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Kollectbox.com is the Fancy.com of stamp, coin and banknote collectors. It is a marketplace that enables collectors to manage, share, exchange and buy collections and allows dealers to sell their catalogs.

Nowadays, there are several websites were you can buy collections and webapps and softwares where you can manage collections. Kollectbox.com matches theses two products in one place, providing collectors with a seamless tool with which to manage, share, exchange and buy collections. Dealers will gain access to a huge marketplace. Instead of just owning a webpage or a blog and wait for the collectors to come to them, they will know where collectors are and what items are they looking for.

Whereas the competitors either are focused on developing tools to manage collections or developing online markets to sell, Kollectbox.com offers an innovative marketplace for collectors through which they will be able to connect and get in touch with dealers.

Based on a business model divided into three customer segments (the private collector, the social collector and the dealers), Kollectbox.com has two revenue streams. One from the dealers, a brokerage fee revenue system, in which 10% on every sale made in kollectbox.com will be charged, and another one from the collectors, a fremium model in which basic features, such as create and manage collections will be free but, to be able to exchange items (for example) the user will need to activate a premium account.

With an experienced and multidisciplinary team behind the product, Kollectbox.com is seeking for a capital investment of 250k €, amount which will be used to carry out an internationalization campaign to expand the product in the United Kingdom.


U2GUIDE.com is a collaborative & ethical travel website offering Travelers to book on-line tours & activities directly with local Guides & Travel agencies or “Insiders” (i.e. Tour in Madrid with a journalist, Paragliding in Portugal, Side-car in China, Mountain trek in Nepal, Shopping in Paris, …).

Half of U2GUIDE’s net profits funds Cultural, Environmental & Humanitarian projects of our partners NGOs, in the places visited by Travelers. Therefore U2GUIDE is also a new ethical, collaborative & innovative fundraising solution for NGOs, which also benefit from a larger & favorable audience. More and more partners NGOs (small initiative or famous NGOs) are joining U2GUIDE, bridging their large networks to the U2GUIDE community.

U2G is available in Spanish, English & French and soon in Chinese. U2G is available in China (not censured). U2G offers innovative & intuitive tools for Insiders, Guides & Small/Medium travel agencies to promote, manage & develop theirs businesses.

After 5 months operations, U2GUIDE has been awarded 2015 TOP5 Best Collaborative Travel Website in France, alongside AIRBNB & TRIPADVISOR and 2015 TOP40 of San Diego’s Sustainable Brands Innovation Open.



MashMeTV is a video collaboration platform that unifies how you connect with teams, clients and friends. It solves the problem of fragmented and ephemeral tools, offering real-time synchronized virtual meetups, sharing, organizing and storing documents, video chat and multimedia content. MashMeTV currently has 1 million users and launched its subscription-based enterprise solution on 16 November.

MashMeTV is in the process of incorporating in the US and raising $1.5 million to cover patent registration and the initial commercial launch of enterprise version.

MashMeTV offers its features base don the following four technologies:

– Web based: HTML5 technology allows MashMeTV business logic to be executed on the client side offering us lower
operational cost than our competitors.

– WebRTC: The way MashMeTV uses WebRTC technology maximizes video conference quality by adapting dynamically
and automatically to different and changing bandwidth scenarios.

– NodeJS + SocketIO: We use NodeJS + Socket IO infrastructure to produce blazingly fast synchronization

– Cloud computing: We use cloud technologies to generate dynamic public, private and hybrid deployments.


People are permanently connected to different instant messaging applications (Whatsapp, Line, Telegram…) that allow them talking to their friends (phonebook contacts), However they cannot contact other people nearby who use the same applications.

Wehey is an application that allows  people communicate in a different way with their environment mates, meet people, find conversations of their interest.. Without losing current functionalities of instant messaging (connecting to phonebook contacts).

It includes a differential extra for conversations between users, the possibility of eliminating these conversations at will, both the user’s mobile device itself and the other party. Privacy and freedom to users for their communications.

Examples of application usage:

Instant messaging with contacts from your address book.

Instant messaging with close people (geolocation) allowing you talk to people you know and you do not have their phone number or meet other nearby without exchanging personal data like phone number, mail…

Open chat conversations with other users allowing to meet people with the same hobbies and / or interests.

Chat filter/users by language. So that users who are outside their country of origin can search for people or conversations in their own language and to inquire as both relate to each other.

Direct communication channel between companies and users. Sending offers, information, events… Directly to the mobile of the followers.


Métrica6 has developed Ness, a solution to one common problem, the wastage of cold water produced every time a person demands hot water. Ness is CE marked and applied for national patent in May 2014. Ness can save up to 40% of drinkable water, more than 800 liters/person/month.

Ness is composed of three different modules that communicate wirelessly: a pump module (A), a bypass (B) and a capacitive switch (C), and only one module of each kind are needed to enjoy the benefits in the whole living.

When hot water wants to be used, instead of opening the tap, the capacitive switch should be activated. This way, hot water will begin to run from our individual water heater towards the desired tap. Once the correct temperature has been reached, the user is warned through a light in the switch. Now hot water is available without having wasted a drop.

Our main goal now is to launch the product and expand our distribution from local to national and lately international. For that aim, we need to focus on improving the commercial areas of the company and the project: hire new staff (at least 1 commercial agent) (€15.000), develop a computer environment to get Ness into software databases (€18.000), scale the manufacturing process (€40.000) and execute a commercial strategy and negotiation agenda, with visits to national events of the sector and meetings with potential clients, distributors and other partners (€23.000). Thus, a total amount of €96.000 is requested.


Politicians receive an overwhelming quantity of emails every day. Valuable information about the needs and wants of their constituents that goes unnoticed without even being analyzed. Kuorum.org is an online service that helps politicians to get a sense for what their constituents want and then communicate with them. The tool combines real time social data analysis with mass mailing features. And it allows for behavioural and regional segmentation of audiences.

Kuorum.org was founded in 2013 with a capital of 24k€ Triple F.

In 2015 the British accelerator Dotforge Impact entered the capital with a seed investment of 27.2k€ (£20k) in the form of a convertible loan. And currently, Kuorum.org is offering an investment opportunity of 350k€ that will be used, together with 120k€ from the Erasmus+ program of the EU, to consolidate the team and develop the first premium features.


In the information technology age, the most valuable asset is quality data in real time, its segmentation and good use, and to know the customer to get ahead of their needs and provide optimal solutions to build customer loyalty.

Neargay-NearLes is an integral solution for the daily necessities of our 3 types of customers in the gay market: final users, businesses, and institutions. In the initial market there are more than 10 million people and a clear road to international scalability.

This solution is armed with an intelligent social network for mobile apps and the web that collects, processes, and uses the information that users unintentionally generate every day on the platform and its relations to other users or content (also to generate their own content). In this way we can obtain a commercial profile of our users and prepare quality market research in real time. We can also lead, guide, and optimize sales and advertising. Therefore, we can elect businesses with more competitive prices in any place and negotiate group buying rates.

With these tools we can effectively mediate between supply and demand. This is a market with much potential but without intermediaries, and without reliable market research given its “taboo” trajectory in recent years. We have a specialized strength in LGBT tourism en events and activities, but we also offer professional, specialized ecommerce, professional services, utilities for trips, guides, tools, group chats, etc. It is a meeting point in the cloud of reality where personal relationships, shopping, leisure, information, and professional services for the LGBT community come into play.

We are the only gay app on the market that is totally free and unlimited for the final user. While we are the most complete, we want to break the rules of competition by implementing a new, more efficient model while we generate a greater volume of valuable information. In very little time we have attracted over 20,000 users and we have the honor of being the official app of World Pride 2017, an international event in Madrid for which more than 3 million people are expected.


Currently, most companies investing in online advertising waste more than 30% of the budget for not knowing the strategy of their competitors or their own.

In SEMMINER we have developed a tool that shows the strategy of competition and strategy reveals failures in our campaigns or competition, allowing us to save and relocate our investment and make it profitable.

SEMMINER constantly analyzes all the competitive environment in search engine results page, SEM / SEO strategy, and tells us when a significant change occurs in the environment.

It is able to find our real competitors in the online market, show us what they are doing, and find niche positioning to invest with low levels of competition.

In fact it is capable of performing marketing activities on major platforms such as adwords, facebook, email campaigns, etc .. depending on the actions of competitors, all in real time.

If you invest in search advertising, SEO optimizations you do or plan to do so, you should try our tool as it will save you time and money

SEMMINER is a unique tool that analyzes web search results of major search engines worldwide (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Yandex, Sapo, Virgilio, Baidu …) thereby detecting the main competitors and their strategies SEM / SEO.

With a level of detail and high accuracy through keywords, you’ll find out the positioning for each keyword, the density of advertisers, new competitors and their creativities, schedules exposed and investment opportunities to take influential strategic decisions in the plan digital marketing.

Its main competitive advantages are;

1. intuitive and simple with climbing information; no complications and information that adds nothing, if you need detail for each criterion you have it, if you want a general and visual dashboard, too.
2. Unlimited number of competitors; other tools limit the number and also ask you what your competition are domains but if he does not know or want to find out new for hours in the day, mark your criteria …?
3. Level of detail and precision as to time variable; the Intime study provides a breakdown by days of the week and hours in the day, which can analyze seasonality, key schedules, strategic positions. Today nobody today offers this level of information.
4. Payments by Keywords: no tool on the market offers the possibility of paying for word and from 0.05 € depending on the type of study.
5. System alerts and notifications; You can set notifications about changes of position in certain strategic SEM words, drastic drops in position / page SEO and more.
6. Data Visualization exportable and accessible at all levels; studies can export to PDF and send html5 online presentation by email to different profiles making it an ally in sales presentations to customers.


MADE-IN-SPAIN is an international distributor of high quality Spanish products, those with a clear comparative advantage in international markets.

MADE-IN-SPAIN.COM combines online and offline distribution to achieve a unique customer experience, working directly with suppliers to obtain the best products and prices.

We sell online through our websites www.made-in-spain.com, www.made-in-spain.uk and www.made-in-spain.ie, with the last Ecommerce technology and an integrated international logistics system that allows us to ship products throughout Europe at very affordable prices.

Physical sales will be made through a store that combines the direct sale of products and the wine and “Tapas” tastings. In this way, we will enable customers to try our products, giving them the confidence to make further purchases online. The store thus will consist of a winery/Tapas bar with an amazing and perfect Spanish environment where customers are able to both purchase products in-store and order online for subsequent pick-up.

We have a multidisciplinary management team with extensive experience in key areas of business, including business administration, international trade, gastronomy, computing, marketing, communications, fine arts and graphic design.

We are seeking a €200k seed capital investment to complete our business model with the last piece of the puzzle, opening our first physical Store in Dublin and enhance the online service, including a new version to open the Ecommerce to worldwide customers. Once formed the business model in Ireland, a new funding round will allow us expand our model to the markets of UK and Germany.


Nostoc biotech develops biotechnological solutions for agriculture.

We produce and sell biofertilizers. These are products that contain benefitial microorganisms for the crops. Some of them are focused on plant nutrition while others can also the crop against important diseases and pests. Our company has invoiced around 100.000€ in 2015.

Our aim is the reduce the amount of chemical pesticides and fertilizers in agricultire, so the farmers can keep the natural fertility and heath of their soil, and the final consumers get heathier and tasty fruits and vegetables.

Our team is formed by both experienced professionals from the agriculture field, and young and talented entrepreneurs with scientific background.

Our biggest achievements have been to treat succesfully important plant diseases and pests such as: Esca of the grapevines and red-spider mite, nematodes, and thrips in greenhouse crops, among others.

Nostoch Biotech is looking for investment in order to scale the business: the funds will be applied mainly in: upgrading the manufacturing facilities, atract talented agronomists, and build the commercial network.

The activity of our company helps to mitigate the global climate change by avoiding innecessary emisions of Greenhouse gasses like NO2.