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Ophidian Brewing Company is a small family run craft brewery specialising in unique typical Australian recipes situated in the heart of the beautiful Sierra Calderona in Náquera, Valencia, Spain. We have been operating for over 2 years and have won various awards for our beers.

We are the only Australian craft brewery in Spain and we are looking to expand our production facilities to be able to get our beer further and to export outside of Spain.


Melboss Music, a music hub and open marketplace that is bringing individuals in music into a collaborative community that encourages networking and provides opportunities for exposure and services to accelerate careers. It’s a free signup platform that welcomes artists and industry vets alike, among them world-class references.
– Professional Networking (private professional platform to connect with other pros in the music industry)
– Mentoring (access to world-class mentors to review your demo and give personal feedback) – Opportunities (access to exclusive “music projects” powered by brands including showcases, festivals, professional events, media channels, studios etc.)
– Digital Marketing. Melboss builds artist brands from the ground up providing them with customized online reports to engage their audience and increase their fanbase.
– Dashboard B2B (access to metrics, parameters, analytics to identify rising bands, music trends, heat maps)


OBUU is the only Spanish startup selected for the first aerospace business accelerator in Europe, the Airbus Bizlab Season # 1, by Airbus in Toulouse.

In OBUU we are dedicated to the development of stock optimization software for spare parts, specific tools and consumables, linking efficiencies (A and ROS) directly with investment (initial and recurring) in stock; reducing investment, increasing efficiency and modeling hypothetical logistic scenarios for “what if?” analysis.

OBUU has developed an OBUU Calcul + Simulation software package that, working in combination, these two tools are able to define cost efficiency curves, defining the current efficiency of a fleet or MRO center and the maximum attainable efficiencies for each of the ranges only with an optimal procurement strategy. This allows maximizing efficiencies, reducing costs, or both.


JOINVOX is the platform to hold digital meetings, publish interviews, convene press conferences, make product presentations, talks with fans and any kind of communication event you imagine.

Although in the network we can find many publications of meetings, since there is great demand, we do not have a channel or publication application and serve as a reference for the public that consumes this information.

Joinvox is oriented both to brands or organizations that today publish digital meetings in reading or audiovisual format in their own portals, as well as individuals who have the need to promote their activity with these meetings.

Now Joinvox users have a new channel through which to connect with meeting publishers and get answers to their questions.

Joinvox is a “digital conversation” that allows publishing and consulting events such as:
• Interview
• Press conference
• Product presentation
• Digital meeting
• Chat with fans
• Advice and consultations
• Professional meeting
• Poll
• Customer support line

Who can post digital meetings in JOINVOX?
● A writer who wants to promote his book in a particular way or through his editorial
● An actress whose fans have requested a meeting to ask about her latest movie
● A national newspaper that publishes digital interviews for its readers
● An attorney who wants to resolve legal issues to clients
● A university professor to answer questions to her students
● A technological company presenting its new product
● A company that launches an evaluation survey of its services
● The winner of a TV reality that receives questions from his followers
● A politician who answers questions about his electoral program
● An athlete giving a digital press conference prior to an event
● A journalist who publishes news and seeks feedback and opinion
● A doctor at a surgery treatment clinic talking about a specific technique
● A fashion blogger who wants to have a conversation with his followers
A book publisher who presents the work of one of his writers


Web browser for accommodations offering some types of service for sport practice.

Tourist operator of packages related to sports events. Dorsal ticket for sports competitions.

W do this through listings of accommodatiaons audited by services for sport practice.


Consulting dedicated to analyzing data at a global level so that our clients can make strategic business decisions based on our predictive models of human behavior. Our activity can be summarized in the following steps:
• We analyze data.
• We segment users and consumers.
• We adapt our segmentation to the client’s objectives.
• We create and design actions to achieve these goals.
• We Measure and refine our algorithms.
• We Predict behavior with 80% accuracy levels.
Our product, 40Person, offers companies the possibility to know the individual differences of each one of its clients, potential clients or own personnel. In short, to know the essence of all the individuals that coexist within its ecosystem, with the objective of improving corporate results and the satisfaction of those who compose it.
The main objective of TwoToForty is the development and commercialization of 40Person, a software capable of capturing data, processing them and segmenting them into 40 different


The “pains”: online shoppers spend considerable time visiting different webs to search
and compare for price changes and available stock. This is painful not only for the time wasted but also for the perception of missing the best price or stock available online, which makes them coming and going checking webs deals. Another “pain” is the time wasted making payments that are not automated.

The “solution” is HOPPIN app: an innovative marketplace that allows users to “programme and pay” their online shopping and travel, while the users set their own “hopes” (shopping rules). Examples:
– book a hotel room in London when Price < 90€
– Buy that iPad on the date of my wife´s birthday
– Buy that pair of sneakers of size 40 before it gets sold out
– Get a micro-loan to buy that iPhone in real time (phase 2, in talks with Banks)
– The business model is based on monetization from the Merchants (brands and shops online).


Buytrendy is the platform that allows you to buy the clothes, accessories and complements of the influencers * at a super attractive price. It is a website and App, available on iOS and Android, where you can also discover and read posts about fashion and lifestyle of people who trend.

For the influencers we are a 360 degree service since we take care of everything: we collect the garments where we indicate the influencer, make the photos, upload them to the platform for sale and manage the shipment.

For the users, Buytrendy allows them to buy the influencers’ clothes without having to go to the old markets that the influencers organized to sell their clothes. And we take care of the user experience, from buying until you receive the order. That is why we add in the request the dedication, an inspiring phrase and the signature of the influencer.


Setafoot is a meta web browser for accommodation of more than 28 nights. In Setafoot, with a simple click you will be able to search thousands of properties in the best platforms of reservation of long-term online accommodation. In turn, you can compare the best results and proceed with the reservation.
Setafoot not only offers accommodation comparison services, it also offers reception and arrival services to the city. In addition, the platform also offers the option to search for cheap flights.
The main added value offered by Setafoot to its clients is the ability to solve the difficulty and problems of finding accommodation and other services in a new city, and all this is thanks to the technology that supports it. The technology we use is summarized in the
following points:
• API integrations and crawling mechanisms for real-time access to the thousands of properties of our partners.
• Own algorithm to show the best comparisons and search results of users.
• System based on machine learning


Smart Hive applies the Internet technology of things by installing sensors on bee hives collecting data that are of vital importance to the bee as they are: temperature, humidity, weight, positioning … these data are processed and sent to a server so that the beekeeper can have their data in real time.
In addition to collecting data, electronics allow us to automate key functions for life in a hive such as temperature and humidity that can be regulated by actuators, air conditioning and creating more favorable living conditions within the hive.
All this technology will be the key to revolutionizing a very traditional sector in need of renewal.