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MADE-IN-SPAIN is an international distributor of high quality Spanish products, those with a clear comparative advantage in international markets.

MADE-IN-SPAIN.COM combines online and offline distribution to achieve a unique customer experience, working directly with suppliers to obtain the best products and prices.

We sell online through our websites www.made-in-spain.com, www.made-in-spain.uk and www.made-in-spain.ie, with the last Ecommerce technology and an integrated international logistics system that allows us to ship products throughout Europe at very affordable prices.

Physical sales will be made through a store that combines the direct sale of products and the wine and “Tapas” tastings. In this way, we will enable customers to try our products, giving them the confidence to make further purchases online. The store thus will consist of a winery/Tapas bar with an amazing and perfect Spanish environment where customers are able to both purchase products in-store and order online for subsequent pick-up.

We have a multidisciplinary management team with extensive experience in key areas of business, including business administration, international trade, gastronomy, computing, marketing, communications, fine arts and graphic design.

We are seeking a €200k seed capital investment to complete our business model with the last piece of the puzzle, opening our first physical Store in Dublin and enhance the online service, including a new version to open the Ecommerce to worldwide customers. Once formed the business model in Ireland, a new funding round will allow us expand our model to the markets of UK and Germany.


Nostoc biotech develops biotechnological solutions for agriculture.

We produce and sell biofertilizers. These are products that contain benefitial microorganisms for the crops. Some of them are focused on plant nutrition while others can also the crop against important diseases and pests. Our company has invoiced around 100.000€ in 2015.

Our aim is the reduce the amount of chemical pesticides and fertilizers in agricultire, so the farmers can keep the natural fertility and heath of their soil, and the final consumers get heathier and tasty fruits and vegetables.

Our team is formed by both experienced professionals from the agriculture field, and young and talented entrepreneurs with scientific background.

Our biggest achievements have been to treat succesfully important plant diseases and pests such as: Esca of the grapevines and red-spider mite, nematodes, and thrips in greenhouse crops, among others.

Nostoch Biotech is looking for investment in order to scale the business: the funds will be applied mainly in: upgrading the manufacturing facilities, atract talented agronomists, and build the commercial network.

The activity of our company helps to mitigate the global climate change by avoiding innecessary emisions of Greenhouse gasses like NO2.


Educational experts agree, “Children learn more and better while having fun”. That is why at Blue Planet Tales we change the way children are taught by transforming every history, science and nature lesson into an interactive story so they can learn through reading, playing and having fun.

Each lesson is turned into a book/educational game. The extinction of the dinosaurs, building the pyramids, the Moon voyage, major civilizations, nature, animals, great explorers and their discoveries, outer space… Written for children as adventures and illustrated by professional artists. The most important moments of the Earth and of humankind in exciting interactive adventures.

Games and gamification to reinforce their learning. We make the most of technology to get closer to today’s children. Interactivities, which help them to understand what they have seen and read, sound effects, narrations by professional actors, both in English and Spanish, questions and answers, individual scores so they can try to improve, and new games that are uploaded to help reinforce what they know about history.

All of this with the aim that they enjoy themselves and learn practically without realizing it. Education and fun for home and school in a safe environment. Al l of the stories , illustrations and gamification are supervised by teachers and speech therapists so that the application can be an appropriately safe environment for children. It has no advertising or outside links, it does not interact with social media and it has the kidSAFE Seal. Many schools are already using it in class, and teachers are recommending it to parents for reading at home.

85% apps focused on children are games, classical tales that have been turned into digital and there are a few of them to teach numbers and letters. But no one is aimed to teach important topics in a funny way yet. In BPT education and fun collide and we have a great opportunity both at schools to complete their materials and at home where parents can give a funny and educational app to their children.

With Blue Planet Tales learning and having fun go hand in hand. Boring lessons are a thing of the past because Blue Planet Tales is the perfect supplement for every lesson to become a fun game. Soon we will have the biggest educational library for all children in the world.

Because, as we already know, children learn better while having fun.

Investment needs:

We need to rise between 100.000 and 150.000 Euros in order to:

  • Improve the technology motor (Increase interactions and games within the books).
  • Increase the books catalog (Create new histories, up to 100).
  • Spread out the voice in USA, LATAM and EU (through advertising and communication).


Madrid Live is Madrid’s premier English radio programme which focuses on the arts and entertainment scene in the metropolis. Madrid Live is also the only medium in Madrid to broadcast interviews with some of the English-speaking world’s greatest actors, directors and writers without dubbing or translation. Recent interviewees include actor Morgan Freeman, best-selling author Val McDermid and Royal Shakespeare Company Artistic Director, Greg Doran.  Madrid Live also regularly features celebrities from the film world who promote their work in Madrid such as actor Daniel Craig and director Martin Scorsese.

Madrid Live is produced and presented by former BBC radio journalist Ann Bateson. The show is broadcast twice a month on www.radiocirculo.es at the Círculo de Bellas Artes and then uploaded to the Radio Círculo website and the Madrid Live website  – www.madridlive.fm

Madrid Live plays a dual role because it provides an essential service to tourists and Madrid’s 250,000 English speakers – be they Spaniards or native speakers. It also enables students to have access to natural spoken English which is in great demand in Spain. What better way to learn English than to listen to Morgan Freeman promoting his latest film in Spain?

I am seeking sponsorship to be able to develop Madrid Live and thereby provide a greater service to both the city of Madrid and to students of English. Various options are available for this unique venture – such as mentions of the sponsor’s name and activities on the programme, promotional radio clips featuring the sponsor’s name, and inclusion of the sponsor’s logo and link on the Madrid Live website and on the Madrid Live page on the Radio Círculo website.


CoNetCam is a P2P collaborative platform for audiovisual equipment. A niche digital site of exchange between owners of equipment, and audiovisual tools and  services, and users (professionalls and freelances) who need access to them to a “democratic” and immediately low priced solution, with an easy management and confidence and security..

On the team,  we refer to the project as “the Blablacar or AirBnB of the cameras”

We have implemented various services and solutions for our users. This startup has various bussines levels.

With The aplicattion of a Lean model bussines  we can generate a list of  services, activating progressively  to create a diversified monetizacion system.

The claim of the project is “all technology of the world to the service of the creators”

Some of the Conetcam mainly bussines models are Insurance, logistics and plattform of paid besides the commission on exchange for matching. We´re working to seal partnerships with companies of references in these markets.

A combination that makes it one of the most optimized startup with the best revenue system of the moment.

A solid project with exponential growthing and dedication to market killer/leader.

With a 5 people experienced team, Conetcam is seeking for a 75k€ seed capital investment, which will be used to launch a marketing and comunication campaign  (Inbound MK)to capture the first 15-20K users and to assume the costs of the development of a Tech platformm and the mobile App, Validating the bussines model throught the lean methodology and incorporating the new monetizazion formulas


Children have access to new technologies at a younger age, between 7 and 10 years old, and to the communication options that they offer. This communication which is positive may turn negative when cyberbullying or cibergrooming arise if children are not educated on the proper use of social networks and instant messaging.

TALKYDS is a instant messaging plataform and a social network for children who are new to the use of communication technologies with limits to avoid malpractices and problems such as cyberbullying, sexting or cybergrooming. As general limitations TALKYDS incorporates: exclusive registration by parents will receive all contact requests and will confirm them or not, detection of insults, impossibility of removing records, ban to store photos or videos, etc. As optional limitations parents can also activate: time control, geolocation, correct spelling, etc.

TALKYDS monetizes through: 1) Download the application and annual renewal. 2) sale of Premium Options. 3) Advertising for children.

TALKYDS has initiated collaboration with the Ministery of Interior through the Telematic Crimes Unit of the Civil Guard to develope the application.

TALKYDS has 5 partners promoters: Miguel Angel Molina, Textile Manufacturer, Manuel Rodriguez, Jewelry Entrepeneur, Ricardo Molleja, Businessman, AICOR S.L. Technology Development Company and Bartos Cañete, Technology Entrepreneur.

TALKYDS is searching for a 100.000€ investment to end development (30%) and to launch a promotional campaign (70%). TALKYDS´s postmoney valuation is 500.000€


Helheim is a project that seeks to recover mead – an ancient and unjustly forgotten alcoholic drink – and bring it closer to the people all around Europe, offering a new and unforgettable experience made of honey, water, spices and legends.

Helheim is established in Asturias in the northern Spain and formed by a skilled and experienced team with the deep understanding of the current market.

We use only artisan honey, carefully selected yeast strains and the purest water we can find to make first-class meads.

We already possess an established client base, but our production capacity is too small to meet the much bigger and ever-increasing demand. Thus, the logical next step should be about expansion and growth.

To fulfill that, we seek 26.000€ investment that will allow us to find a new, larger industrial space, acquire better equipment and raw materials, and greatly increase our production capacity.


Opinna It is a system for the massive collection of opinions on a particular subject and exploitation of information through a system of Business Intelligence. It can be used by anyone and any company. The system consists of a product (pollster equipment) and services (reports and statistics information)

How It Work :

  • DESIGN CAMPAIGN. Is designed the campaign in relation to the question to make, its duration and its objectives.
  • LOCATION AND DATA COLLECTION. Devices in the place are most suitable. Gets the information desired in a fast, fun, anonymous way and without effort.
  • TRANSMISSION AND ACCESS TO DATA. The information obtained is sent, using wireless technology and securely to the server in the cloud. Through the intranet, clients will see the information obtained immediately.
  • At the end of the campaign (daily, weekly, monthly,…) are evaluated data obtained through a Business Intelligence system and create the reports corresponding to that they will be sent to customers.
  • Opinna is looking for an initial investment of 60k€ to set up the company, development of operation and management platforms and for the creation of a few prototypes.


The Cony Center of medicine and psychology puts into practice a new comprehensive paradigm based on a broad vision of the human being; We are talking about a medical practice based on the recovery of vibrational harmony of the human being; structured as a network energy vibrating in resonance with the considered order implicit in the universe and its cohesion with nature.

This lack of cohesion or disunification with the natural vibrating order leads to a loss of health at various levels, physical, psychic mental, and spiritual. (pain, anxiety, stress, circulation problems, fears, phobias, bones problems and joints, contractures, allergies, neurosis, depression, unspecified ailments, indecision, tiredness, aggressiveness, personality disorders, and others).

We started opperation in 2005, attending proceses, based on these techniques; Psicoterapy, Relaxation, Meditation, Projection, understanding and awareness, among others. Aplling material related to the vibratory field; laser of short wave, several instruments, filters, bowls, flowers of Bach, colors, magnets. We require 200.000 € to help adecuate new office space of work with new tecnologíes, that will favour the proceses of alineating energétic and recovering of health. At this stage we need materials for body alignment; elongation machines, emitters of infrared heat, ultrasound, shortwave, magnetic therapy.


That the services and products of the establishments of restoration in his more wide segments of market could quote of equal form that it the actions of a company do on the different stock markets or bags is the principal aim of this project. “Labolsadelahostelería”, besides a tool of use for the person in charge of purchases, it is also a competitive tool for the direction, which difficultly can control the different offers of the market and much less supervise the daily labor of the person in which it delegates the accomplishment of the purchases. Hereby, the delegation of the accomplishment of the purchases realizes in the suitable person that it will fulfill the ethical values of the profession of an excellent way. In one more alone click 10.000 suppliers, offering more than 30.000 products to, more than 200.000 establishments, the whole challenge, a new way of understanding the purchasing department. The maximum transparency and the search of the profitability and elimination of unnecessary costs do of this project as highly necessarily in a scene of crisis and lack of ideas and values. “Labolsadelahostelería” is a perfect tool for the management of the purchases in the sector innkeeper based on the formula of The Stock exchange, in which, buyers and sellers they are not known, and in that the buyer realizes a purchase to the moment, delegating the above mentioned purchase to the Supplier that in this moment quotes to the lowest price, valuing the qualit criteria concentrated on the purchase.

The needs of financing consist of the necessary funds for testear the already programmed application and to prepare the campaigns of launch with the design and impression of the different advertising formats, as well as, the presentation before potential selling users (suppliers) and buying users (establishments restoration, catering, hotels, etc …).

The total of necessary financing in this phase is of 60.000 €, that will be destined for the design of the campaign of marketing, as well as, his launch and presentation, besides the test of the application.