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Helheim is a project that seeks to recover mead – an ancient and unjustly forgotten alcoholic drink – and bring it closer to the people all around Europe, offering a new and unforgettable experience made of honey, water, spices and legends.

Helheim is established in Asturias in the northern Spain and formed by a skilled and experienced team with the deep understanding of the current market.

We use only artisan honey, carefully selected yeast strains and the purest water we can find to make first-class meads.

We already possess an established client base, but our production capacity is too small to meet the much bigger and ever-increasing demand. Thus, the logical next step should be about expansion and growth.

To fulfill that, we seek 26.000€ investment that will allow us to find a new, larger industrial space, acquire better equipment and raw materials, and greatly increase our production capacity.


Hunters Tool is a mobile and web hunting app that includes next functions:

* User location
* Other users location and distance between them
* Create and share information in private networks with other users
* Track and share your hunting (with relevant data as wind direction, average speed, distance, altimetry, etc.)
* Download, paint, track, edit and share the boundaries of your hunting area
* Augmented reality
* Hunters diary
* Agenda
* Weather forecast
* Solunar tables
* Hunters ranking
* Hunters and hunting area historical statistics
* Hotel booking
* Useful information for the hunter (legal docs, shared agenda, etc.)

Hunters Tool, it is designed for small and big game and for all types of hunting practiced in the world.
Most of the functions listed above are also available at web in order to make it user friendly.
The smartphone app can work online and offline.


HOTELS HISPAMAR was born to satisfy the demand of the experiential tourist that revolves around the culture and customs of Spain.

We will capture a large part of the national tourist that is somewhat abandoned in holiday hotels on the coast of the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands in addition to the south of the peninsula because all these hotels have for 50 years focused on foreign tourists. We will also capture part of the foreign tourist who comes to Spain not only looking for sun and beach but also with some cultural concern to know, learn and enjoy our Spanish culture.


1st Relational Leisure company in Spain. HIPLAN facilitates people to engage in leisure activities relating to new people. Company where we have created a social-discovery application format associated with inspirations of leisure plans that can be carried out nearby. A model that generates synergies between two markets: that of meeting people and making leisure plans. HIPLAN is a mobile application developed for iOS and Android platforms in collaboration with our technological partner Quadram Quality Services, provider of applications that accumulate more than 30 million downloads.

Does it work? YES. Our success rate in communication between users is 5 to 10 times greater compared to the match.

Why does it work? Solve the whole problem: what to do, where, with whom and how to start that first contact. It facilitates the process to the user so it is simple and natural to connect with people in real life, in a cinema, a theater, a restaurant, a bar. It is a very interesting tool for companies that dedicate themselves to leisure. From a ticket portal, sports activities, a disco, restaurants or bars.

Our Blog is: www.hiplan.me/blog/


HealthSens S.L. is a “Spin-off” of the Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias and the University of Oviedo set up with the objective of developing, producing and commercializing electrochemical sensors to be used in the detection of biomarkers in highly prevalent diseases, thus enabling early diagnosis and/or appropriate follow-up of patients.
Healthsens specializes in the development of Point of Care (POCT) medical devices for the diagnosis and monitoring of high-impact pathologies in our society, including oncological (prostate cancer), neurodegenerative (Alzheimer’s), renal (chronic kidney disease) and digestive (celiac disease) diseases. The devices developed by Healthsens are easy to use, non-invasive, compact and portable so they can be used by non-specialized personnel outside laboratories, for example in Primary Care Centers, pharmacies and doctor’s consultation rooms. In some cases, the devices could be used by the patient at their home (e.g. the medical device for monitoring kidney disease). Healthsens is also aiming to develop a system for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease based on the immunological capture of amyloid peptides in the cerebrospinal fluid.
Our vision is aligned with current health trends, focusing on a better patient management and higher quality of care, thus contributing to the personalization of healthcare practice and the sustainability of the health system.


The “pains”: online shoppers spend considerable time visiting different webs to search
and compare for price changes and available stock. This is painful not only for the time wasted but also for the perception of missing the best price or stock available online, which makes them coming and going checking webs deals. Another “pain” is the time wasted making payments that are not automated.

The “solution” is HOPPIN app: an innovative marketplace that allows users to “programme and pay” their online shopping and travel, while the users set their own “hopes” (shopping rules). Examples:
– book a hotel room in London when Price < 90€
– Buy that iPad on the date of my wife´s birthday
– Buy that pair of sneakers of size 40 before it gets sold out
– Get a micro-loan to buy that iPhone in real time (phase 2, in talks with Banks)
– The business model is based on monetization from the Merchants (brands and shops online).


Homyspace is a seasonal rental company that also offers month-based rentals, and accommodations for businesses and workers abroad working in large cities.
Businesses can trust in Homyspace to reduce displacement costs by up to 60%-that goes beyond the expenses dedicated to time management, searches, all the paperwork involved and more.
Workers will find comfort in staying at fully furnished and equipped apartments or houses; transforming their work trip into an experience familiar to life at home.


In 2017 some 164 million people needed humanitarian aid. A 500% increase in just one decade, which will grow with the effects of climate change, with disasters affecting more than one billion people in the next decade. While a more efficient and effective response is increasingly required, the response capacity of organizations and governments mandated to respond has not increased in the same way.

HumanSurge provides an online solution (HR marketplace), with global reach, updated by the professionals themselves, with profile verification and specific search engine for the sector. The tool increases the possible connections and reduces the time and cost in the search and verification of available candidates. Our team seeks to generate systematic change in the humanitarian sector, making humanitarian mobilization and response faster, more efficient and more effective, so that all humanitarian crises have an adequate, immediate and quality response.


Heromask is a virtual reality game designed for children to learn languages. When the player puts on the mask he becomes our hero, someone capable of learning any language presented to him if that is necessary to save the galaxy.
Indeed, the mask that includes Heromask are virtual reality glasses but we say it is a mask for marketing reasons. Along with the pack is included a code with which you can activate the video game to learn languages after downloading it to the Smartphone from any of the main stores (Google Play and App Store).


HBWell is the first APP in the health, beauty and wellness sector. The leading search engine in the market that offers guarantee and financing.
HBWELL was born out of the need to combine in one APP three uses oriented to the User, Center/Clinic and Professionals.
And all this supported by a referral system, where everyone can earn money thanks to the recommendations to their friends and acquaintances of HBWell.