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Kollectbox.com is the Fancy.com of stamp, coin and banknote collectors. It is a marketplace that enables collectors to manage, share, exchange and buy collections and allows dealers to sell their catalogs.

Nowadays, there are several websites were you can buy collections and webapps and softwares where you can manage collections. Kollectbox.com matches theses two products in one place, providing collectors with a seamless tool with which to manage, share, exchange and buy collections. Dealers will gain access to a huge marketplace. Instead of just owning a webpage or a blog and wait for the collectors to come to them, they will know where collectors are and what items are they looking for.

Whereas the competitors either are focused on developing tools to manage collections or developing online markets to sell, Kollectbox.com offers an innovative marketplace for collectors through which they will be able to connect and get in touch with dealers.

Based on a business model divided into three customer segments (the private collector, the social collector and the dealers), Kollectbox.com has two revenue streams. One from the dealers, a brokerage fee revenue system, in which 10% on every sale made in kollectbox.com will be charged, and another one from the collectors, a fremium model in which basic features, such as create and manage collections will be free but, to be able to exchange items (for example) the user will need to activate a premium account.

With an experienced and multidisciplinary team behind the product, Kollectbox.com is seeking for a capital investment of 250k €, amount which will be used to carry out an internationalization campaign to expand the product in the United Kingdom.


Politicians receive an overwhelming quantity of emails every day. Valuable information about the needs and wants of their constituents that goes unnoticed without even being analyzed. Kuorum.org is an online service that helps politicians to get a sense for what their constituents want and then communicate with them. The tool combines real time social data analysis with mass mailing features. And it allows for behavioural and regional segmentation of audiences.

Kuorum.org was founded in 2013 with a capital of 24k€ Triple F.

In 2015 the British accelerator Dotforge Impact entered the capital with a seed investment of 27.2k€ (£20k) in the form of a convertible loan. And currently, Kuorum.org is offering an investment opportunity of 350k€ that will be used, together with 120k€ from the Erasmus+ program of the EU, to consolidate the team and develop the first premium features.


Kona is the social media network for triathlon and other distance competition sports based on a platform that not only puts athletes in contact with those of the same interests, but also provides them with services within those interest.
The social network will include all types of distance competition sports such as triathlons, biathlons, swimming in open waters, cross country, trail running, cycling, etc.
Kona provides its users the possibility of meeting with a reservoir of subscribers in all types of races, online and offline competitions with other users, obtaining prizes for the amount of distance traveled, as well as a buy-sell section for second-hand sports equipment.


Project Description
Business cards don´t go with digital technology or with networks. Knowee puts the business card online, maintaining its essence (image and associated value) and supports all technological functionalities.

Technology – Product/Service solutions
Whoever sends the card will send it easily ( can be sent through text, Whatsapp, email, etc.) and it´s assured that the receiver isn´t going to lose it and will be able to use it easily. Whoever receives it uses it directly: they don´t have to enter a number to call, write an email address to send an email, or find the address. Click and it’s there, a click also adds it to contacts.