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AtVirtway,we have designeda single unique platform tocreate virtualworldson mobile devices withunmatched performance, quality and userexperienceinthe market.Of course,the result iseven betteron Mac andWindows.

First minimum viableproductsince January2015: The EducationDistrictis our firstvirtualworld with ascalable business model,though currentlyfocused onB2B(for bread and butter). We offeraveryhighvalue-added experience to:

  • Colleges, institutes and universities.
  • Academies, business schools, language training
  • Medium and largecompanies for:internal communication, marketing and training.

Value-added services:

  • “Different” meetings andpresentations withintegratedvoice overIP.
  • Collaborative trainingmethodologiesthroughserious games.
  • Development ofpersonal skillsfor both children andadultsthrough specially designed educational activities.
  • Online social saleofproducts presentedbyspectacularshops andshowrooms.
  • Creation ofinternational exhibitionswhere companiespay for theirstands,give lectures, etc.
  • Onlineconferencesby expertson related topics.

Clients: – ColegioAlmedina, Psyma Group, Astra Zeneca, Virtual Expo ELearning Exhibition: €134,000 Accepted contracts pending signature: – Gas Natural, Iberdrola, Famosa, Goliath Games, Antena3 NEOXKidz, estimated total:€ 540,000 Sales pipelineprojectsunder negotiation:€3M

Apple Store Downloads: 232,000 Registered Users: 105,000 The EducationDistricthasorganically grown from 100 users/dayin February2015 to 550users/dayin July.

Ourplanis to expandthe business modelto the end userinFree toPlay mode.For this we needto incorporateattractive contentsuch as casualgames created byus andby third parties throughour ownscriptingfollowingApple’s model(payment %, for each sale,to developers).

The sectorswhere we want tocreate specificvirtual worlds,but undera singleglobal brand,are: Education, Games, Casino (with virtual currency), Dating andShopping.

AlthoughournumbersWill be intheblackforB2Battheendof the year,we need at least         € 2.5M for the second roundand continuewith the globalvision thatwill receivea valuation of $1 billion in3 years.


Vinipad is a Digital Menu designed to help increase profits.

Vinipad works on tablets and it is available for both Android and iOS devices. Through a very user-friendly, seamless and flexible interface you can display all the products you need, whether it is food, wines, beers and many more categories you can activate as needed. It also has more than 10 languages preloaded and an automated translator, just in case.

You can control your stock. If a product’s units go below a predefined number you will get a notice via email and if it goes down to zero the item will automatically come out of the menu.

All this is managed through a very intuitive control panel from where you can easily insert or modify new items, add information about your products, your stock, etc.

Vinipad Digital Menu works offline too so your business can keep running even with bad or no internet connection in your venue.

Vinipad is visually appealing and you can have it customized so its design adapts to your business’s brand.
Vinipad is a mature project that has been in development since 2011 with many restaurants all over the world as clients. They report an average 15% increase in sales. They also highlight the impact it has on their customers, the attention it gets and how it makes them talk about their businesses.

Vinipad is a mature and tested solution that works.


Vooiage will provide a solution that combines virtual reality and body sensors to the phisiotherapy process, acelerating the recovery while giving more interactivity to the patients and data collection for phisiotherapy.

Thanks to Vooiage the phisioterapist are able to helps the patient to be focused, motivated, engaged and aware of himself in recovery process



Viwom is a unique technology which allows the creation, management and analysis of e-mail marketing campaigns with embedded video; specifically situations where video playback occurs on an e-mail platform after the receiver opens the e-mail.


VIPFitter is a public online platform, available on Smartphone and web browser, dedicated to global optimization of advisory tasks on sport and nutrition.
Our B2B2C business gathers consultants and advisers in an open and collaborative way, thus enabling us to form a unique community in which fitness sector professionals and their clients can get the most out of their programmes, and benefit from our services.
To fulfill this vision, we propose a multilingual platform, accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world, to connect professionals with clients.