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“Finanbest: The democratization of Private Banking.

The customer acquisition costs and time constraints faced by traditional human advisors have left many middle-class investors underadvised or unable to obtain portfolio management services. We offer an expert investment model for any investor starting from 3.000 euros, based in an expert team and the most advanced technology.

We provide private banking services at a fraction of the traditional cost, with a four step model automated and optimised from beginning to end: outline of risk profile, customised investment proposal, using the most advanced algorithm in the market (Black-Litterman), selection of world leader funds and finally dynamic monitoring.

In April 2017 we launched our business and in the last 12 months we have closed two relevant distribution agreements, have more than 250 retail clients and manage 10 Million AuMs. Our personalised portfolios have yield 2% additional average return over the market and cost savings of up to 70%.”


What is FootballTracker?
Footballtracker is tournament & league management software developed to automize the organisation of competitions as well as provide engaging content and social features, via our website and the Android & iOS native apps. We count with 11.000 players, 3.000 teams and our applications have over 10.000 downloads.

The Champions League has millions of fans consulting their calendar and results. Footballtracker converts any local competition into the Champions League, providing all information on amateur sports within the reach of a click.


The aim is to design and build plants for the treatment and valorisation of all types of organic waste (manure, slurry, excrement, whey, organic waste, organic industrial waste, crop and garden waste, etc.), obtaining methane, digestate and liquid CO2. From these we obtain electricity, hot water, cold water, fuels, fuels for tractors, trucks and cars, solid fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, microalgae cultures, carbon dioxide, carboxylates, struvite, biohydrogen, etc. All of this at the same time avoids the pollution of the air, soil and water table.


Ziggurat Technologies is building an intelligent solution for financial risk management on various asset clases. Company’s focus is to provide state of the art quantiative and novel risk analytics solution to active investors. It integrates different solutions of risk models, and artifical intelligence to mitigate risk and maximize reuturns on each trade, each portfolio and assets, on local and global assets.


Bubocar is a startup of the automotive sector that through its SaaS (Bubocar Automotive) digitizes the aftermarket of the automotive sector.


SaaS that manages in an integral and digital way the repairs of a workshop. Charging a monthly maintenance fee and a Fee for use (depending on repairs).

The driver repairs his car in the same way as 40 years ago.


Marketplace of offline and online private lessons…
Sofia Square unites teachers and students through a web and an App that geolocalizes, orders and puts in contact for the teaching of private classes.


In 2017 some 164 million people needed humanitarian aid. A 500% increase in just one decade, which will grow with the effects of climate change, with disasters affecting more than one billion people in the next decade. While a more efficient and effective response is increasingly required, the response capacity of organizations and governments mandated to respond has not increased in the same way.

HumanSurge provides an online solution (HR marketplace), with global reach, updated by the professionals themselves, with profile verification and specific search engine for the sector. The tool increases the possible connections and reduces the time and cost in the search and verification of available candidates. Our team seeks to generate systematic change in the humanitarian sector, making humanitarian mobilization and response faster, more efficient and more effective, so that all humanitarian crises have an adequate, immediate and quality response.


Triporate’s mission is to make life easier for companies and travelers. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, it allows us to be faster and more efficient. We minimize human error and offer a service perfectly adapted to the needs and policies of our client, in record time.
Triporate for purposes of use, is a “travel agency” that combines 2 key aspects: Agility and efficiency of Artificial Intelligence + personalized service of the traditional travel agency.


Bclubber is a series of connected apps that bring a complete solution to all of the needs of the nightlife industry. As a user, find and access a wide offering of clubs and venues, consuming all available products with attractive discounts and avoiding queues while paying with your mobile phone through our own payment platform. As a manager, control all the resources in your club or venue while having real-time statistics of consumption, attendance, public relations, and increasing demand through push notifications whenerver needed.


Quetecasas.es is the only tool in the market where, search, compare prices and find everything for a perfect wedding.
Unlike the rest of our competitors we are not a mere directory, but we go much further. Why? Within our tool the future bride and groom can see the services and wedding products offered by our network of professionals with prices instantly.
We are the only web portal where the couple can budget their wedding in real time without having to request a quote.
In less than a year and a half we have revolutionized the wedding market becoming the 2nd option in the provinces where we serve.
More than 170,000 couples were married in 2017 and we are the only tool for all of them with which from the sofa of your home you can know the cost of all the services at the moment, organize appointments with the professionals that you like, make purchases direct and generate a detailed and complete budget.
In addition, the Spanish market has more than 88,000 professionals dedicated to the Wedding sector.
We have more than 600 professionals within our network and with more than 10,000 registered users.
In September we will launch our app with innovative and utilitarian tools for our two types of clients and that no other competitor has, always maintaining the initial premise of being unique, both nationally and internationally.