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PLUS VITECH, S.L. is a company created as a Spin-Off of the Public Health System of Andalucía, which provides alternative biotechnological solutions, complementary and more efficient than those currently used for cancer treatment, focused for the patients that suffer this disease.
The Company has patents to manufacture and commercialize an innovative medical product for the treatment of cancer and a predictive diagnostic test through which it is possible to know the response of tumors to such product.
This medical product is directed against a receptor of cancer cells which, based on preclinical data, is a key aspect in the survival and progression of most cancers. The diagnostic test enables to know beforehand the responsiveness of each patient’s tumor to the treatment, which in turn allows for a customized and intelligent treatment in each case. PLUS VITECH, S.L. offers an innovative cancer therapy because the product is initially prescribed for patients which are devoid of alternative therapies.
Based on the available estimates 26,715 new cases of lung cancer in Spain and 312,645 new cases in the European Union are diagnosed each year, but, according to the predictive method developed by PLUS VITECH, S.L. almost 90% of these patients will respond effectively to treatment with the medical product created by PLUS VITECH, S.L.


As a result of an innovative project that has been developed during the last 15 months, PATENTES CALA CERRADA presents the best solution to permanently preserve life in aquatic rescue tasks, offering significant competitive advantages against the existing devices. This product is “Punto Naranja”, first industrial design of the Company, a fully defined product, ready to start its national and international marketing campaign.
Currently, the Company has an international patent with the highest standards of protection with which the Company intends to achieve its goal of international expansion.


Presupuestos.com (translate to budget.com) is a marketplace that connects people who wants a service done with reviewed companies. Media have described us as a mix of Yellow pages and Tripadvisor.

How to use it is extremely simple “Users describe what they need and companies send their budgets” Users who hired companies can review the service, forcing companies to deliver a outstanding quality service, the same as restaurants or hotels do with Tripadvisor or booking.

After three years to develop the fastest web on the market and, over 75.000€ invested by the entrepreneurs, Presupuestos.com is a really strong product, with over 1.000 companies on its database, and 80 companies that have paid for its premium service.

Furthermore, in a project that is really intensive on marketing having the best domain is an important asset.

Both founders are specialized in marketing and web development, and right now presupuestos.com is looking for 100.000€ of funding to invest mainly in marketing and telemarketing.



With a subscription system, PatasBox discovers every month to dog owners, products subscribed by partner brands adapted to their characteristics, paying each month € 19.99.
Our project was the winner of the fourth edition of Lanzadera and since our entry in September 2016 we have grown 25%, reaching 1400 subscribers.
Finding the right products for your pet is complicated.
These users also do not have time to look for the best products for their dogs or cats.
This results in a poor diet that leads to excessive expenses in veterinary care. Brands that could be an alternative for these consumers can not reach them due to lack of resources and channels.


Plactherm is an intelligent underfloor heating system. We have integrated in our patented tile a resistor element, an isolation layer and structures with electronics and sensors. Each tile has the capacity to warm and sense. Imagine in a full room, while current systems force to have one temperature, with our system we could create different zones (by software) and link to a worker. Then each worker can configure his zone with his own comfort temperature, while we can reduce general one by 2-3 degrees, achieving savings over 30%, giving and amazing comfort with a lot of useful data.

parapupas .com

ParaPUPAS is the first comprehensive platform for the elderly, disability and dependence. Consultant reference offer free advice on products, services, grants / subsidies and are a showcase for innovation and new technologies sector.

Our business model is based on the commission on product sales and services with whom we contract for collaboration (already we have several contracts with leading products and services companies). We have our own products like clothing handicap. The BIG HEALTH DATA is part of our technological project.

Growth Plan: THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL. We started with a platform for Spain, then we will accessory platforms with local products and services, with the aim of winning the support of municipalities and institutions that help us promote the platform in the elderly and the disabled in various ways (day centers , retirement homes, rehabilitation centers, social welfare centers, etc.). Means of line, bringing new technologies, etc. At this time we have managed to San Sebastian opens the doors of its health centers in addition to be preparing a cooperation agreement with different measures.

Funding Requirements: 100,000 €

Maintenance platform. Design, positioning SEM / SEO 3,600€
Wages and salaries (6 people. Business administration +). Social Security, and Autonomous taxes 96,000€
Furniture and computer / month taxes include 1,000€
Rent office + supplies taxes include 6,000€
labor, accounting and tax advice. taxes include 1,000€
Others. Insurance Business Activity, Displacements, diets, consumables, taxes include. 3,000€

TOTAL 110,600€

You will see that the main destination of the funding we need is for recruitment.

The platform is already completed and paid. We are now at the time of launch and you need to hire commercial and administrative staff to accelerate monetization and maximize the pioneer position to get colonize the market quickly and sustainably.


¨From tradtional travel agencies to the business model of Pangea.¨
• A one-time buying experience, spectacular, multi-channel, physical and available online as well as on your phone.
• With product offer never seen before.
• A specialized exquisite service.
• And with minimum price guaranteed.


BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: Small satellites are playing an increasingly important role in space. Smaller, lighter and cheaper satellite and consumer electronics technologies have given way to satellites that are a fraction of the size of their predecessors. Imagine other technologies like telephones and computers 15 years ago and today. In addition, small satellite constellations are promising for the replacement of larger, tailor-made satellites, thus providing redundancy and the ability to regularly update system technology every 2 years. Elsewhere, however, spacefighters remain the same size as they did 15 years ago, gigantic, like a 25-story building. As a result, small satellites today are at a disadvantage in costs, waiting times and launch conditions.

MARKET SIZE: The small satellite industry is creating exponentially. Revenues in the sector have almost tripled since 2001, with average annual growth of approximately 21%. Projections based on the plans announced and prospects for developers and programs indicate up to 3,000 small satellites will require a dedicated launch from 2016 and beyond 2022. The annual compound annual growth rate will be 39% over the past 5 Years (2010-2015) and has been 10% annually in the last 5 years for suborbital flights. The forecast for the dataset shows average growth of 13% per year for the next 6 years (2016-2022) and suborbital releases are expected to triple by 2020.
PLD Space was founded for a simple reason: to offer a low-cost, commercial launch services to the market of small satellites insufficiently serviced. Today PLD Space is the first launch of space propulsion in Europe.

PRODUCTS: ARION 1 is the first development of PLD Space, a reusable liquid fuel rocket that offers commercial suborbital space flights up to 250 km above the surface of the Earth. The second development of PLD Espacio, based on ARION 1, is ARION 2, a launch vehicle dedicated to small satellites in low Earth orbit, with the aim of being a referent in the world to launch small satellites into space.


PetroBIM is a powerful yet friendly management and consultation tool oriented towards management and dissemination of historical heritage and culture. Throughout its lifecycle (design, planning, documentation, control, intervention and maintenance) it will allow the user, through databases linked to 3D models and a specifically designed technological viewer, to convert the classical and obsolete master plans and restoration projects linked to the conservation of historical and archaeological heritage in to a unique and real 4D model (Sequence in time). This lets you walk, navigate and interact with the model: create virtual sections, update information, generate filters for graphical and numerical consultation for as many elements as there are in the model, also, conduct easy and reliable searches of information.
We managed to provide intelligence to three-dimension models using WOBIM® technology which we developed and are capable of integrating into any project. On the one hand we manage models and on the other hand we manage model generated information.


Plantae is an HaaS (Hardware as a Service) web platform that informs a professional user, in real time and anywhere, about plant and crop humidity, through a series of communication protocols of sensors and hubs with the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.
The business objective is to collect humidity information with a system of sensors which is both easy-to-install and cost effective. The aim is to provide the end user pertinent information so they may optimize irrigation with the goal of saving water, fuel, displacement and time, and even improve crop productivity.