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Project Description
The vision of our company is to help the economic development of territories through sustainable and responsible tourism, honoring the cultural identity and patrimony of the destination. This allows for growth and maintaining the activity of small local tourist companies, with the end of consolidating them and generating employment in the community.
Solving a Social challenge
Almost all national provinces have territories of high developmental potential through tourism, having patrimonial and cultural things, but are still not known. Creating singular tourist attractions in which the community participates is a developmental opportunity.

Client Need
According to different reports, 52% of all travelers in the world would like to choose vacation destinations that have the possibility of helping the local community. Turismo Vivencial selects destinations for the traveler so that they get to know them first hand, they´re always little known areas, but with high tourist and economic developmental potential for the local community.

We want the traveler to have live new emotions in their travel that contributes to developing a positive and responsible conscience. The best way of getting that is to bring travelers and locals together. We have revitalized 40 destinations, creating around 600 activities for all national territories. Programs with or without overnight stays. Turismo Vivencial participates in all aspects of the tourist value chain (transportation, lodging, food, and complementary activities).


Description of the Project
TeachApp is a mobile app that puts professors in contact with alums for certain classes

¨We want an accessible, quality education for all students.¨

• Alumni – many students have difficulty meeting with professors with extensive knowledge on certain subjects who try to impart this knowledge in a short amount of time.
• Professors – there isn´t a platform that allows them to meet alumni close to their status, that allows them to organize their class schedules through a personal calendar, and that allows them to speed up the payment of classes in advance.

• Alumni – we evaluate the experience, academic careers, and pedagogical aptitude of every professor. We offer quality professors, experts in their fields, and total security. In addition, alumni can read evaluations by other alumni on the professor.
• Professors – we facilitate the contacting of alums, managing class schedules, and assuring advanced payment.


The Problem
Grant holders have the difficulty of finding receptive companies that offer quality training. Companies many times don´t know how to use the programs and manage documents. Universities work with Excel and Word without an flexible system.

The Solution
Training Experience (EX) is a platform that matches grant holders with startups and SMEs, additionally it´s a document management tool for all European universities.



Tunnel Energy is a Spanish eco friendly initiative created to capture the current that is generated as the subway forward movement inside a tunnel displaces the air, which is then captured by an aero generator, and mines tunnels.


The process of generating electricity is created using the piston effect.
Via the installment of multiple modules of aero generators specially designed for this type of location, where low wind speed is combined with exiguous restricted space that in order to function requires that very high safety standards be met.


Using rows of interconnected aero generators, we will be able to capture the air current generated.
The installment process is simple and concise eliminating the need for costly construction and lengthy repairs. Given that the electricity generated is for self-consumption this gives us the possibility of erasing the presence of power and transmission lines.

The maintenance process is also simplified and if failure were to occur a functioning one individually replaces the malfunctioning unit, this creates a huge advantage in the value chain, as it will also help keep maintenance costs very low.

The cost per unit of each aero generator will remain very low, given the huge advantage of implementing economies of scale to the process, hence giving us the opportunity to manufacture in the thousands, adding this to the automated assembling process of the aero generators, helps to dramatically reduce the overall costs of the installation.

The idea is to have 3 different sizes of the aero generators in racks of 5×5 and 10×10, although this can be fully adapted to suit the client’s needs. The main preference is to install the aero generators in subway tunnels, due to its current constantly generating source, but it can be adapted to suit any passing train inside a tunnel that generates an air current.

The process is also eco friendly as being installed underground generates very little environmental impact.
The concept simulates that of a wind farm but boasting constant wind speed at peak traffic times and gusty strokes during more idle ones, helping generate electricity as the need for it is created, but fully functioning 365 days a year.

The target market for aero generators is endless, being a suitable way of generating electricity in underground installations such as subways, trains and commuting trains.


This project has four different business lines that generate revenues, manufacturing, engineering, installation and maintenance.

Manufacturing- it will be carried out under our license, as we are the only ones in possession of the utility model.

Engineering- the manufacturing premises will be designed.Installation- the modules will be installed, with the electrical connections and wiring put in place. Key in hand.

Maintenance- all of the installation process will be supervised and renovation will be included as part of the services provided.

Our marketing strategy will be based on the implementation of a pilot plant, backed by a marketing and publicity campaign. Our goal is for the campaign to back up the good results generated by the pilot plant, in various international and national media sources. Our goal is to make Metro de Madrid our commercial partner.


We are consultants dedicated to the analysis of global level data with the purpose of providing our clients with the best information for them to make strategic business decisions based on our predictive human behaviour models. Our activity can be summarized by the following steps:

• Analyze data and relevant facts.
• Segment users and consumers.
• Adapt the segmentation to the client’s objectives.
• Design and create procedures to achieve desired objectives.
• Predict behaviour up to 80% of certainty.

Our product, 40Persona, offers businesses the possibility to know the individual differences of each of their clients, potential clients or own personnel. Definitively know the essence of all individuals coexisting within their ecosystem with the aim to improve corporate results and the satisfaction of all those integrated.

The primary objective of TwoToForty is the development and commercialization of 40Persona, software capable of capturing data, processing that data and segmenting it into 40 different personality profiles. This product offers businesses the possibility to know the individual differences of each of their clients, potential clients or their own personnel. Definitively know the essence of all individuals coexisting within their ecosystem with the aim to improve corporate results and the satisfaction of all those integrated.


TiktakPay is a business which seeks to establish itself in the mobile phone payment sector. We intent to disrupt the competition with aggressive offers to promote a high growth projection, we produce is targeted towards, businesses, companies and individuals.
TiktakPay innovates through contributing layers of added value, and reducing prices or offering free monetary operations. We are a leader in quickness due to our proprietary technological platform and total independence that provides us a significant competitive advantage in the Fintech sector and amongst non-credit financial entities.

In order to operate, TiktakPay is an `Electronic Money Entity´ (EME), and would be the only business in Europe to hold a hybrid license, guaranteeing both financial services and added value.

The services of TiktakPay will be based on a mobile phone payment solution, with direct and instantaneous movements between payment accounts (checking accounts not based on any bank card) and an entry in to the market along strategic lines (activity sectors). The first solution that will be offered to the market is a substitution to cash; which continues to be the principal means of payment, and whose management and control incur significant financial costs.

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Truekit is the first project in Spain specialized in gift cards of all brands. On the one hand, we operate specifically with DISCOUNTED gift cards, and on the other hand, we offer individuals who don’t wish to use their gift cards the opportunity to exchange them for another brand or to receive cash back.
We work with two audiences: Individuals who purchase gift cards directly from us for personal consumption (B2C); and business that purchase large quantities of gift cards to give away as gifts, incentives, prizes, promotions, points catalogues, or for human resources purposes, et cetera (B2B).


Top desti is a social network through which a community of users can easily create and share travel routes, in return for economic benefits as well as planning and distribution.
The project is based on the idea of a community of travelers, grouped into profiles of common interests, and highlighting the value of recommendations leading into sales, from which the advisor can collect a commission.
For example; John recommends a hotel where he stayed on one of his routes and Sally decides to follow John´s recommendation and so she lodges at that hotel. Sally has an excellent experience at the hotel John had recommended; as a result John receives a commission from Sally´s stay, all without Sally paying more for her accommodations.

The great defining point of our application is its inherent ability to make true the wishes of any traveler:
¨Earn money from travelling!¨


Triporate’s mission is to make life easier for companies and travelers. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, it allows us to be faster and more efficient. We minimize human error and offer a service perfectly adapted to the needs and policies of our client, in record time.
Triporate for purposes of use, is a “travel agency” that combines 2 key aspects: Agility and efficiency of Artificial Intelligence + personalized service of the traditional travel agency.


• Approximately, 5% of total Spanish exports of fruits and vegetables suffer from damage-claims on destination. Most frequently, is impossible to determine reliably the time and place where the potential problem that arose to the claim occurred.
• Moreover, 80% of these claims are caused by damages directly or indirectly related to a break in the cold chain during the transportation or the handling process.
• The value of the products claimed directly related to this failure in the cold chain is valued approximately in 802 million euros yearly, and 2.19 million euros daily (Just in Spain)
• Currently, there are no systems that allow optimal traceability. This is because the current systems are characterized by: Segmentation, Lack of transparency, Inaccuracy, Inefficient.


A smart labeling system using rich-data content embedded into QR codes for products that require accurate traceability and registration of all temperature excursions which the product has been under throughout the entire supply chain. At the same time, making this information widely available to all professionals involved in the handling process, including the end-user, using a proprietary software app.


1. Instant readable information: The end-user can find out instantly about the thermal condition of the product or any other useful data embedded into the QR code without involving other third-parties
2. Permanent Tracking System: from its activation to the moment the end-user wishes to access its data, the label continues to record information
3. Detailed: thermal differences can be a surrogate markers of potential problems in the cooling systems both in trucks and cooling facilities
4. Unforgeable: all the information is created by a chemical reaction thus making it impossible to modify later on the information embedded