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Fabulist Travel is a platform that helps parents organize and book their family vacation by providing a reverse search process, focused on experiences and driven by inspiration, delivering a travel program with smart customization options.

Families with kids have trouble finding the right travel experience. Some of their needs are very specific (for example, finding a hotel that offers everything they need) and others are less tangible and relate to the search process: they wish to have a travel experience that matches their profile and their circumstances.

Fabulist provides a technological solution that includes an inspirational process, offers a reverse search experience based on experiences and incorporates smart personalization. Families are presented with great travel plans that are easy to book and easy to customize.

Fabulist already has a Minimum Viable Product that includes the decision algorithm (recommender system) and commercial agreement with family-friendly touristic service providers.

A technology-based project led by two telecom engineers, Fabulist is seeking 100.000€. This investment will go to marketing and technology. We are focused on acquiring users by collaborating with influencers and schools, launching online marketing campaigns and organizing events with target users. We will continue to recruit touristic service providers and provide the users with the tools to contribute with information and ratings. We have a plan to continue to develop the technical platform focusing on user experience, better integration with the providers’ systems and alternative search process.


Team: A founder (Javier Barroso) and a team of subcontractors in areas web development and Tax and financial advice.
Value proposition: Foodeco is currently an online supermarket of organic products all our products are typical national products as our suppliers are all national, with a future proposal to create a range of organic food products Under our brand.

Storytelling: Well, the idea of Foodeco appeared around 3 years ago in Edinburgh (Scotland) when seeing the high demand that there was of the national products the low quality of these products and the great demand of these products, besides the exorbitant prices by the That the products were sold, then I saw that the ecological market was opening and 2 years later created the Foodeco project.

Data Objectives and facts of the agricultural sector: Spain is a country that only in conventional food provides food products to more than 70% of the EU and having the great source of exploitation here nationally and the great demand was that we form said sales footbridge Online, to be able to supply the other countries of this type of feeding.

About our website today:
We offer the customer that from a simple click from your home can source our products for now within the EU, nationally our products from the click of the order arrive home from 24-48h and the cost of shipping is very profitable for the client.
All our products are national and all bring the ecological certification is one of the main values within our company. At the moment all our products are ecological with a high qualifier of gourmet also.
We differentiate ourselves with the other ecological food sales pages because we focus more on the typical traditional product in ecological, although we have also opened a section for the fitness theme and vegans to see the high demand also within the sector.
Our income now comes from online sales.
Our idea of the future is to be a great brand of this type of food and to sell in supermarkets.


familiados.com is a caregiving marketplace specialized in temporary care (emergencies, substitutions, holydays, special care) where families and individuals can find the caregiver they need for their specific necessity.

Through familiados you can find and reserve a caregiver near you in less than one hour. With total confidence as you will see the opinions of others who have booked the service before you, and all their data (education, experience…). With total comfort as your will do it through your mobile with minimum interaction. With total safety as you will have an insurance to cover for any eventuality.

Fast, Secure, Reliable, Flexible. familiados.com, your path of choice to find help with confidence.


A free tour is a guided visit offered by a tour guide in exchange of a voluntary tip,
thanks to which the tourists decides, afterwards, the price of the service, resulting in a
guide –who usually works for a free tour company- that is always motivated.
Free Touring is a sharing web and app platform which puts tour guides and tour
companies in touch with tourists to, respectively, offer and hire free tours, besides
providing free tour companies with B2B services and business intelligence to optimise
their business. All this is done through a simple ElTenedor-like dashboard, an Airbnblike
marketplace for guides and tourists and Booking-like search engine, but focused
on free tours, with a TripAdvisor-like rating system.

These are some of the B2B services offered to free tour companies:
Online showcase and client acquisition and feedback chanel.
Real-time monitoring of resourdes: team management, organising of clients,
changes in tours…
Big data and reports about clients, market, trends, expansion…

The aim of Free Touring is boosting the tourism and culture in our cities, generating
sustainable employment and encouraging a healthy lifestyle through an offer and
demand of outdoor activities by foot. In Free Touring, we believe in “tourism 2.0”: fair
collaborative tourism.


Project Distribution
Food and Tapas is 100% Spanish company that sells Mediterranean products of the best quality. Our ecommerce strengthens blogs and recipes for a total Mediterranean shopping experience.
Technology – Solutions of the Product/Service

Our products are:
Mediterranean food (paella, extra virgin olive oil, olives, rustic toast, etc.)
Iberian food (Iberian ham, manchego cheese, chorizo, etc.)
Typical food (fabada, conservavas, special tapas, etc.)

Our value proposition is based on excellent products of excellent quality (some are the best of their category), excellent packaging, little references (we focus on Mediterranean, and simple), and excellent delivery (promised delivery is 3-7 days shipping and the average is 2-8 in the US). Our warehouse is in NYC.

Distribution and Marketing
The market analysis that we´ve developed and previously compared with the ICEX NYC and the on ground analysis (San Francisco and Boston) doesn´t show that the market has large potential (we have detailed calculations that can be shared). The attraction for our product is growing and our positioning is adequate.


Flamenco Real is flamenco stamp of quality whose main goal is to differentiate, classify, and catalog the flamenco offers on a basis of quality. The initiative was developed through motivation from various needs identified in this sector, especially those that affect stage performers.

There exists no quality control for flamenco dancing in this sector as it does in other subsectors. However, it does appear that there are differences between the organization and the management in part because of the flamenco studios. Existing examples of flamenco venues that develop their events through share management with cultural sponsorship, and others use it as a tourist trap, eliminating the necessary and correct dual management: from the an artistic and economic point of view.

Following the directives of the UNESCO since the declaration of flamenco as Immaterial Cultural Patrimony of Humanity, promoted events and development for Flamenco Real are in route to diffuse, divulge, and conserve the art of flamenco.
Following these directives and in harmony with the new travel tendencies to find authentic expressions and get away from tourist areas, we design and organize flamenco events with the intention of the clients becoming more familiar with it and to know this art from a new perspective, enjoying the experience more.


Fotawa is a food delivery service that offers healthy, tasty, gourmet meals at affordable prices and record delivery times.

At Fotawa, we strive to be the go to meal delivery service for professionals in urban areas, who are increasingly looking for quality, healthy food without the long delivery times, minimum orders or time investment in the kitchen.

We give customers both convenience and quality. The lunch meals are designed by a michelin star Chef, reviewed by a nutritionist, cooked by an in-house Chef and delivered in 15 minutes.

The on-demand food delivery market in Spain is valued at 1.2 Billion Euro market, with a strong 15% annual growth rate.

We are seeking funding in order to grow our customer base and expand geographically. We plan to move to Madrid and Valencia before expanding to main capital cities in Europe and Latin America.



• Have you got an awesome FinTech solution but not the contacts, cultural and language skills to penetrate business accounts across borders?.
Fintech Venture Consulting, S.L. is a fintech start-up which aims to help EU and USA fintech start-ups succeed across borders, with their fintech solutions and specialised professional services.
Get your sales optimized to maximum, because ideas are important but execution is key.

• The activity consists on becoming the main outsourced hub for exports established in the Spanish market for IT foreign companies that wish to export their FinTech products to Spain, not having these companies, their own export department due to the fact that they are start-ups.


FinTech consultancy firm which main purpose is to evalute FinTech technical solutions and projects from technical partners in Europe and USA geographical spaces in order to commercialize these solutions (technological products and specialized projects) in the Spanish market among fintech final customers.


The activity is defined as sales consultancy professional services for FinTech/RegTech solutions and FinTech technical projects which includes all phases of technical sales, from Territorial Plan, Pre-sales to Post-sales support.



• European/USA FinTech solution analysis from the technical and functional point of view, which aim is to verify feasibility to commercialize the solution in the Spanish market.
• Determining the vertical market to which the solution is addressed.
• Determining if the solution can be integrated with their IT systems and processes or if a system integrator is required to implement the solution


We believe that our Recipe Kits for cooking at home will be the only way to eat, plan and consume foods in coming years. Our objective is to help people eat better, in a healthier way, consistently and nutritionally fitting.
At www.foodinthe box.com and on our App (under development) our clients can select from an extensive catalogue of more than 140 Recipes to date, and we will ensure that all foods and ingredients (pre-portioned) arrive fresh to your doorstep with easy step-by-step instructions.
Our technology is one of the principal pillars and elements that define Foodinthebox.
On the one hand, we are developing a `nutritional engine´, which will allow for simple and quick calculation of nutritional information of every recipe, and design personalized nutritional plans.
On the other hand, Foodinthebox has developed `Product Information Manager´ (PIM): a tool to develop and distribute recipes of bloggers, nutritionists, chefs and culinary experts. This is all possible thanks to what has been coined the `Framework of Ingredients´, which allows for the creation of over 13 000 unique and tasty recipes limited to just 250 ingredients.
From the client’s perspective, we offer a product capable of creating microsites or (white-label sites), where brand names and partners can publish and commercialize their own recipes for their products, and integrate those sales on their website and corporate identity.


Freedom and Flow Company operates in the Corporate Health and Professional Performance sectors, offering solutions which monitor each and every act or project that is developed in corporate health and business wellbeing.
Our Purpose and Solution: Our primary purpose is to generate an indicator of global health that is converted into the `Great Place to Work´ of corporate health. For this to be possible, we borrowed technologies used in High Performance Sport and implemented them into a business environment; with the purpose of obtaining improvement indicators (KPI´s) specific to corporate health, that are likely to be related to specific parameters measured in the field of health economics and professional performance-At Freedom and Flow Company we have coined it as: `Small Data in People Management´.