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Maintenance of industrial facilities with robotic aircraft.

Within the field of manufacturing, Dronorte researches and develops exclusive technical solutions exclusively for specific problems in the industry and provides services through its established legal structure, Air Operator. In service delivery, robotic aircraft are suitable for performing tasks in typically hazardous industrial environments such as chimneys, cooling towers, electrical substations, pipe and cable racks, etc. They allow you to quickly and safely perform tasks that would otherwise require extensive safety procedures and long stops.

At the request of customers, Dronorte has developed a range of robotic systems that meet the most common needs within industrial maintenance, including:

  • Submillimeter documentation status of remote facilities (proprietary technology)
  • Application of aerosols, paint, paint strippers, and anticorrosive materials from a distance
  • Ultrasonic distance measurements (proprietary technology)
  • Mechanical manipulations from a distance (proprietary technology)

The “black box” systems used by Dronorte allow periodic documentation of the status of critical parts of the installation, constituting a source of valuable data for the maintainer and insurance companies.


We transform traditional publications into digital media adapted to different devices and mobile systems

We have our own technology.
Plugin for Indesign.

MAGVIEW is the kiosk of DSS Network where the user can download our publications for free. The user can enjoy them through iOS, Android or webview.
Our partner for notorious heads Kiosko y Más will launch “Extra”, with an exclusive agreement with all publications.


Conventional video surveillance systems are based on video cameras in strategic places that can be controlled. Typically this process requires support for each of the cameras in order to cover all areas. In the best case scenario, the use of motorized supports decreases the number of cameras required.

Normally the motorized cameras are arranged on a support that can rotate vertically and horizontally. However, in 100% of the solutions, the set up involves limitations of the camera angle and movement.

To solve this problem, Pedro Galindo has developed a new surveillance camera support with a case dome, allowing configurations than no other device can offer:
It can accommodate between 1 and 4 fixed cameras or a PTZ (PTZ = Motorized) camera, or a mix of fixed and motorized cameras.

Its design effectively deals with the limited viewing angles that all existing support systems have.


Every three seconds there is a search for advice on women´s health on Google…
…questions or advice for which anonymity and shame are present in different digital platforms, especially via cell phones. Where do these users end up… on websites and forums without medical rigor or being answered by strangers, other women, or brand ambassadors, etc. That´s to say that there are no 100% safe spaces on the internet for women, women tend to join together more than men, and they are the heads of their households. They make 80% of buying and prescription decisions online. They are the largest buyers online and especially when it comes to health, the greatest worry that lives in intimacy and anonymity.

For this reason a secure space for women´s health is necessary, with real questions from women with real answers from doctors. Where they will be able to get answers, find women´s topics, and most of all topics of health: gynecology, menopause, pregnancy, pediatrics; sports, beauty, surgery, food, etc. That´s to say a safe, serious, accredited space for specialist, free, with more than 26 categories in order to get consultation anonymously.

For this reason, DudasDeMujer.com acts as a safe consulting platform for women´s health, a safe space in order to respond to questions especially via cell phones. They will be able to get consultation from accredited doctors, make appointments, buy pharmaceuticals and other ecommerce products related to their questions. Creating a market place of professionals, pharmacists, all brought together for vital information and Big Data for each country, province, age, and topic that any woman worries about.


Devicare is a technology-based company founded in 2012, dedicated to improving the quality of life of chronically ill patients through the development of remote monitoring solutions composed of medical devices that connect doctor to patient and associated therapies.

The vision at Devicare is to become a global leader in remote patient monitoring solutions for the chronically ill (RPM); an emerging model in an emerging sector such as Digital Healthcare, which today attracts more than $10 billion USD in venture capital investment in the United States alone, and is expected to save more than $300 billion USD to the American administration in coming years.


A mobile app that gives the user the opportunity to share their social data in the fastest, direct and simplest way possible in order to connect with other users orbusiness.

DiHola follows two main lines, one based on a P2P model and one based on a B2Pbusiness model.

The first one is based on the exchange of digital information between people through a free app available on the Apple Store and Google Play. The second line, on the other hand, has the function of facilitating the exchange of digital information between business and people. Through a simple QR reading code, the business will be able to have all the digital information of its client, and the client will be able to obtain data of the business.

The two main lines of the project are fully compatible and favor the organic growth of the project.

As for P2P, our main differential value compared to other similar applications is the great user experience we provide to each user. It is an “App tool” very easy to use and with a very aesthetic graphical interface. In addition, this technology is able to perform such digital information exchange rapidly and efficiently in a minimum amount of time.

Regarding the business model, we offer a totally innovative service for companies. DiHola offers you the possibility of having digital information of all your potential customers, key information for marketing campaigns, market research, advertising and much more. All this for a small fee.


The majority of young persons today face a serious obstacle when it comes to moving out and gaining independence as it is very expensive, albeit for study or work. In fact, recent news suggests that specifically in Barcelona, the average price of renting a 3 bedroom apartment is almost € 1,200 / month – an increase of 17% compared to last year.
That’s why we created “De Piso en Piso” (“From Pis in Pis” in Catalonia), an online platform that connects people looking for and offering rooms in shared flats.
How do we do it? Our website depisoenpiso.com, backed by social networks, receives messages from people looking for or offering flats.
An example could be the following, “We are two girls 22 years of age, students at the University of Barcelona and we have a room available in our apartment.” Next, the user posts the available room on our webpage at their specified price. On our website, the room will appear ready to be reserved at the price indicated plus an added 20% commission taxed by De Piso en Piso on the first month´s rent. The objective is to find a suitable tenant to move into the flat in less than 48 hours.
We began the company as a small beta program just 2 years ago, today we have helped more than 40 000 individuals find accommodations in Catalonia, Aragon and Madrid. Summer of 2017 Piso en Piso officially became a registered company.
Our proven business model is based on a collaborative economy (much like platforms as Airbnb or Uber), and is a B2B2C model: we attract the attention of many individuals seeking accommodation through our platform. Then, individuals who have available rooms (including real estate agencies) publish their rooms from which we charge a percentage of each operation.


The aim is to design and build plants for the treatment and valorisation of all types of organic waste (manure, slurry, excrement, whey, organic waste, organic industrial waste, crop and garden waste, etc.), obtaining methane, digestate and liquid CO2. From these we obtain electricity, hot water, cold water, fuels, fuels for tractors, trucks and cars, solid fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, microalgae cultures, carbon dioxide, carboxylates, struvite, biohydrogen, etc. All of this at the same time avoids the pollution of the air, soil and water table.


Classical musicians and amateurs want to learn from the elite; soloists such as Leonidas Kavakos or Mischa Maisky, but there are very few opportunities to do so, as famous musicians teach few times a year and most students cannot afford to travel to the other side of the world. DakApp exists to bring the best training in classical music to all music lovers (from millennials to digital savvy adults) thanks to technology.
DakApp is an online platform accessible from phones, Ipads and PCs, which offers online access to classes with more than 150 teachers covering all classical instruments. Nowadays, it is the world’s largests classical music education platform: the application offers more than 300 masterclasses, each one of them including HD videos of 45 min to 3h sessions, analysed scores helping to understand and interpret the pieces, as well as direct access to Q&A with the teachers through the platform.


DIMElab is the first spin off in the field of education sciences of the University of Santiago de Compostela. The company arose within the research group Stellae (GI-1439 of the USC) with more than twenty years of experience in projects related to the educational technology.

DIMElab was officially set up in January 2018, as a consultancy that is dedicated to the elaboration of educational means that really help to learn, since a good part of the educational materials existing in the market lacks of pedagogical perspective, something considered fundamental and necessary in these products.

In this need of pedagogical quality is where DimeLab comes into play, which comes in addition to working as a consultant for companies that develop or need to test their solutions, regardless of their format and the characteristics of the target group (infants, teenagers, families, company staff, society in general…). DIMElab also creates its own products, including digital applications and video games or serious games, both for education and training, as well as toys and resources for older people. In fact, it is the interest of DIMElab to develop a hybrid toy to facilitate the linguistic and cultural immersion of children from 2 to 5 years (in various languages and contexts), as well as the creation of an application for entertainment and improvement of the wellbeing and health Mentality of people over 65 years old. To be able to carry out both projects, called respectively SILTOM and Convida, is for what DIMElab requests a investment.