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Globalization and the digital revolution oblige companies to redesign their strategy and adapt very quickly, but culture (people) remains the greatest barrier of change. The only known solution is a top- down approach based in change leadership seminars which only big companies can afford… and yet results are expensive, slow and inefficient.

DLP proposes a radically different solution- virtual training in emotional intelligence courses based in videos to all employees and focused in behavioral change: which can dramatically accelerate the cultural change needed- either by some areas o by the whole company.
DLP courses can be delivered through mobile devices, PC and tablets, via internet connection, solving the economic and time-consuming problem that comes from travelling and assisting to seminars.


That the services and products of the establishments of restoration in his more wide segments of market could quote of equal form that it the actions of a company do on the different stock markets or bags is the principal aim of this project. “Labolsadelahostelería”, besides a tool of use for the person in charge of purchases, it is also a competitive tool for the direction, which difficultly can control the different offers of the market and much less supervise the daily labor of the person in which it delegates the accomplishment of the purchases. Hereby, the delegation of the accomplishment of the purchases realizes in the suitable person that it will fulfill the ethical values of the profession of an excellent way. In one more alone click 10.000 suppliers, offering more than 30.000 products to, more than 200.000 establishments, the whole challenge, a new way of understanding the purchasing department. The maximum transparency and the search of the profitability and elimination of unnecessary costs do of this project as highly necessarily in a scene of crisis and lack of ideas and values. “Labolsadelahostelería” is a perfect tool for the management of the purchases in the sector innkeeper based on the formula of The Stock exchange, in which, buyers and sellers they are not known, and in that the buyer realizes a purchase to the moment, delegating the above mentioned purchase to the Supplier that in this moment quotes to the lowest price, valuing the qualit criteria concentrated on the purchase.

The needs of financing consist of the necessary funds for testear the already programmed application and to prepare the campaigns of launch with the design and impression of the different advertising formats, as well as, the presentation before potential selling users (suppliers) and buying users (establishments restoration, catering, hotels, etc …).

The total of necessary financing in this phase is of 60.000 €, that will be destined for the design of the campaign of marketing, as well as, his launch and presentation, besides the test of the application.


Project description:

Lotus Filter Systems S.L. It is a biotechnology SME dedicated to wastewater treatment using ecological methods known as Wetlands of Flotation Treatment (HTF) and biofilms.

The company:
It is of recent consolidation, but has more than 14 years of professional experience in water purification. Its founding team has participated in the design, construction and maintenance of over 150 water treatment plants both urban and industrial.

It has developed, patented and experimented extensively with two treatment technologies that purify wastewater to 99.8% of the waste and eliminate up to 99.9999% of pathogens without using energy.

It will manufacture, install and maintain sewage treatment plant based on two innovative technologies which are protected by U.S. Patent 8,889,006 (PCT) WO 2014/113768 A1 and US 2015-026978. The Lotus technologies are different from the ones in the market but its foundations have been extensively tested for many decades.


According to the World Health Organization, more than 285 million people are visually impaired, 28 million in Europe. Almost 3% of the population. Any of us could be blind one day. With problems such as dependency, disorientation or fear of unfamiliar places. Lazzus represents the development of technology in their favor.

GPS current solutions are based on taking the person from point A to point B, leaving in between an empty space, a darkness that makes these people do not dare to really live your city, they do not dare to get out their route and find new spaces. With Lazzus we give light to this darkness, and on the way from A to B they can know if there are a bakery, zebra crossings, stairs, changing street …

Lazzus is an application that helps visually impaired people to know what there are where they point with their mobile device, is like a flashlight to blind people. Allowing them to live unthinkable experiences for them, expand their autonomy and reduce its dependence.

Lazzus is available on Android and iOS. We use mobile GPS information, and compass to generate a field of artificial vision that transmits auditory information when a landmark enters in the field of view. To get this points of interests, we have our own system capable of generating points of interest anywhere in the world within hours.
Getting our information of Open Street Maps and Google (They has currently the most reliable and latest information on maps). As an example of its scalability, we were able to open Mexico in just one day.
Thanks to this, Lazzus is now available in the UK, Spain, Mexico, Chile and Portugal, with users in all these countries.

We have two types of customers. On the one hand the end user, the visually impaired person. Almost 3% of the European population is visually impaired, and grows ever wider as it is a disease linked to age, where they are not only the totally blind, but also people with very low vision due to serious illnesses such as glaucoma or retinitis pigmentosa, or common diseases that in certain states become severe as cataracts.

On the other hand we have as clients municipalities, foundations and institutions, to which we open a direct communication channel with its visually impaired citizens and we also allow them to make important CSR campaigns

Once Lazzus has been validated by users, by the ONCE and institutions such as Vodafone or Google, the time of mass marketing has come, our efforts are now focused on the dissemination of Lazzus, It is important that people know about it.
As for development, one of the major demands of our users is to use Lazzus without carrying the phone in their hand, so we have designed a device, a wearable, which you put on your wrist, chest or glasses, and indicates you what there are where you point in a much more natural. Nowadays we already have a functional beta, and we want to reach a commercial version by the end of 2016.


LIFMEC is specialized in the design, development and commercialization of handling machinery for the assistance of workers in processes tasks that involve heavy loads. The company is a spin-off from Intelmec Ingeniería, focused on designing custom-made machines for industrial clients since more than 10 years.
Despite the current development of the industry 4.0, many industrial processes still involve manual stages. This leads to inefficiency in the process, as well as to very harmful effects on the health of workers. LIFMEC aims to solve both problems through the introduction of its handling machines in the process.

LIFMEC starts its activity with a range of handling machines for the assistance in the manufacturing of sofas. Our handler helps the upholsterer by placing the wooden structure of the sofa at the most appropriate position. Very relevant advantages are provided: reduction of upholstery time (30-40%), better production monitoring, elimination of painful positions, and no damage in the product by subsequent manipulations.

LIFMEC is currently looking for external funding of €75,000, which will be used on sales and marketing activities, as it is the presentation of the product at Interzum2017 fair.

LIFMEC future will be focused on the development of new machinery for other applications in positioning and handling of heavy objects (e.g.: seats of aircraft, engines, people, etc.)


The digital content market will generate around $220b worldwide in 2017. However, the failure rate in product development in this sector is close to 50% and 20% among the rest are never profitable. In 48% of the cases, the reason is due to production, design or development costs. Lurtis Rules reduces the modelling costs in a digital production to 1/3rd, making profitable projects in film, animation, or videogames.

Our tools are offered as cloud services accessible either as pay‐per‐use or under monthly subscriptions, they combine the freedom in the design (only possible when subcontracting independent modellers) with the cost and time effectiveness of purchasing pre‐existing models from a digital marketplace (but with a complete authoring and customization of the desired contents).

Lurtis Rules tools and services allow designers to produce complete 3D scenarios in few minutes spending just
£15 for the equivalent of one week of modeller time and £2000. The business model is cloud‐based with a 96% profit margin, large scalability, and profitable when reaching 2% of the effective market.


At Ludo Studios, we develop sports-managers social video games and our goal is to become leaders in this sector of the market.
In order to know what direction our games had to take, before starting this project we asked ourselves one question: ¨why do gamers play nowadays?¨ The response is something as simple as they´re searching for interactive social games and competition.
There exist so many types of games that are doing this and in reality doing it well and have maximized these two user search preferences, like MMORPGs o ESports with World of Warcraft and League of Legends as two principal examples.
On the contrary, sports manager games are only focused on strengthening the competition side, and leaving the social interaction side alone completely.
This is the main reason why we are developing the most social sports manager game on the market: soccer feeling, where 100% of the players and trainers are controlled by real users, while in traditional sports manager games only 8% is. In this way, all users interact with each other as if it they were in real life. In addition, we want to be the first to give the opportunity for users to combine physical exercise with the evolution of their virtual avatars.
Currently, we count more than 100,000 registered between Spain and Latin America with satisfactory retention, traction, and more recently monetization. We are in search of a €200,000 investment for marketing in order to take advantage of the scalability of the project and be able to strengthen and open new markets. Also, we believe we´ve reached a point in development in which we can expand to mobile devices.


Project Description
Love and Child is a company focused on infants. In actuality, we commercialize infant fashion, schoolchildren materials, and gifts; however, we are developing new product lines related to infant literature and the audiovisual world. Our mission is to create products capable of generating an emotional link between adults and children, that attract customers by their fresh and fun designs, always in line with this driving thread that represents the main representatives of the brand, Lua and Marcos.

Technology – Product/Service Soulutions
Our products don´t require the use of intensive technology. Our ¨solutions¨ or our differentiation radiates from the designs and messages that we try to transmit with all our products.

Distribution and Marketing
Distribution – all of our merchandise is managed through one of our warehouses located in Guadalajara (neutral partner), that offers us a very competitive national flat rate shipping, and good prices passed to the majority. In both cases we have a logistical cost clearly inferior to the cost of the market that companies, like SEUR, TNT, or Envialia, offer.

Marketing – our priority, in order to become public, is to locate our product in stores (online as well as offline) of franchises like El Corte Ingles, FNAC, Carlin, etc. Thanks to our effort and commercial abilities, we are being able to reach brand diffusion although it isn´t obvious yet as a new company. Online, we are making ads for reputable blogs, we are adding content to our social networks, and are working in depth the SEO. Some of our production is assigned to some of the main stores in our network, like Amazon, Privalia, Mamuki, etc. We haven´t gotten an inversion in SEM, to this day, considering that we consider the brand not sufficiently visible for it and that there exists a lot of competition in the areas in which you search for our clothing. Confronting successfully the bidding system of Google would require a large investment, that at the present time, we prefer to go towards commercial action in sales points.


Lyfebox is an app that helps to curate, organize and generate original content for online marketing.
It is also a customized tool web that allows you to manage, edit and publish those contents.
It will let you generate your contents in a collaborative way; easily editing them at will; and publishing them right away in your website, blog or social networks.
An agile, simple and effective way to administrate your communication with your audience, adding up the potential use of templates which will let you optimize your schedule.
Lyfebox is a management content facilitator, with a short learning curve, oriented to all types of SME’s. It is also ideal for sports, culture or social institutions with an ample number of members.
Shorter learning curve but also less time required, less tools needed, better organization via content centralization, historical communication record and cheaper price.
It gathers in just one and friendly tool, the curation and generation of contents; its edition and digital publication; and also the measurement of the results obtained. This will guide the user to a better definition of his online communication strategy.


Limpper is dedicated to the production and marketing of the only magnetic and patented tool to clean both sides, at the same time, of any shutter in a fast, easy, efficient and safe way. Shutters get dirty so quickly as they are the first barrier against dust allergens from the outside, but cleaning them is expensive and dangerous!

We aim to protect the lives of users, and to provide professionals with a versatile, agile and safe tool that works FOR them. Limpper emerged to redefine cleaning shutters. Thanks to the patented system of Limpper, through parallel and synchronized movement, both the interior and exterior of any shutter design is cleaned quickly, easily, efficiently and safely. Limpper is oriented towards domestic and professional markets, both nationally and internationally.