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• Glownet is the leading operating system for the live events industry, enabling mass-attendance events to be run more efficiently and more profitably. We specialise in cashless.


• Today Glownet’s core market is the live event space; festivals attracting between 5,000 and 100,000 attendees per day, trade-shows, any mass-attendance event.
• We work globally with festival promoters, ticketing groups, bar companies and brands across 25 markets.
• We specialise in the provision of cashless services, entry management and data insight services using chip-enabled wristbands and our Android-based contactless solutions.


Geoband. Welcome to a world of tranquility

Geoband creates the smartest, yet most affordable tracking device for people, pets and belongings.

Geoband is a flexible wearable platform connected to mobile internet which you can transform from watch to key ring or even a pet collar in just a few seconds. It can be also adapted to a vehicle, luggage or any other valuable belonging. Real time tracking can be done easily from the mobile app or any computer connected to internet.

Our main goal is all of those does not usually have a mobile phone (children, elderly, dependent people, pets, objects).

The business model is based on selling hardware at a very low price and generates recurring revenue through a monthly fee or specific quotas for temporary use.

The precursor of the idea is Iván Pérez, who comes from Amadeus, a global leader in technology applied on tourism and later founder of O2C, online distribution system for small hotels. He is also business plan teacher at EOI and UCMJC. Francisco Mayol Soler and Alberto Sánchez Bravo, both telecom engineers working on the world of satellite communications and geolocation, Carlos Cabanellas Becerra, electronic engineer with more than 30 years of commercial experience and Juan Prada, computer engineer who was working in Terra and O2C as CTO completes the team.

Sistemas de geolocalización s.l. was created in late 2013 with initial capital of € 50,000 to create the first product. During April 2015 received public funding from I+D European Jeremie  Fund.

The beginning of commercialization in Spain will be during summer 2015. The business plan is designed to achieve three hundred thousand units sold by the end of 2018, generating a monthly turnover of approximately € 2M.

We are looking for an investment of 150.000€ to start mass production and strengthen the sales team.


GRUPO NEXT is an industrial project with a very disruptive technological component. relevant. We turned the car into a center of emission of data linked to consumption (Or wear) that each user makes of his car, in such a way that we can anticipate The demand of a car service before the user detects the need. For example, you are driving and you get a notice that within three kilometers there is a Gas station where you will get an 8% discount if you stop for refueling and by the way you are Without gasoline … And “ping” you turn on the pilot of the reserve … Well like this: Spare parts, breakdowns, insurance, car parks, tele-toll, wifi in the car and a long etcetera.

With regard to B2B, we are reaching agreements, not only to reward the end user With offers but also to offer a range of personalized services to Those “sponsors” that have a clear automotive bias. For example, We are just negotiating with a Cosumer Credit to be able to block the start Of the cars that have financed to third parties and that are not up to date with the quota.

For other B2B, the value-added proposal will be different. We are talking with Fleet managers, insurers, care companies on the road and another long etcetera.

GAMES 2 LEARN – Prehistory

Creating a videogames company focused on the educational games. Video games are two very different types: on the one hand, it will belong to the type of game-based learning; It will be historical and archaeological learning through video games, and on the other hand belong to the type of Role Playing Games; where players assume the role of a particular character.

The game will be aimed at players from a wide range of ages, especially for college students Career History, students of colleges and institutes will also be accessible on most devices and platforms.


Graffos manages to increase the performance of competitive athletes and reduce the time for improvement and assimilation of techniques.

Science and technology have evolved almost to the limit, coaches argue that the only chance of improvement is to increase mental abilities of athletes.

The key to a true increase athletic performance is “mind”. The brain allows further research to achieve increased mental capacity and this is where Graffos brings new solutions.

Thanks to advances in neuroscience and recent discoveries on the principle of neuroplasticity, telemetry, Graphopsychology as science and fine graphomotor activity as a vehicle, we have to demonstrate through scientific research that can enhance sports performance competitive athletes through a daily workout calligraphic only 5 minutes available in our app.

There are mental skills that affect athletic performance and can be improved by activating or strengthening neural connections with the proper mental training, these are sports, as will, ambition and competitiveness; Intellectuals such as concentration, precision, teamwork and strategy and Emotional, such as motivation, self-improvement, self-esteem, discipline, tolerance to frustration and adaptation to unforeseen events.


What is Graphene?
It is defined as a lattice of carbon atoms united by links that are an atom space apart: ¨each time you write with a pencil on a sheet of paper, you can think of it as producing graphene.¨ The structure of graphite is composed of weak-linked layers, that when are separated create lattices of graphene. The name provides the interchange – in the term graphite – of suffixes: “ite” to “ene”: each of the carbons with double bonds.

Presentation of the Company
Antecedent: The idea came from the interest in commercializing and industrializing research carried out during almost 10 years on graphene by the research group lead by Prof. Rosa Menendez of the Instituto del Carbon de Asturias (INCAR) of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC).
The company project deals with the fabrication of graphene at an industrial scale with proprietary technology (licensed by INCAR-CSIC), at competitive prices and used for different applications and sectors.
The name GRAPHENASTUR is related to the product like it´s implementation, registering this brand of product.

Location: Social Headquarters
There are many reasons for locating the company in the Principado de Asturias: its tradtion with the elemental base of graphene, carbon; the presence of suppliers of raw materials like tar and coke; it´s capacity for reindustrializing mineral bowls; the necessity of implanting high-tech companies; the multidisciplinary formation of its techniques; the strong investment in the last years in its R+D at an elevated level; and of course, the decision of the INCAR researchers. The registered office address of the company is located in Oviedo, Calle Santa Susana Nº1 Entresuelo.

GRAPHENASTUR expects to situate itself in the midterm as a referent in the production of graphene materials, of high quality, propelling commercial services, closely working with clients, and betting on an agreement with the environment.
The critical factor is the introduction of graphene materials in the marketplace.
Product quality is important and its cost (obtained by volumes of production that reduce cost of the process); not all graphene is equal.

The supply of raw materials is no problem due to the abundance of local suppliers.
GRAPHENASTUR´s strategy will rely on the agreements with INCAR-CSIC as much as for the transfer as well as for continued development of new products and the training of workers.


Geolink is a platform designed to allow companies to send notifications to their clients (adds, discounts, alerts, news,…) vía geolocation. By means of an app (available in IOS and Android) the user will be able to get all the information published by the company as soon as he arrives to the location and he will be able to interact with it, being able to put comments, share in social networks, like or dislike it,…. Furthermore, the app will give the company information in real time about the clientes that go to their stores..


Finding and booking a hotel for a group is an off-line, slow and expensive process. Grouping hotels allows online group booking. Our technology platform based on big data and machine learning automates the most valuable part of the booking process and allows customers to book without leaving the platform. The process is simple, the client chooses from a list of more than 80,000 hotels in 4,800 destinations hotels that have availability for the dates you are looking for and receive an instant offer.


Garbionda S.L. is dedicated to Research, Development and Innovation (R&D+I) of motorways, through which we have designed and patented an innovative system for cleaning road infrastructures, additionally providing continual maintenance. Our techniques are unique and sustainable.
Activites carried out by Garbionda Sustainable Maintenance focus on cleaning crash barriers and barrier wall reflectors, later on a long-term sustainable maintenance is performed and specific products are applied which will return the crash barriers to their original state.


Establishment of a factory that structures Green Eco for the research, development, design, production, distribution and installation of air conditioning equipment with energy savings of more than 80%, based on new technologies focused on the Adiabatic system to cool the air, and its hybridization with the Direct Expansion technology. We also provide commercial, technical and industrial advice to companies and institutions regarding the use and application of our technology.