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Big data web and mobile app that filters noise of information social network activity into relevant information to aid the B2B sales process & scale the engagements with the relevant prospects


The number1 challenge in B2B is to generate good quality leads. The process based on acquiring databases and sending massive emails is inefficient, expensive and counterproductive. Social selling is displacing traditional sales processes, but in social selling it takes TOO MUCH TIME of expensive sales executives to find the right prospects. The Digital Sales & Marketing is a large market that is growing at 2 digit figures: B2B Digital Marketing $4,800m, $6,000m Social Monitoring, Social CRM $ 20B, Business Intelligence 16B. However, Sales executives require to SCALE the number of contacts points to build a successful pipeline


Relevante.me makes the sales process TIME EFFICIENT AND SCALABLE by filtering out the noise across disperse social sites, SCALING the engagements with relevant prospects. Based on the social activity being shared, commented or liked to find signs of interest and opportunities to engage efficiently across disperse networks. Our core is to apply data technology to our users own data and to their social connections – to build personal “relevant” profiles.


Software as a Service (SaaS) solution based on a limited free version with a premium pais version for corporates and intensive users. Two main lines of income: 1. B2C (Micro SME y Freelancers) 20€ monthly subscription and 2. B2B (Corporates) 1.000€ company monthly fee + 20€ per user. Estimated a +1hour the time saving provided outweighs the cost of the tool.


Our target customers are professionals who currently use and position in professional social networks (LinkedIn, G +, twitter) in search of business opportunities. Our sales efforts will be based mainly on accesing the active social directly via the networks. The marketing plan will evolve according to the phases of the company and the tactics of the moment, but is based on three fundamental principles: Inbound and Content Marketing, Social Selling using our own tool and Data Driven Marketing. For the corporate targets a sales team will drive sales from this target.


Founder & CEO Jorge Araluce has more than 15 years in B2B sales experience in large multinational high-tech companies like Cisco Systems, Digital now Hewllet-Packard, Intel and is backed by a sound technical team of 4 People with background in Data Science, Software development, User interface/UX and Business Sales & Marketing. All Computer Science degrees, Masters and a Phd in data science.


2014 Q2 – First version of core technology (2 people team). Customer need validated. Capital increase 115.000€ from founders.

2014 Q3 – Awarded an Innovation Loan from CDTI 235.000 €

(payback only with positive Cash Flow).

2014 Q4 – Core operational team.

2015 Q2 – Product Ready to launch


Young company that has developed a technology that allows to relocate Child Restraint Systems in the backseats of the vehicle, releasing the space invaded by each safety seat installed that unnecessarily limits the habitability of the backseats of the vehicle.

The car recovers 3 rear seats: 1 child safety seat and two adults, two child safety seats and an adult or three child safety seats.

Technology compatible with 100% child restraint systems using Isofix anchoring systems and 90% of cars.

We increase comfort and what is most important, the safety of passengers, both children and adults.

Founders constitute a highly qualified multidisciplinary team.
We need 400,000€ for the impact tests and launch the product on to the market.


“Ronda Oeste Energía”; Business electricity suppliers. We buy electricity directly from producers and generators to offer it directly to the final consumers throughout the national territory.

We have an extensive sales network. Our teams of engineers, study the electricity bills, optimize all concepts and improve the prices.

We provide excellent personalized customer service and improve the rates of the traditional companies.

We have a great knowledge of the market; we have been in the energy sector for more than 16 years. Specifically, in fuel service stations, operator wholesale distribution of petroleum products and diesel. In addition, on the electricity sector for more than 5 years.

We have a broad customer base. After the acquisition in late 2014 of the company ARPAJ, energy consulting and sales channel of other electricity companies. More than 15 million euros of current customers of electricity consumers. And thousands of current customers of fuel. Therefore, a customer base of over 20 million euros.

We believe that the present and the future is electricity and we take advantage of great synergies between our companies and the similitude markets of fuel and electricity. We think it is the step and natural evolution of the market from an energy to the other one.

We need financing for working capital. To be able to acquire the energy in the market, as payment periods are lower than the collection of the electricity.


Rastreadent is the ecommerce of dentistry. To dental clinics we offer the possibility to buy, comparing first among different distributors, dentistry products that are needed for consultations. Also shown is all information on training in a certain specialty, buying or selling products second hand, accessing employment agencies, and general updates about the sector.
To the distributors of dentistry products, we offer the B2B possibility through selling to a large number of clinical dental practices, and ad space on banner placed in the most commercial areas of the sector.
Rastreadent is the indispensable tool for a dental clinic and for the whole dental sector.
The website is validated by the sector and is ready for expansion. Our objective is to gain as many clinics as possible through working to have more distributors that operate using our portal. Through a strong telemarketing campaign, commercial visitors to the dental clinics, ads in specialty magazines, and presence in fairs and conferences, we can achieve this goal.
We need an investment of €150,000 that will be invested in commercial expansion in 2016 in Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia. €87,000 of the investment will go to commercial assignments and telemarketing campaigns, €22,000 to participation in fairs (some 5 during 2016,) and the rest to ads in specialty magazines and email campaigns.


Roams is a web and mobile application that helps users to save on the phone bill.
We have developed intelligent software capable of analyzing individually and automatically any telephone bill (mobile, landline or internet) and compare all the market rates, thus finding, for the user, the rate that best suits their needs and consumption habits.

This is the beginning of economic change. Years ago, consumers and companies began to reject the option of squandering capital unlimited.
In this paradigm, the global telephony sector needs a change in its commercial approach:
• Most telephony users receive non-demanded offers that do not fit their needs, nor do they provide them with
an economic benefit.
• Almost all telephony operators around the world base their business model on an intrusive commercial
strategy, based on an aggressive sales philosophy, boosted by giant distribution channels, which are not able
to delimit their customers in a timely manner. customers.
• The consequences are obvious:
A. Customers receive services that are not adjusted for consumption, which results in an inappropriate
expense in telephony. You do not know all the conditions of your contract. Receives unexpected charges. He
does not know how to complain properly.
B. Operator sales decrease at the same rate as operating margins and profits. It does not seem reasonable to
maintain the spending strategy if your income is getting smaller.

This is where Roams appears, as our service is born so that users and operators of telephony meet their interests.
With Roams, telephone users:
• They contract tariffs and services according to their type of consumption, their
• Control consumption without doing anything. The analysis allows us to offer the perfect service, at the optimum time.
• Do not care about business management. We use our artificial intelligence software, to carry out all the necessary procedures, without incurring administrative personnel costs.

And, on the other hand, the telephone operators:
• Offer all your rates through our web and mobile application.
• Capture users without requiring a physical business structure.
• Retain and retain customers actively. We know the possibility of changing operators, so we allow you to review
your contract without having to enter the game of that user who makes a change request company to receive a
better offer.
• Minimize costs, as they are allowed to reduce their distribution channels, processing and after-sales support.
• Increase customer satisfaction. Improve your business image.


Rain of Life is a Spanish technology consulting company specialized on environmental issues, and the design and production of water treatment equipment.
Part of the technology we use is state of the art, and our innovations are protected by patents in Spain, Mexico and Colombia. Certainly, as we expand production into other markets we will protect our products with responsible patents.
For years before the inception of Rain of Life as a company, we had already been researching and developing our atmospheric generated drinking water equipment. This allows us to affirmatively maintain our position as a unique company-greater than our competitors in: efficiency, maintenance costs and production guarantees.
We have developed a system that extracts humidity from the environment, recreating precipitation, whereas obtaining potable water of the highest quality ready for consumption. Our technology offers an amortization on investment of nearly one cent euro per litre, and high-efficiency energy consumption rates without generating toxic wastes or pollution.
Our modular equipment allows for construction of potable water generation facilities-with which we can guarantee greater than 50 litres per day generation in the most basic domestic of systems, whereas scalable large installations would be capable of providing virtually unlimited quantities of excellent drinking water.
Almost 4,500 children die every day due to diseases causing diarrhea; we seek to provide the solution to eliminating child mortality due to lack of access to clean, potable drinking water.


Rewans, the Pokémon Go for Brands, is a new comunication channel based in game marketing or gammification. This app connects brands or products with consumers in a leisure and non intrusive enviroment.

Rewans is an app for free for the user. The announcers launch promotional campaigns using geosegmentation, allowing the player to choose which one they want to play.

The user can play whaterver and wherever with the brands he prefers, interacting with them during at least 5 minutes.We generate objects (Eggs),around him, and he has to catch them getting more and more points. That allows him to be in a final ranking based in the score achieved. Once the campaign ends, the ranking shows to the player if he has been awarded or not. The winners will enjoy experiences sponsorized by the brands like trips,playstation ,etc…or products for free from the brand. The non awarded players will receive special discounts of that brand on order to create traffic to store or for lead generation.

Rewans makes money via his clients, the anouncers, who create easily national campaigns with geolocalized prizes in the app.For the user is always with no cost.

Pricingl is based in the number of users that can be reached in each campaign, according the segmentation and geolocalitation,

Regarding international level, Rewans sell licenses of use per country in exclusivity generating revenues for the sell of that license and getting a fee regarding the sales volume of each market.


Rocking Baby (Babymico S.L.) is a company dedicated to the mobile childcare sector, i.e., the sale of specialized baby carts and chairs. The idea was born as a consequence of the initial activity of the company that founded the CEO of Rocking Baby, Baby Eco. Baby Eco (founded in 2010) is a chain of second-hand shops for babies. With this business, Blanca Garelly (CEO) realized that there was not enough supply of baby carts, which was also excessively expensive.

As a result of this, Rocking Baby was born in 2015, a company that comes to solve many headaches to those parents who do not find products that fit their needs and budgets.

Rocking Baby is a brand that, thanks to the extensive knowledge and experience of its partners in the world of mobile childcare, has managed to design an innovative product, with great usability and, above all, at very competitive prices.