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People are permanently connected to different instant messaging applications (Whatsapp, Line, Telegram…) that allow them talking to their friends (phonebook contacts), However they cannot contact other people nearby who use the same applications.

Wehey is an application that allows  people communicate in a different way with their environment mates, meet people, find conversations of their interest.. Without losing current functionalities of instant messaging (connecting to phonebook contacts).

It includes a differential extra for conversations between users, the possibility of eliminating these conversations at will, both the user’s mobile device itself and the other party. Privacy and freedom to users for their communications.

Examples of application usage:

Instant messaging with contacts from your address book.

Instant messaging with close people (geolocation) allowing you talk to people you know and you do not have their phone number or meet other nearby without exchanging personal data like phone number, mail…

Open chat conversations with other users allowing to meet people with the same hobbies and / or interests.

Chat filter/users by language. So that users who are outside their country of origin can search for people or conversations in their own language and to inquire as both relate to each other.

Direct communication channel between companies and users. Sending offers, information, events… Directly to the mobile of the followers.


Would you like to Worktoday? Find an extrajob in 5 minutes.
Find the worker you need and select him without interviews.
Mobile app which allows people to get EXTRAJOBS helping managers to face absenteeism and incidentals.
The need: Managers in the services sector are not able to face efficiently incidentals due to absenteeism and increase in demand. These situations produce a lack of quality in the services provided and decrease in revenues. Only in Spain absenteeism produces an opportunity cost of 55.000M€/year. On the other hand, workers are watching how their working hours are being reduced as well as their incomes.

Our solution: Our app allows managers to post an EXTRAJOB offer in less than five clicks. The app send the offer only to the ones that fit the experience and proximity requirements. Workers will only receive notifications for the extrajobs that they perfectly fit, based on experience and geo-position, being able to apply or deny. Companies see ranked, according to geo-location, other managers´ valuations and experience, the available candidates that have said YES to the offer. Valuations are mandatory after each EXTRAJOB. Our process, database and algorithm allows to solve the problem just in time, in less than ten minutes companies can have a worker in their business units to help them.

What´s disruptive? Managers decide using others managers’ feedback. Both workers and companies do not face endless lists of job offers or candidates. Solve your problem in less than five minutes.

Clients: Small-Medium Businesses in the Services sector, Fisrt stage HORECA and small businesses. (HORECA, retail, logistics, sports academies, cleaning services, etc), Large Enterprises, Non-Profits

Size of the market: (Only considered absenteeism and low qualification jobs, not included part-time jobs)

• Spain – (4,5% absenteeism) 114M workdays.
• USA – (1,5% absenteeism) 315M workdays.
• Europe – (3,5% absenteeism) 875M workdays.

Business model: Pay-per-use. Companies 5€ (+3€ emergency plus, lees than an hour to incorporation)

Competitors: Our service is dynamic, workers only receive the offers they really can attend, and employers only receive candidates that really can work for them in the date and time they need them.
At the present time Temporary Agencies offer this service in 3-6 hours with a very much higher price. In the medium term they will be our client target.

The team:

 Alvaro Curiel – Co-Founder & CEO. Industrial Engineer. SMP – IE. PLGP – IESE.es.linkedin.com/in/alvarocuriel/ More than ten years in Executive positions in Finance and Business Development in Consultory and Commercial Distribution companies. Familiy business retail fashion shops.

 Marta Romero – Co-Founder & CMO. Bachelor in Marketing – ESIC. Master in Commercial Distribution – CECO es.linkedin.com/pub/marta-romero-chicharro/17/9b5/6a6 More than 6 years as TIC Project Manager. Social Media and Recruiting Expert. Family business American food restaurants and retail food distribution.

 Alberto Recas – CTO. Bachelor in Science Business Information Technology – Wales University. Master in Business Intelligence – Alcala University es.linkedin.com/in/arecas TIC Project Manager. SEO, SEM and ASO expert.

Awards / Supporters: MyElevatorPitch2014 (2ndPlace), ESIC Incubator, Microsoft BizSpak, IE Area31, Pasion>ie, Finalist Plug&Play 2015, ENISA. Best App ZincShower 2015, Finalist Fundacion Everis 2015.

Stage: Service launched feb-2015. First payment clients. App inGooglePlayand AppStore. Clients: 257business units (↑47%monthly). Candidates: 8.027 (↑51% monthly).

Needs: 255.000€ (equity 20%) for Marketing on-line and off-line. Recruiting, CAU and Staff, Internationalization.


Wigest is a mobile app that brings together entrepreneurs and their customers. It allows users, from a single app, to report incidents, make suggestions, or assess the employee of any establishment, all in a totally private environment. The platform enables the entrepreneur to analyze, plan, and respond to customer requests in real time and from anywhere in the world.
Wigest makes it easy for the entrepreneur to take control and manage all the customer service of their branches in just 30 seconds.
We want to raise € 300,000 of investment, funds to invest in 5 major development projects in the commercial area (Growing in billing within the already active sectors), platform and in the territorial expansion of the proposal


Clean and affordable electricity from ocean waves. Wedge Global is an innovative technology and services provider for the marine energy market. Wedge Global proven and patented technology, the W1 – a floating Wave Energy Conversion System to harness electricity from ocean waves – enables a change in paradigm for the industry in terms of reduced costs and reliability of wave energy systems.

Wedge Team
Worldwide enterprising team for global management (CEO-MIT Sloan, CFO-Wharton School of Economics, CDO-NYU, CTO-CERN/ITER) comprising several professionals of proven experience in the fields of Finance/Renewable Energies/R&D, having been involved together for more than ten (10) years and fully committed to the project.

Who is our Customer?
Wedge Global has identified its beachhead market (BHM) as islands and mini-grids. The main reason for that is the clear value proposition for many coastal communities that rely on expensive electricity (critical pain point) produced by diesel generators.

$ Billon Market
Currently, Total Addressable Market (TAM) for BHM is estimated roughly $36,250,000 per year. It is expected a double digit compound annual growth rate from 2016 to 2030 in order to realize its potential estimated in a multibillion market per year.

What can we do for our customer?
High electricity prices and an overreliance on imported oil make are common features in many islands and coastal communities. The Canary Islands electricity costs from Diesel generators ranges from roughly 15 c€/kWh to 25 c€/kWh and there are more than 500MW of diesel generators in the Islands.

Several energy sources can be used, but they have to deal with some constraints related to land usage and visual impact (solar and wind) and resource availability for tidal.

Wedge W1 device is our Minimum Viable Business Product (MVBP)
Wedge device, called W1 – industrial scale wave energy converter, has been continuously being tested in the Atlantic Ocean since January 2014. Throughout the course of the 29 months ocean testing period, we have been improving our technology and have achieved a pre-commercial technology readiness level.


WallboxOK promotes electric vehicles, producing the most competitive and innovative charging stations for electric vehicles. From charging for private use, to portable charging points to charging points for public use.


Every day in every city around the world there are thousands of professionals working outside a “regular” office. Most of them end up in cafeterias trying to connect to their wifi. At the same time, in the same cities, there are hundreds on unoccupied spaces in hotels, not included in any inventory and generating NO REVENUE.

The solution
Worktel is the first online platform allowing people to work in more places and spaces near them, in a flexible way, in a nice professional environment, by the hour and at a fraction of the cost of a regular office.
At the same time Worktel creates an opportunity for the hotel industry to increase revenues and engagement with a new customer


“Try to understand a movie without hearing, without seeing. This is the situation in which there are more than 2 million people with audiovisual disabilities in Spain, with limited access to film and television.
The cinemas are spaces of cultural leisure of great consumption where they assiduously attend all type of families and segments of population. However, such a routine action as attending the last film premiere or watching a movie at home can become a complicated task for those who suffer some kind of audiovisual disability due to the limited availability of accessibility systems available in the market.

People with visual impairment need the support of other people who describe the image, while people with hearing impairment depend on family members and friends to interpret the images, creating annoying murmurs and misunderstandings. Traditional systems of accessibility generate discomfort and sometimes rejection in people without disabilities, which makes it difficult to integrate these groups.

In 2013, WhatsCine emerged, in collaboration with the Universidad Carlos III of Madrid, to alleviate this deficit and improve access options to the mass culture of this sector of the population – close to 5% of the total census in Spain – And with the commitment to create an environment appropriate to their needs.
This is how the first technology capable of bringing film and television to people with audiovisual disabilities at no additional cost to them, through a unique software in the world, allows the integration of three systems of accessibility in the same application:

• Audiodescription (visual impairment).
• Adapted subtitling (hearing impairment).
• Sign language (hearing impairment).

Its inclusive technology, which allows cinema and television to enjoy these groups without interfering with other viewers, has changed the way people with audiovisual disabilities access the contents of film and television.
It is currently available in Spain, in more than 500 exhibition halls, and on the Movistar + platform, through the WhatsCine-owned Movistar + 5S app.

Through a free application for the user, available on iOS and Android, each user enters the application through their own terminal and according to their disability choose the accessibility that they want to use.

Recognized in 2015 with Reina Letizia Award for Accessibility Technology and in 2016 with the Innovation and Creation Antonio Magariños Award and the App for All Award in the Best App category, it has opened a new headquarters in Miami in April 2017, (Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay) and the United States, where about 74.5 million people with audiovisual disabilities live .

The challenge is to break down the barriers and make known a product that offers great social support to people who often feel isolated and different due to their disability, either visual or auditory, total or partial. The objective is to provide this service to all people with audiovisual disabilities so that the experience is as close as possible to that of a person who sees or hears.


Waynabox markets complete tourist packages (hotel and flight) to a destination “surprise” selected at random in an internal way. The getaways last for a weekend (from Friday / Saturday to Sunday / Monday) or 5 days and travelers do not know their destination until three days before the start of the trip.

To date, the company has seven cities of origin (Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Alicante, Lisbon, Porto and Paris) and more than 50 European cities or destinations in North Africa. All the trips offered by the company have a base price of between 150 or 250 euros for short stays, depending on the origin and demand of each weekend, and 350 € for long stays.


At Weplan, we provide an app which helps our users control the consumption in their Android and iOS mobile phones. With the app, we capture information; exclusive on the market for including real data (non-declarative) very detailed about all operators, rates, devices, etc. We back ourselves on a representative market sample of 6 Hispano-American countries (Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Ecuador), from which we prepare competitive intelligence and business reports.
Our product offer includes:
A. Web access to matrixes to develop personalized reports for measuring tendencies and habit changes.
B. Periodic reporting with crossing of indicators and dimensions which define (at a business level) the knowledge of mobile end users.
C. Ad-hoc studies and analysis focused on insights which a client could require.
Primary advantages that we provide include:
A. Real data consumption information of users not provided by subjective surveys.
B. Bulk data of recurring users month over month.
C. Superior volume of answers in the tens of thousands as opposed to hundreds provided by typical surveys or studies.
Total market data, not just regarding app data of a client in question.


The business idea is to develop a mobile device application which will allow the diagnosis of senile dementia and cognitive deterioration.
This deterioration will be combated with mental exercises to reduce and delay the effects, both in patients positively diagnosed and those with genetic predisposition or concerns of suffering from this disease.
Current applications oriented at these patients solely focus on geolocation and simple problem solving. Our competitive advantage is the ability to measure levels of cognitive dysfunction through assessment scales in order to adapt accordingly exercise difficulty. The mobile application will provide the possibility of personalizing these exercises according to gender, education, likes and preferences, and it can also be used as a data bank where the user can add information about their relatives, places of interest and memorable moments. The application will generate statistics that provide doctors and caregivers with important information about the progress of their patients´ cognitive decline.