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Aura Innovative Robotics (AIR) is an industrial robot and automation company, applying cutting edge robotics research into innovative applications for a wide range of industries such as health, energy, entertainment and others. AIR is a commercial spin-off resulting from robotics R&D performed within the UPM (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid).

The main product line of AIR is a family of social assistance robots called RoSA that help people with activities of everyday life that they may find demanding. For example, finding the right place to go in large indoor areas such as a big hospital; RoSA will be the perfect companion, gently guiding her assisted human all the way to the target.

RoSA is in a prototype phase and has been successfully tested in real environments, checking human-machine interactions. Hype has set off, and this has led to the first commercial orders which are currently being negotiated. The financial resources needed to set up serial production and launch business development activities – mainly marketing & sales – are 500-700 k€.

But there is much more in the AIR pipeline: a robot which inspects pipes in oil fields, a highly innovative diagnostic equipment for syndromes such as TDAH, exoskeletons aiding in recovery therapies, …



• Glownet is the leading operating system for the live events industry, enabling mass-attendance events to be run more efficiently and more profitably. We specialise in cashless.


• Today Glownet’s core market is the live event space; festivals attracting between 5,000 and 100,000 attendees per day, trade-shows, any mass-attendance event.
• We work globally with festival promoters, ticketing groups, bar companies and brands across 25 markets.
• We specialise in the provision of cashless services, entry management and data insight services using chip-enabled wristbands and our Android-based contactless solutions.


Geoband. Welcome to a world of tranquility

Geoband creates the smartest, yet most affordable tracking device for people, pets and belongings.

Geoband is a flexible wearable platform connected to mobile internet which you can transform from watch to key ring or even a pet collar in just a few seconds. It can be also adapted to a vehicle, luggage or any other valuable belonging. Real time tracking can be done easily from the mobile app or any computer connected to internet.

Our main goal is all of those does not usually have a mobile phone (children, elderly, dependent people, pets, objects).

The business model is based on selling hardware at a very low price and generates recurring revenue through a monthly fee or specific quotas for temporary use.

The precursor of the idea is Iván Pérez, who comes from Amadeus, a global leader in technology applied on tourism and later founder of O2C, online distribution system for small hotels. He is also business plan teacher at EOI and UCMJC. Francisco Mayol Soler and Alberto Sánchez Bravo, both telecom engineers working on the world of satellite communications and geolocation, Carlos Cabanellas Becerra, electronic engineer with more than 30 years of commercial experience and Juan Prada, computer engineer who was working in Terra and O2C as CTO completes the team.

Sistemas de geolocalización s.l. was created in late 2013 with initial capital of € 50,000 to create the first product. During April 2015 received public funding from I+D European Jeremie  Fund.

The beginning of commercialization in Spain will be during summer 2015. The business plan is designed to achieve three hundred thousand units sold by the end of 2018, generating a monthly turnover of approximately € 2M.

We are looking for an investment of 150.000€ to start mass production and strengthen the sales team.


Globalization and the digital revolution oblige companies to redesign their strategy and adapt very quickly, but culture (people) remains the greatest barrier of change. The only known solution is a top- down approach based in change leadership seminars which only big companies can afford… and yet results are expensive, slow and inefficient.

DLP proposes a radically different solution- virtual training in emotional intelligence courses based in videos to all employees and focused in behavioral change: which can dramatically accelerate the cultural change needed- either by some areas o by the whole company.
DLP courses can be delivered through mobile devices, PC and tablets, via internet connection, solving the economic and time-consuming problem that comes from travelling and assisting to seminars.


After talking to more than 200 clients we have seen that playing lottery in group is complicated: people do not pay, logistics are complicated (scan the receipt, Excel with the money paid, etc.) and there is a risk that the person who keeps the receipt do not share the prize. However, people play in group often: Spain 75%, England 22% and USA 12%.

SocialBets solves this problems with an app for Android and iPhone that includes all what you need to play lottery in group: ticket purchase, individual payment, results and invitations via WhatsApp.

The app launched on January 2015 and today we sell 3.000€ in lottery every month and grow 21% each month. In addition, 40% of active users play every week and 35% of users come invited by their friends.

We are in a middle of a financing round of 250.000€. We already have loans granted by ENISA and InverCLM of 160.000€ and we are raising 90.000€ in private capital (30% committed).


PLUS VITECH, S.L. is a company created as a Spin-Off of the Public Health System of Andalucía, which provides alternative biotechnological solutions, complementary and more efficient than those currently used for cancer treatment, focused for the patients that suffer this disease.
The Company has patents to manufacture and commercialize an innovative medical product for the treatment of cancer and a predictive diagnostic test through which it is possible to know the response of tumors to such product.
This medical product is directed against a receptor of cancer cells which, based on preclinical data, is a key aspect in the survival and progression of most cancers. The diagnostic test enables to know beforehand the responsiveness of each patient’s tumor to the treatment, which in turn allows for a customized and intelligent treatment in each case. PLUS VITECH, S.L. offers an innovative cancer therapy because the product is initially prescribed for patients which are devoid of alternative therapies.
Based on the available estimates 26,715 new cases of lung cancer in Spain and 312,645 new cases in the European Union are diagnosed each year, but, according to the predictive method developed by PLUS VITECH, S.L. almost 90% of these patients will respond effectively to treatment with the medical product created by PLUS VITECH, S.L.


We are a Transformer agency that helps to recover the traditional handicraft work by giving artisans and creators the necessary tools to increase their capacities and connect them to clients worldwide using the latest technologies and digital experiences.

In the last years, the changes in economy and production have moved many people to choose self-employment, especially for those working in old family businesses or in craft work.

The Transformer agency looks for those passionate people with unique ideas so that their productions and technical knowledge are reinforced through collaborative economy. To achieve that, we promote the development of highly competitive products.

In Ofici_Us, we are creating a platform to bring craftsmen, creators, designers, clients and technology into contact to change a model that has been developing in isolation until now. This way we can generate an economic and social impact in the world.

Our method starts capturing the artisans and their unique ideas to develop them in the transforming agency with designers, engineers and expertsid+i. Once they prototyped and tested the products become our online marketing. Cognitive social commerce platform that is the stage we are developing.


BioBarica is a company dedicated to the provision of hyperbaric medical services through a network of high-quality therapeutic centers hosted in clinics, hospitals, and doctor’s offices. BioBarica will deploy and operate the hyperbaric chambers in the centers, and co-exploit them with their hosts, who will find it very convenient to enhance their service offerings with the inclusion of hyperbaric treatment which is recommended for many pathologies.

BioBarica has the exclusive rights for Spain, and non-exclusive for the rest of the EU, of the Revitalair 430, a professional grade medical device engineered to meet the increasing demand of hyperbaric applications. The Revitalair 430 is built and certified under international quality and safety standards.

The list of pathologies and syndromes for which hyperbaric treatment is recommended is always growing: neurology, strokes, burns, diabetic injuries, postsurgical wounds, traumatology, fibromyalgia, cerebral palsy, autism, injuries, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc

The deployment of hyperbaric chambers has taken off in Spain, and there are currently four devices operating or about to start. This amounts to half the expected installations for the first operational year in BioBarica’s business plan.

Financial requirements add up to 350k€; these funds will be dedicated to finance hyperbaric devices to be deployed and to sustain the initial marketing & sales activities.


Snaperlink is a platform that directly connects photographers and clients. It brings high quality photographs of a precise moment, captured by the photographer, straight to the person who appears in them. Anyone can be a protagonist at any given time, as the photographs function on a sale on demand basis.

Each photographer and event organiser or organisation uses the platform with his or her own profile and can determine all of the possible parameters (formats, prices, company, etc.) to share the images between the protagonists of the photo, who can find the photo on the platform and decide whether to share or buy it.

It allows a channel for personal sales and a method of sharing and a personal approach for the organisers. Additionally, and considering that the photography service is also in demand for reports, it is a channel for hiring professionals, which photographers themselves have access to through being included in the Snaperlink directory, where future clients can find them.

The photographer increases his or her profits and visibility, as well as generating his or her own jobs without outsourcing. Organisers and promoters get a more personal and emotional channel that strengthens their bond with the public. The public gets a quality image that, although devalued by the promotion of cameras on mobile devices, creates a very perceptible difference, enhancing the image of the user at a generally touching moment (party, overcoming something, victory, effort, joy…). And many situations where the union of emotion and quality are captured in the photo that keeps the idealized memory alive.

The funding would cover improvements to the platform to make it more powerful and help find niche, large-scale markets, events or promotions suited to the platform.


As a result of an innovative project that has been developed during the last 15 months, PATENTES CALA CERRADA presents the best solution to permanently preserve life in aquatic rescue tasks, offering significant competitive advantages against the existing devices. This product is “Punto Naranja”, first industrial design of the Company, a fully defined product, ready to start its national and international marketing campaign.
Currently, the Company has an international patent with the highest standards of protection with which the Company intends to achieve its goal of international expansion.