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InsightMedi is a private network with strong dynamic social interactions, a place where healthcare professionals can connect with industry colleagues, under the framework of one institution, with the purpose of sharing insight, knowledge and experiences concerning clinical cases in a secure and safe environment.
Currently it is extremely challenging to share clinical information online with assurances the information is secure. Even today as technology facilitates the processes of sharing information it presents a series of risks associated with the protection of privileged client information. Nevertheless, healthcare professionals worldwide continually participate and share resources owing to great appreciation and dedication to their training and consultation putting at risk all players implicated in the sharing of information: patients, institutions, colleagues and oneself.


Devicare is a technology-based company founded in 2012, dedicated to improving the quality of life of chronically ill patients through the development of remote monitoring solutions composed of medical devices that connect doctor to patient and associated therapies.

The vision at Devicare is to become a global leader in remote patient monitoring solutions for the chronically ill (RPM); an emerging model in an emerging sector such as Digital Healthcare, which today attracts more than $10 billion USD in venture capital investment in the United States alone, and is expected to save more than $300 billion USD to the American administration in coming years.


Imagames is a technology-based company that incorporates gamification into organizations. Gamification in a labour environment is the implementation of leisure activities and entertainment in the workplace. Innovative platform MATRIX introduces this successful technique to improve activities and results of Human Resources departments.
Imagames aims to utilize gamification to improve employee skillfulness and competence through the influence of individuals’ behavior and their engagement; seeking greater motivation and loyalty of those whom make up thereof organization.
This is done through utilizing a platform based on advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies which allows an easy and seamless implementation of gamification which adapts to the contents and idiosyncrasies of any business.


We believe that our Recipe Kits for cooking at home will be the only way to eat, plan and consume foods in coming years. Our objective is to help people eat better, in a healthier way, consistently and nutritionally fitting.
At www.foodinthe box.com and on our App (under development) our clients can select from an extensive catalogue of more than 140 Recipes to date, and we will ensure that all foods and ingredients (pre-portioned) arrive fresh to your doorstep with easy step-by-step instructions.
Our technology is one of the principal pillars and elements that define Foodinthebox.
On the one hand, we are developing a `nutritional engine´, which will allow for simple and quick calculation of nutritional information of every recipe, and design personalized nutritional plans.
On the other hand, Foodinthebox has developed `Product Information Manager´ (PIM): a tool to develop and distribute recipes of bloggers, nutritionists, chefs and culinary experts. This is all possible thanks to what has been coined the `Framework of Ingredients´, which allows for the creation of over 13 000 unique and tasty recipes limited to just 250 ingredients.
From the client’s perspective, we offer a product capable of creating microsites or (white-label sites), where brand names and partners can publish and commercialize their own recipes for their products, and integrate those sales on their website and corporate identity.


At Minimfit we produce technologically advanced fitness equipment, customizable, with great attention to design and functionality, suitable for any space or room. We believe in an innovative design where nothing has been left to chance.
Our first product is the Minimbike, a static bicycle, connected via Bluetooth on smartphone or tablet to our app which also offers you a personal trainer; this set up significantly reduces the programmed obsolescence of traditional machines equipped with monitors which become obsolete and needing replacement in 2-3 years.
Minimfit bets on providing a global solution to problems of traditional fitness equipment: carefully designed to adapt to the needs of individuals and gyms. Until today, for the development of our first product, all paradigms of the fitness sector have been reconsidered and a unique static bicycle has been developed from scratch in a completely new production process. The key element of the Minimfit bicycle is a specially formulated plastic; long gone are the metal frames which could not attain the unique shape of our new product and its superior composition, which until now was unattainable. Minimbike exhibits a beautifully finished, seamless construction with the greatest detail and design.
At minimfit we have reinvented and optimized static bicycle production, this allows us to fabricate in Spain.
Minimfit – the art of fitness


PetroBIM is a powerful yet friendly management and consultation tool oriented towards management and dissemination of historical heritage and culture. Throughout its lifecycle (design, planning, documentation, control, intervention and maintenance) it will allow the user, through databases linked to 3D models and a specifically designed technological viewer, to convert the classical and obsolete master plans and restoration projects linked to the conservation of historical and archaeological heritage in to a unique and real 4D model (Sequence in time). This lets you walk, navigate and interact with the model: create virtual sections, update information, generate filters for graphical and numerical consultation for as many elements as there are in the model, also, conduct easy and reliable searches of information.
We managed to provide intelligence to three-dimension models using WOBIM® technology which we developed and are capable of integrating into any project. On the one hand we manage models and on the other hand we manage model generated information.


Freedom and Flow Company operates in the Corporate Health and Professional Performance sectors, offering solutions which monitor each and every act or project that is developed in corporate health and business wellbeing.
Our Purpose and Solution: Our primary purpose is to generate an indicator of global health that is converted into the `Great Place to Work´ of corporate health. For this to be possible, we borrowed technologies used in High Performance Sport and implemented them into a business environment; with the purpose of obtaining improvement indicators (KPI´s) specific to corporate health, that are likely to be related to specific parameters measured in the field of health economics and professional performance-At Freedom and Flow Company we have coined it as: `Small Data in People Management´.


Vinipad is a Digital Menu designed to help increase profits.

Vinipad works on tablets and it is available for both Android and iOS devices. Through a very user-friendly, seamless and flexible interface you can display all the products you need, whether it is food, wines, beers and many more categories you can activate as needed. It also has more than 10 languages preloaded and an automated translator, just in case.

You can control your stock. If a product’s units go below a predefined number you will get a notice via email and if it goes down to zero the item will automatically come out of the menu.

All this is managed through a very intuitive control panel from where you can easily insert or modify new items, add information about your products, your stock, etc.

Vinipad Digital Menu works offline too so your business can keep running even with bad or no internet connection in your venue.

Vinipad is visually appealing and you can have it customized so its design adapts to your business’s brand.
Vinipad is a mature project that has been in development since 2011 with many restaurants all over the world as clients. They report an average 15% increase in sales. They also highlight the impact it has on their customers, the attention it gets and how it makes them talk about their businesses.

Vinipad is a mature and tested solution that works.


Homyspace is a seasonal rental company that also offers month-based rentals, and accommodations for businesses and workers abroad working in large cities.
Businesses can trust in Homyspace to reduce displacement costs by up to 60%-that goes beyond the expenses dedicated to time management, searches, all the paperwork involved and more.
Workers will find comfort in staying at fully furnished and equipped apartments or houses; transforming their work trip into an experience familiar to life at home.


SYNEIDIS is a cybersecurity company with a vision to become the leader in European cybersecurity. The company is supported by the ESA-BIC incubation program of the European Space Agency with Barcelona Activa.
The primary mission at SYNEIDIS is to support European institutions, businesses and cities to protect against cyber attacks, wherever they may originate, specifically to protect confidential data both at rest and in transit. We provide a full kit of easy-to-use cybersecurity products and information protection products, ending the longstanding dilemma between security and usability.