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Children have access to new technologies at a younger age, between 7 and 10 years old, and to the communication options that they offer. This communication which is positive may turn negative when cyberbullying or cibergrooming arise if children are not educated on the proper use of social networks and instant messaging.

TALKYDS is a instant messaging plataform and a social network for children who are new to the use of communication technologies with limits to avoid malpractices and problems such as cyberbullying, sexting or cybergrooming. As general limitations TALKYDS incorporates: exclusive registration by parents will receive all contact requests and will confirm them or not, detection of insults, impossibility of removing records, ban to store photos or videos, etc. As optional limitations parents can also activate: time control, geolocation, correct spelling, etc.

TALKYDS monetizes through: 1) Download the application and annual renewal. 2) sale of Premium Options. 3) Advertising for children.

TALKYDS has initiated collaboration with the Ministery of Interior through the Telematic Crimes Unit of the Civil Guard to develope the application.

TALKYDS has 5 partners promoters: Miguel Angel Molina, Textile Manufacturer, Manuel Rodriguez, Jewelry Entrepeneur, Ricardo Molleja, Businessman, AICOR S.L. Technology Development Company and Bartos Cañete, Technology Entrepreneur.

TALKYDS is searching for a 100.000€ investment to end development (30%) and to launch a promotional campaign (70%). TALKYDS´s postmoney valuation is 500.000€


After 13 years of experience as guides in Asturias we decided to create Trekkapp, the first app to make hiking, nature and cultural free routes guided and explained from mobile devices, without data need, using phone GPS, with integrated maps and geopositioned information showed over descriptive pictures on each point.

The app is prepared to show routes in five different languages and we are to publish with the intention of having routes anywhere in the world, including cities. The free app is already active, with over 100 published routes, Asturian part of the Way of St. James included. It is in more than 10.000 mobile phones nowadays, and we are starting the marketing campaign.

To grow and expand we need to make some improvements in the app as well as get more users, for what we will need at least 80.000 Euros.

Investment use:

Develop new routes in all cities in Spain and other most touristic.

Marketing expenditure and fixed costs to position the app as a basic in any traveler in Spain.




Theglobalpassword enables anyone to communicate in their own language with speakers of other languages, anywhere, any time and in any situation.
Our online platform facilitates flexible, easy and affordable access to online translation services in real time, removing linguistic barriers in spoken conversations (either face-to-face or at a distance), as well as in communication with written texts.


In a global market of 40,000 million dollars, we estimate that the current alternatives do not satisfy 90% of the current potential demand, which requires services that are adapted to real needs: accessible, flexible, affordable, reliable and of high quality.
Our solution aims to revitalise and democratise the translation sector to meet global communication needs.
By making the most of online technology, we improve the accessibility and availability of professional services. Theglobalpassword can thus fill the gap in the market by offering a high quality online response, adapted to the current needs of businesses, individuals and public administrations.


Our innovative online platform, based on real time communication technology, acts as a technological mechanism for providing online services from any device, through our global network of translators:
•Globalevent: Remote, simultaneous interpretation for conferences.
•Globalvoice: Online interpretation of conversations and face-to-face meetings.
•Globalvideo: Multi-user video conferencing with an interpreter participating online.
•Globalmail: Express translation of emails or short texts in a matter of minutes.
•Globaldocs: Translation of general or specialised documents and websites.


Revenue generation is based on clients paying per use, with no fees or additional costs. Service payments to our network agents involve a variable service charge which, together with technological and administrative costs, results in a gross margin for Theglobalpassword of between 26% and 50%.


In Europe and USA there is from 70 to 100M of people affected by sleep apnea (SAHS) that makes
around 1520% of the total population. 20% of these affected persons are diagnosed by specialists and use a conventional CPAP. Around 58% (1,6M) of these patients need to travel often, due to work or for leisure, and can’t use a CPAP that is truly portable on means of transportation such as planes or where there is no power source, etc.

For this reason we have created POCPAP, a portable and autonomous air impulsion device to supply assisted air circulation in the treatment of sleep apnea syndrome (people affected by SAHS) and to improve sleep on high performance and elite athletes. CPAP features are autonomy, portability, adaptability, suitability for use “off the grid”, noise reduction, and other aspects. POCPAP is easy to detach, clean and, at the same time, it has sensors that allow to obtain important parameters of the patients, such as temperature, breath and heart rate, ECG registry and other data that the specialist considers useful and that can be sent through a smartphone.

We would like to emphasise that our patent includes a particular air flow and control servo system that allows to greatly reduce the energy cost dedicated to keep the air pressure on the soft palate, opening possibilities for pulmonologists like the gradual reeducation of this body part.

We require a capital of 205.000€ from external investors from a total of 1.100.000€ to start with the industrial serialization of the product, clinical assays and marketing. With these funds we expect to get benefits of 5.851.000€ after taxes in a period of 6 years.


TEXTIL ENERGY designs and produces portable solar products with light and flexible photovoltaic technology.

It is impossible nowadays obtaining energy outdoors to charge our personal devices and individuals have created an uncontrollable phobia to run out of battery on their smartphones.


TIME MACHINE – interMEDIA is dedicated to the manufacture and sale of retro computers and retroconsola Time Machine

This product is based on the combination of two technologies:
1. Computer low-cost Raspberry Pi 3 ModelB with the following specifications:
Raspberry-Pi 3B – Processor 1.2GHz quad-core Broadcom 64bit – Micro-SD 32Gb Class 10 – dual-core
multimedia coprocessor VideoCore IV- 1Gb LPDDR2 RAM – HD 1080p video output, composite video
(PAL / NTSC) – stereo audio output – Ethernet 10/100 RJ45 connector – Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n –
Connector video / HDMI 1.3 and 1.4 audio – out connector composite audio / video 3.5mm 4-pole –
Bluetooth 4.1 – 4 USB 2.0

2. Software Emulation Station based on Debian that allows you to run all video games and applications for 43
operating systems and platforms, among which are:
M.A.M.E. (Gambling machines) – Amstrad CPC – Apple II – Atari 800 – Atari 2600 – Atari ST – Commodore 64
– Commodore Amiga – Doom – Game Boy – Intellivision – Minecraft – MSX – Neo Geo – N.E.S. – Nintendo 64 –
PlayStation One – Quake – ScummVM – CDx32 Sega – Sega Game Gear – Sega Genesis – Sega Master System –
Super Nintendo – Turbo Grafx – Vectrex – ZX Spectrum.

Product advantages:
– Retrogaming market has grown exponentially in recent years. There are plenty of amateur enthusiast
initiatives that require the original hardware or old high skills in electronics and computing. However,
there are no affordable products aimed at the end consumer simply looking for a solution “plug and play”

– Undoubtedly, this project (which has been treated as secondary within our company) has been innovative as we
managed to successfully commercialize (see milestones).

Protecting Innovation:
– The TOAD brands and Time Machine by TOAD are registered
– The industrial design and Retrocomputers and retroconsoles Time Machine is in patent process
– The intellectual property of our own software legally be covered


Tatchi is a mobile application used to find and interact with acquaintances, strangers, and “things” that are in proximity to the user in a personalized, contextualized, and low-demand way. Tatchi creates a connection between the physical and virtual world and also serves as a platform for convergence of the senses, in a world where advertising messages have multiplied and lost reach and effect.
Tatchi proposes a very simple and fun app, but allows users to get an instant benefit from its use and also dramatically improves the market for mobile ads, combining elements of technology, proximity, and customization. We are talking about what users themselves have told us they are looking for, and the app is responsible for providing access to this information in a personalized and contextualized way, with absolute precision.
The Tatchi team has developed an app with an outstanding feature: the ability to be used horizontally for different segments, sectors, and activities, without major modifications. This promotes user adoption without having to use different applications, but above all, allows the development of multiple business models within a single app. Tatchi is a Spanish company with a global scope and incredible ambition.


Talentier is a B2B marketplace that connects in one click companies who seeking the best talent consultants specialized selection and gives them a tool for efficient collaboration and speeds ordering processes. With Talentier, employers and headhunters close their positions before and devoting less effort.


Development of last generation 3D video games, through which the student learns the content of a complete subject of the official educational system. In addition, the teacher can monitor and evaluate the student’s learning process in real time, through a specific application for it.

It promotes the learning of curricular contents using disruptive technologies, unifying the acquisition of knowledge with leisure activities, creating a new methodology of “teaching-learning” that favors all types of students and facilitates the evaluation work of the teacher.

Attention to diversity and special educational needs, adapting the same contents to different levels of difficulty according to the needs of each student.


TrendyAdvisor is a fashion search engine with two objectives:

Facilitate searching for online fashion buyers by grouping their favorite stores in one site, that way you can find whatever piece of clothing you´re searching for with one click.

Give visibility to stores that usually don´t show up on search engines such as Google, bring potential new clients.

In addition to a search engine, TrendyAdvisor acts as a reference fashion community, encouraging social shopping.

Fashion ecommerce is in the middle of growth (around 70% each a year), attracting thousands of buyers each year, as well as hundreds of new online stores. This translates to a large potential market, and each time it´s more necessary to facilitate searching to the online user that doesn’t have time to visit each store one by one and who doesn´t even know a majority of them.

After the launch of the website in March 2015, and once the project is validated, we´re searching for a €150,000 short-term investment that will be allocated in three places: marketing and publicity in order to get more users (65% of the investment), human resources to strengthen the team (20%), and to continue bettering the our technology and incorporate more functionality for the user (15%).