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Iyoco project are a comprehensive platform that offers space and content that integrates the arts. We seek to generate new model, through quality and innovation in the recording of audio-visual content, such as voices, and reproduction that allow recorded material. usually by artists or bands, dubbing for films, TV series and documentaries in other local languages, and support for production and postproduction necessary for audiovisual materials.

Iyoco corporations is registered trademark, started in February of 2013,and have since lunched varios musical products and video clips in the market. Our internalisation drive made us venture into Africa biggest market, registering Iyoco Nigeria limited as a subsidiary of Iyoco corporations Spain in August of 2014, with registered number RC1208329. We have been able to creat a mínimum and funtional infastructure in Nigeria. We had a first hand esperience that the Nigeria economy can absolve any business

Its GDP shows moderate growth year after year and has weathered the economic crisis well . It is the first oil producer in Africa, and its imports are supported by consumer goods ( 39 % ) and capital goods ( 61%). It is noteworthy that Nigeria is a leading member of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), which supports regional integration, through policy support for business and investment. Bilateral relations between Nigeria and the West is excellent , due to the program Plan Africa as Spanish foreign policy priority, generating expectations for Bilateral Investment Treaties (BIT ), which establishes a stable legal framework for Western investment in Nigeria.

Investment required in the amount of 250.000€, will help nurture the growth of new cultural expression, stimulate local and international interchange and provide a dynamic, accessible environment for the public to experience the marvels of the creative imagination. We therefore will build an ultra model studio which installation will be dedicated to the following services

Recording Room
Outdoor Recording ( events, conferences , concerts )
Editing audio – visual content
Layout, Mixing and Mastering
CD s Copies, Pagers : internal and external
Radio spots,


Menteagil is a multidisciplinary team of 15 experts from cognitive stimulation (gymnastics of mind) with more than three years in the health sector. Our working style has been patented because we have been aware that 90% of our patients have improved or remained in the first three months through our modus operandi
Imentia is an App cognitive stimulation wich has computerized the menteágil method. The APP is aimed at professionals or patients of degenerative diseases (Alzheimer, stroke, depression, multiple sclerosis …)
It consists of an initial evaluation with the test Enm.dem, generating customized sessions of cognitive stimulation and monitoring reports of patients.

The sessions helped with the implementation of Menteagil begin performing an initial test, which is very simple and can be performed by anyone without knowledge of neurology. This test is patented by Menteagil and developed by a team of neurologists, validated by the Virgen Macarena Hospital and the Reina Sofia Hospital in Cordoba
From the results obtained from the test, a series of sessions of individualized cognitive stimulation, with which patients can train your mind

To prevent, ameliorate or slow degenerative diseases Alzheimer type mild or moderate stage and all the people who want to prevent.

In February we will have the beta version in April will see the related program where we hope to have 12,500 downloads and be in 10 residences, in September 250000 downloads, be on January 30 residences and hope to be in Mexico.


“Inselberg is an online platform that connects models with clients from the fashion and commercial industry directly. We help clients find the most suitable match by using cutting-edge technology. Thereby, we make sure models break free from nontransparent gatekeeping.”


IMOOGY.COM is a startup company in technological developments. Promoter has a team of five professionals with consolidated Know How; we have more than 20 years of experience in the global financial real estate, software development, international law, marketing and online marketing.

It is experience in the real estate sector has made us see the need to modernize, as the sector is outdated and out of step on how to manage and present their services.

That’s why we created INMOQUEEN, software for domestic and international real estate groups, which provide professionals who acquire it, a work tool that will allow them to perform their duties in a more professional manner, optimizing its efforts, most technologically advanced … All this means more satisfied customers, more commercial synergies and increased profitability.

InmoQueen differs from its competitors because it is managed by professionals with a single protocol and global ethical code that allows virtual visits to 360, interact in real time, make reservations and buy online, and formalize agreements with the digital signature.

In addition, the project has diversified economic risks to be implanted in different markets and not depend solely on the economic sector of a single country, giving the project stability and economic security.

We will have a beta version for October 2016 have signed pre-contracts to purchase real estate groups in Mexico, Paraguay and Spain.

Remember this name because it will become the best global real estate search engine. There is a demand, we create the solution, inmoqueen .


Infomix is the first WebTV at the national level that supports young audiovisual talent, with a variety of on-demand and off-the-shelf content. The project is born as a result of the lack of practical training that currently exists in the university classrooms of Communication (Journalism, Audiovisual Communication and Advertising) and the little diffusion of audiovisual works created by young people. The project is divided in two, firstly the ‘Cantera’, which the university students carry out their ideas, work as a team, practice and leave better prepared to the labor market. And on the other hand, the ‘Showcase’, where the creators of content show their audiovisual products to have a greater diffusion (webseries, short films, etc.). We are committed to innovative ideas and our programs focus on snack content (easy to consume and anywhere) and evergreen (no expiration date).


Imersivo es a tech start up that has developed a new sales channel, the digital autonomous store, designed to offer clients a new digital shopping experience in physical spaces. Imersivo automatically captures the digital contents of a brand and presents them in a great format on a innovative display in order to facilitate direct interaction of brands and clients. With it, clients can play with the product catalogs, recommendations can be made for them and paying can be done from a cell phone; at the same time, it ¨datafies¨ the client and the social environment in order to offer brands information about its customers and non-customers. We have designed and developed a program that combines different emerging technologies and builds the first viable commercial product: the imCUBE, a digital autonomous store that is in commercial use in the Centro Commercial de la Maquinista en Barcelona:

24/7 functionality
Immediate delivery from product.
Secure payments through mobile device without downloading the app.
Mobility: possibility of placing it in any space.
Recommendations according to client.

Imersivo applies the advantages of the digital world to physical spaces, converting any space to a digital point of sale. All of this allows for the creating of a new interactive and immersive shopping experience for the customer in the digital age, accustomed to consulting online information of the products they want before buying them, during and after the visit to stores.


Icarous is a web platform that allows the buying, reserving, and subscribing to of parking services, in airports, ports, and stations. Icarous is present in the intranet of companies and travel agencies, and on the websites of airlines and online travel agencies, permitting it to offer clients and employees parking services when needed.

Icarous reduces the average cost of these services by 30%, we eliminate administrative tasks, and allow real time confirmation, our services are evaluated by travelers.


In iUrban.es we get customers where nobody has arrived, from the first moment without needing to download any type of application. In the city. By converting cabins with our partner ” Telefónica” into national and international information points in more than 25 countries, and in restaurants and hotels, when the user loads the table, he is captive in front of an interactive screen to increase our customers’ tickets, We are already working with 2 well-known franchises with more than 500 restaurants, and 30 hotels that are waiting for us to manufacture our solutions to incorporate the 50 advertisers we currently have.


If arriving at month´s end is a problem, we would like to propose to you a solution.
Utilizing our system, through a mobile app, virtual card or plastic, the consumer may save on each purchase they make wherever they decide to shop as we intend to reach the entire business web; reason being, whichever establishment, business, commercial or professional services that displays our logo will be provided our services, which, for every purchase made by consumers will receive a discount applied, the possibility to win a random giveaway and the ease to pay for purchases (with points gained from previous and cumulative purchases) at any eligible establishment without the risk of expiration or limits on the account. It is to say, if the consumer doesn´t wish to purchase or acquire any products or services, their balance will increase in function of the purchases or payments of services, and will always be available for the purchase or acquisition of any product or service at any eligible establishment. As our system is conditioned by consumption, it is not possible to obtain cash; if not, purchasing from our product and services providers affiliated to our method. We offer this to benefit sellers that choose to wear our Brand, accrediting the consumption of their clients and promoting their business or services freely on our webpage, but also possible on the app by paying an affordable fee.


InsightMedi is a private network with strong dynamic social interactions, a place where healthcare professionals can connect with industry colleagues, under the framework of one institution, with the purpose of sharing insight, knowledge and experiences concerning clinical cases in a secure and safe environment.
Currently it is extremely challenging to share clinical information online with assurances the information is secure. Even today as technology facilitates the processes of sharing information it presents a series of risks associated with the protection of privileged client information. Nevertheless, healthcare professionals worldwide continually participate and share resources owing to great appreciation and dedication to their training and consultation putting at risk all players implicated in the sharing of information: patients, institutions, colleagues and oneself.