense.
We put ourselves in contact with the seller and we place him to subject the vehicle to an inspection, both aesthetic and mechanical, in one of the garages of our network.
Once the inspection is done, the system generates a report in a fully automated way, which is sent to you via email. With the report in your possession you already have enough data to decide if it is worth the purchase, if it suits to request some adjustment in the price, or on the contrary you consider that the car is not in the state that you would like to buy it.
We offer three types of reports: Legal, Technical and Premium. For this we have Partners¬suppliers that give us coverage for the preparation of them.
Likewise, we have parallel services that allow us other ways of monetizing different from the main one of our business, offering our clients the possibility of securing and financing the vehicle, its transportation and the discounts in mechanical services provided that these are carried out within of our garages network


Coolturebox is the first operator of “smart boxes” that offers cultural entertainment experiences in market. The experiences of Coolturebox include the best shows: theater, musicals, festivals, concerts, magic, circus, dinner show, classical music, opera, dance, monologues, humor, museums, cultural exhibitions and multi¬thematic. Their experience boxes are suitable to make a gift, as they include show tickets from 1 to 6 people and stays in accommodation up to 2 nights, and in addition to the experience they also include a collection of books of different cultural themes, with an impressive photograph and handmade illustrations.

Coolturebox solves a problem that we all meet, and is that most of the time we do not know what to give to our friends, family, etc. we have so many commitments we as birthdays, weddings, events and celebrations like father’s day, mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, invisible friend’s, Christmas..

With Coolturebox we can make an original gift at an affordable price, to those who we give a Coolturebox will have some years to use their gift, it and they will be able to use it when, where and with whom they want.


CANARD has developed an innovative system for the inspection and calibration of air navigation assistance systems, disruptively changing the way these operations are performed in the airport air zone.

These new procedures replace calibration aircraft and maintenance personnel with integrated solutions using drone platforms.

CANARD is in an unbeatable position to take control of a very niche and regional market that moves $3B annually.