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After talking to more than 200 clients we have seen that playing lottery in group is complicated: people do not pay, logistics are complicated (scan the receipt, Excel with the money paid, etc.) and there is a risk that the person who keeps the receipt do not share the prize. However, people play in group often: Spain 75%, England 22% and USA 12%.

SocialBets solves this problems with an app for Android and iPhone that includes all what you need to play lottery in group: ticket purchase, individual payment, results and invitations via WhatsApp.

The app launched on January 2015 and today we sell 3.000€ in lottery every month and grow 21% each month. In addition, 40% of active users play every week and 35% of users come invited by their friends.

We are in a middle of a financing round of 250.000€. We already have loans granted by ENISA and InverCLM of 160.000€ and we are raising 90.000€ in private capital (30% committed).


Snaperlink is a platform that directly connects photographers and clients. It brings high quality photographs of a precise moment, captured by the photographer, straight to the person who appears in them. Anyone can be a protagonist at any given time, as the photographs function on a sale on demand basis.

Each photographer and event organiser or organisation uses the platform with his or her own profile and can determine all of the possible parameters (formats, prices, company, etc.) to share the images between the protagonists of the photo, who can find the photo on the platform and decide whether to share or buy it.

It allows a channel for personal sales and a method of sharing and a personal approach for the organisers. Additionally, and considering that the photography service is also in demand for reports, it is a channel for hiring professionals, which photographers themselves have access to through being included in the Snaperlink directory, where future clients can find them.

The photographer increases his or her profits and visibility, as well as generating his or her own jobs without outsourcing. Organisers and promoters get a more personal and emotional channel that strengthens their bond with the public. The public gets a quality image that, although devalued by the promotion of cameras on mobile devices, creates a very perceptible difference, enhancing the image of the user at a generally touching moment (party, overcoming something, victory, effort, joy…). And many situations where the union of emotion and quality are captured in the photo that keeps the idealized memory alive.

The funding would cover improvements to the platform to make it more powerful and help find niche, large-scale markets, events or promotions suited to the platform.


Currently, most companies investing in online advertising waste more than 30% of the budget for not knowing the strategy of their competitors or their own.

In SEMMINER we have developed a tool that shows the strategy of competition and strategy reveals failures in our campaigns or competition, allowing us to save and relocate our investment and make it profitable.

SEMMINER constantly analyzes all the competitive environment in search engine results page, SEM / SEO strategy, and tells us when a significant change occurs in the environment.

It is able to find our real competitors in the online market, show us what they are doing, and find niche positioning to invest with low levels of competition.

In fact it is capable of performing marketing activities on major platforms such as adwords, facebook, email campaigns, etc .. depending on the actions of competitors, all in real time.

If you invest in search advertising, SEO optimizations you do or plan to do so, you should try our tool as it will save you time and money

SEMMINER is a unique tool that analyzes web search results of major search engines worldwide (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Yandex, Sapo, Virgilio, Baidu …) thereby detecting the main competitors and their strategies SEM / SEO.

With a level of detail and high accuracy through keywords, you’ll find out the positioning for each keyword, the density of advertisers, new competitors and their creativities, schedules exposed and investment opportunities to take influential strategic decisions in the plan digital marketing.

Its main competitive advantages are;

1. intuitive and simple with climbing information; no complications and information that adds nothing, if you need detail for each criterion you have it, if you want a general and visual dashboard, too.
2. Unlimited number of competitors; other tools limit the number and also ask you what your competition are domains but if he does not know or want to find out new for hours in the day, mark your criteria …?
3. Level of detail and precision as to time variable; the Intime study provides a breakdown by days of the week and hours in the day, which can analyze seasonality, key schedules, strategic positions. Today nobody today offers this level of information.
4. Payments by Keywords: no tool on the market offers the possibility of paying for word and from 0.05 € depending on the type of study.
5. System alerts and notifications; You can set notifications about changes of position in certain strategic SEM words, drastic drops in position / page SEO and more.
6. Data Visualization exportable and accessible at all levels; studies can export to PDF and send html5 online presentation by email to different profiles making it an ally in sales presentations to customers.


Wellness & Fitness centers. In Soluna, we have created a new concept of health and wellness center, focused on personalized attention, small groups and contained cost. Created in 2010, we have 3 owned centers and a franchisee center. In 2015 will inaugurate this year two owned centers and 2 other franchised centers.


Sintermedical will be a Manufacturing Plant for mass production of join implants with enhanced lifestapn, with LASER SINTERING as the first and differential process in the value chain, and the requires clearance to operate under the CE and FDA regulations.

Our value proposition is substained by replacing the primary manufacturing process of implants (currently casting, forging, milling and turning) for ours, which is able to produce a tailored spongy structure to help bone grow into it and reduce the risk of long term loosening, while having the best resistance to wear.


Sintermedical will operate within the subcontracting market for Metl Implants and surgical instruments. Customers will be big and small companies that put medical devices on the market through their existing commercial networks.


We are going to create a center for processing and distribution of food products
from the sea (seafood and shellfish) and rice in fifth range, with vacuum cooking
techniques and high clear technological component. We focus on retailers and

We will develop the activity in the area of Palmones (Cadiz), gastronomic center
of the Gibraltar Land. Ships currently in a restaurant, so it is an established

We go to a low cost market and 3% of the market in the Province of Cádiz,
which are 75,000 kg in 10 years using the experience we have in the seafood
sector, restoration and management of investments.


The online auction site is a very useful for large both economic performance and quality tool, obtaining from home fast and convenient purchase of all kinds of products. Pages as EBAY, De Remate, Pujalia, BizWiz, Bizsubastas and recently more web State has jointly published the Social Security jointly with the Treasury eliminating the traditional spot auction, determining that a public auction would have greater participation and allow from home, participate in very interesting offers until recently were available to a few. Today you can bid on products such as leisure, jewelry, perfume, holidays, flights, footwear and etc. with a single click, saving tedious formalities to obtain it. So … if we have tools that we reach these services, why not hiring all kinds of professional services ?. For example, you. You can buy a car at auction, right? and why not the repairs?
Subastavia (Milbid) is an innovative website that has been created for using three types of auctions anyone to hire from, a lawyer, a caterer, a workshop, a reform, a plumber, a veterinarian, a guitar course, classes dancing, buying stocks, machinery or the purchase of a new vehicle and thus a long etc. providing three types of auction when creating it for any service request.
The reverse auction: where the price of each bid decreases professionals engaged in obtaining and where the lowest bid wins the job.
Auction closed-envelope: In it, all professionals can submit an offer and the customer decides who to award the price and quality and finally another innovative idea …
Urgent Auction: This auction is designed for those services that require greater immediacy and so in the short term you may have a fast response in both the acquisition of professional service and execution is basically geared to meet demands like. plumbers, locksmiths, electricians, veterinarians and all work urgently.


Seniors First in a social services company focused on the area of home care: the elderly, children, convalescents, people needing special care for a disability or people overcoming an illness are our traveling companions and our mission is to take care of them!

Our motivation is to constantly pursue and guarantee the best humane treatment as well as a high quality professional work, trying to constantly improve these two important ingredients day by day.

Order, effort and why not, a hint of humour!

Seniors First is not just a home care company: although it’s true that there is a significant number of companies in this field, only few of them are making an effort to articulate their policies and procedures in the hand of new technologies and make life so much easier for family members, users and professionals!

We want to improve our services and reach more corners not only from the UK but also from the rest of Europe.

Seniors First Proudly at your side!


With Shoppiday you earn money with your purchases, both in stores online and in stores of your city.

Shoppiday wants to change the way people make their purchases by offering a reward for their daily purchases. When you shopping through Shoppiday, whether in online stores or in your local stores, you earn money (a percentage of what you spend). In addition, Shoppiday is a complete tool for local commerce: customer acquisition, loyalty, payment on the mobile, online booking and CRM.
The value proposition facing the user is simple: make money with your purchases and buy what you want, you are not limited to a specific product or service.

Shoppiday was born from the merger of several businesses: Stampydoo (loyalty app for local commerce created in Antai VB), Zapper España (mobile payment app), Wondy (beauty booking app) and online cashback business, Spin-offs of LetsBonus along with Wondy.


Showleap has proposed a challenge: to improve communication between deaf and hearing people. To do this, the whole team is working hard in order to create Showleap: the first sign language interpreter to voice and vice versa in real time.

Our system is being expanded, and have a portable prototype that perfectly demonstrates its operation.

It is a pioneering product that does not have direct competition; startups or companies that want to launch a similar product Showleap are still under development.

Showleap want direct both individuals and large and medium companies and public institutions that want to provide services to deaf people.

We are looking for funding of € 500,000.

With this amount we implement both the sales plan, and marketing plan and keep working on expanding the product.