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Eyetok, video co-live streaming. The collaborative video live streaming solution for companies

Eyetok is an UGC video live streaming solution that allows companies (media, brands, sports or music events…) to crowd-source, embrace, leverage and harness live footage created by their own fans and followers. A unique way to own the content, avoid IP and right-holders issues, by turning their audiences into co-creators and contributors.
Companies can be ubiquitous, and obtain the following benefits:
• Increase of video inventory at marginal zero cost
• Boost audience engagement
• Monetize content with advertising
• Obtain real time data
Companies do not have solutions today to acquire user generated content that belongs now to social networks. Eyetok provides to each company it’s own environment to create and manage content, Eyetok provides an hands on solution: a white label and all-in-one
• Branded mobile app for end user (IOS and Android)
• Ready to scale cloud infrastructure and environment with 24/7 support
• Live mixing console web tool, to filter, manage and publish all content in the feed (recorded and live video)
Business model is B2B based on SaaS model with a monthly fee subscription based on volume and usage

Life is live!


ENTRENAR.ME is the largest Web seeker of personal trainer in Europe. The customer who seeks a personalized training can compare, choose and contact the one that best fits their needs between more than 10,000.
Currently we are in Spain, Chile and UK.


Espinela is the new luxury shoes brand for women, 100% made in Spain, with an added personalization service to fulfill the individual needs of each client, in order to create a product with its own personality merging Espinelas’s Essence with the Uniqueness of each woman.

Spain is one of the main shoes production centers, world renowned. However, in a market worthing 14.000 M €, there is no Spanish shoe brand competing in the luxury niche. With the brand Espinela, we open an atelier where we create “Auteur Shoes”, built over the key values of design, maximum quality and detail, craftwork, innovation and customer experience.

Nowadays, the new consumers want to interact with the brand, to be part of it and to live a unique experience both off-line and on-line. In Espinela, we are aware of it, and that’s why go for a multichannel strategy both in communication & distribution, to integrate these two worlds that feed one another, and we have a 2.0. Atelier service to allow our personalization service to be scalable at international level.

At the stage where we are right now, we are looking for an investment of 500.000 € to open our first store and, in parallel, launch our on-line shop with the bespoke service and carry out a strong marketing campaign to achieve, in a very short term, brand positioning and awareness in Spain meanwhile we work on the wholesale business at international level.


Esteticlic is a website that results from the confluence of people from various professional areas such as: business, programming, commercial and certainly the internet.

Our company has developed display, management, advertising and communication tools for the companies that in the beauty, esthetics, wellness and health fields.

We can offer:

A website where basic information can be displayed: address, phone number, services, prices, schedules…
A powerful Online Agenda for the clients to use as their own, and so that the final users can complete their booking. In this way, the centres can save time and be more efficient.
A client manager to keep track of the clients and have everything under control
A powerful tool to send Newsletters from the centres to their actual or potential clients with just a click.
A place to upload their offers and where the users can download the coupons without any commission.

In order to achieve the points above, the founding members have previously provided contributions amounting 25k. Subsequently, two more capital increases amounting 100k and 200k have been provided, with member contributions of 10% and 5% respectively.

Furthermore, we have recently obtained a Sabadell’s bank loan without security amounting for 30k.

We are searching for funding amounting for about 100-150k that will be fundamentally assigned to:
Sales and TMK (60%)
Digital Marketing (30%)
Web Development (10%)

We are clearly looking for one or several partners (that will be given a percentage of the company) that will motivate and inspire us in this stage of penetration and consolidation in the market. This is the right moment, different sectors are constantly growing, there is a strong competition between them and we have all the tools to help them being different and therefore, win clients, image and prestige. The day of the centres will be completely different with Esteticlic, you just have to try it.


EntreChem SL is the only company in the world using synthetic biology and combinatorial biosynthesis to develop new natural products with drug candidates close to clinical trials. Our technology enables the development of novel, IP protected molecules through composition of matter and combination use patents.

Our technology allows development of complex small molecules not possible by other strategies. Natural products are privileged structures designed by nature to interact with many targets, especially relevant in cancer, where malignant cells escape death through multiple mechanisms. EntreChem SL brings the promise of “polypharmacology in a single drug” closer to clinical realization, since our drugs adresses relevant multiple targets and pathways avoiding the additive toxicity of chemotherapy combinations, the current treatment alternative.

Our Business Model enables licensing out two molecules once early clinical data are generated if not before. The plan consists on the development of the two new drugs up to completion of clinical Phase I, and then license out to pharmaceutical companies that will take the product through late clinical phases and approval. Currently, EntreChem has developed two molecules (EC-8042 and EC-70124) and generated regulatory preclinical data.

EC-8042, Sp1 transcription factor modulator: proof of concept in melanoma, triple negative breast cancer, sarcoma and non-small cell lung cancer. It also addresses cancer stem cell population.

EC-70124, kinase inhibitor: proof of concept in AML, prostate cancer, triple negative breast cancer and glioblastoma. It also targets cancer stem cells and induce immunogenic cell death.

EntreChem SL is a biotechnology start-up company founded in 2006 as a spin-off of the University of Oviedo (Spain), and led by its cofounder Francisco Morís PhD, and supported by collaborations with leading cancer scientists in Europe and the USA, as well as by experience USA and European Business Development professionals.


Electronic Identification S.L. (eID) is a software manufacturer born in 2013 with the objective of developing and strengthening e-trust services in the network, considering these a fundamental piece to complete the digital transformation of multiple sectors of activity. EID adds two roles to strengthening its services: legal, being an eTrust Service Provider (eTPS) and Certification Authority (CA) in relation to services for individuals according to the new regulations, as eIDAS is.


EcoRegio is the economic community for regional organic food and replicates the German model of Regionalwert.Citizens invest with micro capital (shares from €100 to €5000) and receive a shareholder position; EcoRegion invests in ecological businesses along the entire value chain of organic food in the region – production, marketing, distribution enterprises and services. This network generates economic, social and environmental benefits for the region and all citizens.In Germany 700 people invested €4M in three EcoRegions.

Mission and Vision
The mission of an EcoRegion is the development of a social economy with focus on ecological food and empowering the local community by involving them with microcapital shares as business co-owners of the enterprises that feed them and to share the environmental, social and economic benefits the network generates.

Our vision is to have a network of EcoRegions with a social economy, where consumers, producers and distributors work together collaboratively. We want a future with only organic farming, ecological food and fair wages and prices.

The mission of EcoRegió S.L. is developing an EcoRegion in Catalonia. It also helps to implant, assist and coordinate MircoEcoRegions and new EcoRegions, develops the brand of EcoRegió in Spain and manages national projects.

EcoRegion International promotes the brand of EcoRegió and the concept of Regionalwert on an international level in English, assists at the implementation and coordination of EcoRegions worldwide, manages international projects and is creating an international advisory board for EcoRegions.


What is Enigma?

Enigma is the first secure key for your digital life. It securely stores your passwords and pin codes and automatically log you in any online service, application or device using your fingerprint.
Enigma works with any existing online service, device and operating system, and it is extremely secure thanks to the fragmented password storage system, it’s secure hardware architecture, the blowfish encryption and the biometric recognition.

Competitive Advantage:
USABILITY: Can be used today on any online service and device, while existing solutions in the market are limited in different ways (refer to competition analysis below for details).
SECURITY: Enigma has exclusive patented technology to split passwords in multiple pieces and encrypts those prior to be store in different points providing a unique ultra-secure standard in the market. With Enigma, the end user has full control of their authentication information; thus nothing is expose without his control. On the contrary, the existing market solutions store all credentials in the cloud or in a device being highly vulnerable and losing the full control of the end user.
FLEXIBILITY: Enigma is functional no matter data connectivity, network coverage or battery status in comparison with Mobile solutions that are non-functional in those cases.

Highly fragmented and no player offers an end to end solution – currently niche players including Hardware solutions (Vasco, RSI), Software Solutions (Logme once, Password keeper, Lastpass), Mobile / SIM (GSMA and network operators) and Internet providers (Facebook, Google).


Integrated marketing solution for pharmacies.
Evolufarma is a technology company that provides a comprehensive solution to the pharmacy to take care of their customer / patient using new technologies and allowing them to have a better relationship with him increasing their level of loyalty.

The project began in December 2012 to take advantage of the structural change that is living pharmaceutical sector, providing technologies that help apothecaries to grow and become more profitable by using technologies.
Evolufarma in just three years has become the technological reference in the pharmaceutical sector (pharmacies, Associations, Pharmaceutical Industry, Distribution, etc).

This can be seen with the 200 appearances in media.
(http://www.evolufarma.com/evolufarma-en-los-medios/). At this time the company has received national and international recognition, both the sector itself and outside it.

The Promotion Team
The project is formed from 4 partners with more than 10 years of professional experience, engineers with MBA (or similar) and successful professional careers in their fields with proven performance results. The four have left their posts “C-level” to invest more than € 320,000 in the project and devote himself exclusively to him.
– CEO. Luis E. Arimany Españaque
– CTO. Daniel Garzon Rubio
– Partner Director. Rafael de Federico Fernández
– Development Responsable. Ivan Rivera Barata:http


eccocar is a car rental platform between users that pursues the implementation of a more universal, sustainable and efficient mobility system, improving road safety using the resources available in a smarter way and freeing up space in cities.
eccocar is in one hand an alternative for those who cannot or do not want to own a car, but still need one sporadically and for those who need a vehicle with different features or elsewhere (holiday rental); and on the other hand, for those who own a vehicle it is a way to cover their fixed costs and return on their investment by renting it to other users.
A special feature that makes us different from other carsharing companies is ecconnect, a device that allows drivers to lock/unlock using just their smartphones once they have completed their rental reservation, among other features such as geolocation and driving data.