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Rocking Baby (Babymico S.L.) is a company dedicated to the mobile childcare sector, i.e., the sale of specialized baby carts and chairs. The idea was born as a consequence of the initial activity of the company that founded the CEO of Rocking Baby, Baby Eco. Baby Eco (founded in 2010) is a chain of second-hand shops for babies. With this business, Blanca Garelly (CEO) realized that there was not enough supply of baby carts, which was also excessively expensive.

As a result of this, Rocking Baby was born in 2015, a company that comes to solve many headaches to those parents who do not find products that fit their needs and budgets.

Rocking Baby is a brand that, thanks to the extensive knowledge and experience of its partners in the world of mobile childcare, has managed to design an innovative product, with great usability and, above all, at very competitive prices.


Uncovercity is the way to enjoy unique gastronomic experiences without knowing where you are going until you reach your destination.
Discover and enjoy experiences without deciding where (all our destinations are guaranteed and contrasted) managing for you the reservation, avoiding you to take your private car, driving, looking for parking … we take care of everything for our customers to enjoy the important.
We link the new urban mobility (Cabify, Uber, Lyft…) with the destinations.


GeoDB is a decentralized protocol based on blockchain technology that aims to democratize the Big Data market by returning value to the creators of the data: the users.
It is estimated that Big Data market is worth more than 100 billion dollars in the next 10 years, and currently has many problems among which can be highlighted:
The veracity of the sources, the immutability of the databases and the disorder, slowness and unification of the information.
Lack of transparency in the exploitation of people’s data
The lack of universal buying and selling rules

And above all this, the USERS, the true generators of data value are being forgotten from the equation.


Booklyng is a solution that helps hoteliers convert a larger percentage of their website visits into direct bookings. The Booklyng intelligence platform enables hoteliers to create a personalized booking experience that can increase their website conversion rate by more than 37%, thanks to its sophisticated intelligence engine and its suite of more than 20 ready-to-use marketing tools capable of guiding, persuading, retaining and even negotiating with hotel website visitors.


LastBasic is an engineering services platform where anyone with a technological idea of hardware can turn it into a functional prototype, thanks to experts (engineers and industrial designers) from all over the world, participating through competition following the collaborative economy model. We are able to offer a fast, very economical and value-added service thanks to our global experts.


HBWell is the first APP in the health, beauty and wellness sector. The leading search engine in the market that offers guarantee and financing.
HBWELL was born out of the need to combine in one APP three uses oriented to the User, Center/Clinic and Professionals.
And all this supported by a referral system, where everyone can earn money thanks to the recommendations to their friends and acquaintances of HBWell.


SocialDiabetes is a digital platform that connects professionals, patients and their families-caregivers, with the aim of customizing treatment, optimizing resources and improving clinical indicators.
In 5 years of trajectory, SocialDiabetes has managed to position itself as one of the global reference platforms for digital management of Diabetes, both for patients (there are more than 400 million affected in the world) and for professionals.
UNESCO recognised SocialDiabetes as the best health PPP in the world in 2013 and last year (2017) the European Commission assessed them as the best European health project and awarded them a grant of 1.6 million euros. A team of 15 people works from Barcelona and Mexico to transform the lives of people with diabetes and a first class international clinical advisory board advises and endorses us.


Mybike is the first fleet of mobile workshops in Europe operated through an application (IOS, Android).

We go to your home or wherever you choose and leave your bike ready. No waiting, no transfers. Saving you time to pedal more.


Welcome to Kiwi Homes, an industrialized manufacturing company of modular homes, both at home and in buildings.
At Kiwi Homes we do this: we build houses in the same way that automobile companies manufacture cars. Welcome to a new era in the construction industry.
We design and build houses / buildings with traditional materials, such as steel and concrete, we use our own modular system that allows us to control all production times and costs.


GreyHounders is a project that aims to accelerate the digitization of the optical sector. Born as Digital Native Vertical Brand of fashion eyeglasses, its objetive is to break off with the traditional way of buying prescription glasses.
The business model is based on the possibility for the user to buy his prescription glasses without leaving his home, choosing the frames he likes the most from our web and receiving them home for free, living the experience of trying and using them for 5 days, before choosing the preferred one.
The optical sector is still one of most traditional nowadays.
It has a very high profitability, which can be kept thanks to the historical opacity of the sector itself.
Users of prescription glasses ask for a change in the traditional way of buying — not counting the change of paradigm of the glasses themselves: they’re not just a sanitary product anymore, but a real fashion complement for our target persona.
Research and development in the field of ophthalmic lenses is experimenting a real revolution dictated by the behavior of the clients themselves.
Since we are increasingly digital and hyperconnected, we identified the need to offer a more innovative (and fun) way of purchasing.
Consumers are targeted in communities, defined by specific tastes and interests.
They no longer need to enter many optical stores and try out hundreds of models; they appreciate and recognize the value of an (hyper)personalized consumption experience instead.