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MashMeTV is a video collaboration platform that unifies how you connect with teams, clients and friends. It solves the problem of fragmented and ephemeral tools, offering real-time synchronized virtual meetups, sharing, organizing and storing documents, video chat and multimedia content. MashMeTV currently has 1 million users and launched its subscription-based enterprise solution on 16 November.

MashMeTV is in the process of incorporating in the US and raising $1.5 million to cover patent registration and the initial commercial launch of enterprise version.

MashMeTV offers its features base don the following four technologies:

– Web based: HTML5 technology allows MashMeTV business logic to be executed on the client side offering us lower
operational cost than our competitors.

– WebRTC: The way MashMeTV uses WebRTC technology maximizes video conference quality by adapting dynamically
and automatically to different and changing bandwidth scenarios.

– NodeJS + SocketIO: We use NodeJS + Socket IO infrastructure to produce blazingly fast synchronization

– Cloud computing: We use cloud technologies to generate dynamic public, private and hybrid deployments.


Métrica6 has developed Ness, a solution to one common problem, the wastage of cold water produced every time a person demands hot water. Ness is CE marked and applied for national patent in May 2014. Ness can save up to 40% of drinkable water, more than 800 liters/person/month.

Ness is composed of three different modules that communicate wirelessly: a pump module (A), a bypass (B) and a capacitive switch (C), and only one module of each kind are needed to enjoy the benefits in the whole living.

When hot water wants to be used, instead of opening the tap, the capacitive switch should be activated. This way, hot water will begin to run from our individual water heater towards the desired tap. Once the correct temperature has been reached, the user is warned through a light in the switch. Now hot water is available without having wasted a drop.

Our main goal now is to launch the product and expand our distribution from local to national and lately international. For that aim, we need to focus on improving the commercial areas of the company and the project: hire new staff (at least 1 commercial agent) (€15.000), develop a computer environment to get Ness into software databases (€18.000), scale the manufacturing process (€40.000) and execute a commercial strategy and negotiation agenda, with visits to national events of the sector and meetings with potential clients, distributors and other partners (€23.000). Thus, a total amount of €96.000 is requested.


MADE-IN-SPAIN is an international distributor of high quality Spanish products, those with a clear comparative advantage in international markets.

MADE-IN-SPAIN.COM combines online and offline distribution to achieve a unique customer experience, working directly with suppliers to obtain the best products and prices.

We sell online through our websites www.made-in-spain.com, www.made-in-spain.uk and www.made-in-spain.ie, with the last Ecommerce technology and an integrated international logistics system that allows us to ship products throughout Europe at very affordable prices.

Physical sales will be made through a store that combines the direct sale of products and the wine and “Tapas” tastings. In this way, we will enable customers to try our products, giving them the confidence to make further purchases online. The store thus will consist of a winery/Tapas bar with an amazing and perfect Spanish environment where customers are able to both purchase products in-store and order online for subsequent pick-up.

We have a multidisciplinary management team with extensive experience in key areas of business, including business administration, international trade, gastronomy, computing, marketing, communications, fine arts and graphic design.

We are seeking a €200k seed capital investment to complete our business model with the last piece of the puzzle, opening our first physical Store in Dublin and enhance the online service, including a new version to open the Ecommerce to worldwide customers. Once formed the business model in Ireland, a new funding round will allow us expand our model to the markets of UK and Germany.


Madrid Live is Madrid’s premier English radio programme which focuses on the arts and entertainment scene in the metropolis. Madrid Live is also the only medium in Madrid to broadcast interviews with some of the English-speaking world’s greatest actors, directors and writers without dubbing or translation. Recent interviewees include actor Morgan Freeman, best-selling author Val McDermid and Royal Shakespeare Company Artistic Director, Greg Doran.  Madrid Live also regularly features celebrities from the film world who promote their work in Madrid such as actor Daniel Craig and director Martin Scorsese.

Madrid Live is produced and presented by former BBC radio journalist Ann Bateson. The show is broadcast twice a month on www.radiocirculo.es at the Círculo de Bellas Artes and then uploaded to the Radio Círculo website and the Madrid Live website  – www.madridlive.fm

Madrid Live plays a dual role because it provides an essential service to tourists and Madrid’s 250,000 English speakers – be they Spaniards or native speakers. It also enables students to have access to natural spoken English which is in great demand in Spain. What better way to learn English than to listen to Morgan Freeman promoting his latest film in Spain?

I am seeking sponsorship to be able to develop Madrid Live and thereby provide a greater service to both the city of Madrid and to students of English. Various options are available for this unique venture – such as mentions of the sponsor’s name and activities on the programme, promotional radio clips featuring the sponsor’s name, and inclusion of the sponsor’s logo and link on the Madrid Live website and on the Madrid Live page on the Radio Círculo website.


We help clinicians provide a better diagnostic and treatment for patients with brain diseases. We utilize novel neuroimaging techniques and advanced image analysis algorithms in order to create complex 3D maps of the patient’s brain – “like Google Maps for the brain”. We developed the image processing technology that is able to turn brain medical images into 3D models that can be manipulated in real time. As a result doctors can have a better vision and understanding of the patients history and pathology, which can be critical for diagnosis and prior brain surgery. This technology is commercialized as Imaging as a Service (IaaS), in which doctors can upload medical images, have then processed and access big datasets uploaded to the platform.
CloudN uses advanced diffusion MRI technology able to capture microstructural properties of the brain tissue and provide detailed 3D maps of the brain. These tools evaluate the structural condition of the nerve fibers affected by a neurodegenerative disease (Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson, Alzheimer among others).


We founded MedicSen because a Little girl with diabetes rejected the treatment in Eduardo´s hospital consult.
She had to adapt her daily routine to the disease, sometimes even avoiding birthday parties; She and her mom were constantly worried because they didn´t know if something as simple as going for a hike was good or bad for her glucose. And using painful needles everyday was just not worth it.

It turns out that living with Diabetes stills a mess nowadays, therefore only 1 in every 3 patients achieves treatment goals, so with more than 400M patients, diabetes ends up taking between 10 and 20% of the annual healthcare budget.

Our learning algorithm in the cloud receives information from third party wearable devices that the patients currently use (continuous glucose monitors and smartwatches), and then it shows through the chatbot app, the predicted glucose levels for the next hour and recommended actions to avoid any kind of risk.

Rather than having to adapt their routine, it sends personalized recipies and activity plans to improve glucose performance on their daily lifes and increase understanding of diabetes thanks to the explanations and advices.

No more worries, because the system takes account of all the important information and displays it in a natural conversation to increase treatment adherence. It shows current state, past patterns and predicted glucose levels, so if the algorithm detects a low glucose risk, it will send a notification recommending some snack. Or the patient could ask how several actions will affect his glucose (like drinking a coke in 30 minutes, going for a 1 hour hike or being stressed for an exam). All thanks to the artificial intelligence system and the multi parameter association.

In order to close the loop of diabetes treatment, we developed a needle-free smartpatch for insulin, that is capable of forcing the drug through the skin with absolutely no feeling for the patient. It works automatically connected to the algorithm to release the patient from unneeded dose calculations. And It is also comfortable and discrete, so diabetes won’t stop a little girl or anyone from having a normal life anymore.
We only need to get class IIB medical device approval, so no clinical trials, only safety tests, which makes everything easier.

So far we are backed by Madrid universities, Microsoft, and have a great relation with Lilly (they are helping us with all the regulation strategy for next year and product development). We are connected with UK´s national health system through Dotforge and Vertical is acting as a bridge between us and their valuable partners in Finland.

This technology benefits from current wearable devices and cloud computing tech, and is capable of being adapted to the manual administration of any substance through the skin and to the automated treatment of any disease, thus being a technology capable of reaching every single person who ever needed an injection or who has a chronic disease.

We have a wonderful team with 7 full time members and 6 part time workers.
The company has recently closed a fundraising round of €260K and is preparing a Series A round to raise €2M and to be closed in Q1 2018.


Misamplás: the new way of cooking

Misamplás brings to your home fresh ingredients, portioned, cut and prepared, to cook delicious recipes in just 20 minutes.

Misamplás is aimed at couples and families between the ages of 30 and 55, urbanites, with little time, concerned about the environment, who want to take care of themselves and eat healthily. With this service, customers gain time and quality of life, being able to cook tasty recipes with organic products at home without going shopping, without washing, without cutting, without staining… And best of all, with no waste and a great saving, because they pay only for what they need to cook.

Users select the recipes from the website www.misamplas.com and can schedule the day and time slot when they want to receive the ingredients each week.

The fresh ingredients come from Almería, Lérida and local suppliers. All products are shipped in isothermal boxes that keep them in perfect condition for 24h and are packaged properly so they are kept fresh for 6 days in the customer’s refrigerator.

Misamplás launched in October 2016 with supply on demand and in the first quarter of 2017 will start with the subscription model and custom plans as “Good for You”. The Company has been financed with its own resources and has just opened a financing round that will end on March 31st.


In the member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), each year 240 million people require a medical diagnostic test through image analysis, a statistic which grows annually at a rate of 6% and a rate of 30% in emerging countries (source: statistic data about health from OECD). These statistics represent a decrease in the average amount of time that the radiologist has to analyze the image. While the number of tests using medical imaging increases every year, the job of radiologists continues to be done in a traditional way. In parallel, the amount of software developed every year for computer assisted diagnostics and search for biomarkers based on imaging also has increased exponentially in the last few years. But access to these methods is very costly and has little assurance regarding data security. Aware of this situation, the Medimsight promotion team decided to launch a technology-based project aimed at promoting a paradigm shift in this sector. Medimsight is a spin-off crated in 2013, as the result of the previous work of its supporters in the Laboratory of Analysis of Medical Imaging and Biometry (LAIMBIO) of the University of Juan Carlos, laboratory number 167 in Laboratory Network of Madri+d.



Based on the use of large prefabricated blocks of reinforced concrete with ecological cement (patent n P20140082-PCT), we design and create highly energy-efficient spaces for residential, office, industrial, farming and military use, among other possibilities. The technical characteristics of these prefabricated blocks enable us to bury them underground, using THE EARTH as the main natural insulation medium, with the addition of sustainable waterproofing materials. We are thus able to create any kind of bioclimatic space for any kind of use.This innovative project has several advantages over other methods of construction.


WATER 20 – 30%

It conforms to the latest EU Energy Efficiency Directive(2012/27/EU) as well as the corresponding Spanish legislation (RD235/2013).

Enables every project to be PASSIVHAUS and LEED certified.

Preserves green spaces.

As a dry construction method, it does not generate building waste.

Uses sustainable, eco-friendly materials which may have had previous uses.

Minimal environmental impact.

Minimal carbon footprint, due to its high energy efficiency and the use of active and passive strategies.

Enables future extensions and design changes without affecting overall aesthetics.

Can be complementary to other types of existing or planned construction.

Practically zero-maintenance, only requires that of any landscaped surface.

Saves time and costs: three construction phases (foundations, structure and roofing) reduced to one.

Short lead times: dry construction means structure is finished once blocks are in place.

Robust and hardwearing construction gives feeling of solidity.


Milingual gives you the opportunity to live the language you want to learn without leaving your city, through everyday activities that emulates life in the country whose language you’re interested. Our method is based on social learning. We believe the best way to learn and practice a language is talking. We offer a technology platform that manages all language activities for both teachers and students.

Each user has a profile and a specific track their progress with the language. At the end of each session the student and teacher receive feedback from experience. Where local events are organized also include a specific section and a dedicated website where students can be targeted directly. On the other hand, all operations are automated Milingual through this platform, which also includes the payment gateway.