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AtVirtway,we have designeda single unique platform tocreate virtualworldson mobile devices withunmatched performance, quality and userexperienceinthe market.Of course,the result iseven betteron Mac andWindows.

First minimum viableproductsince January2015: The EducationDistrictis our firstvirtualworld with ascalable business model,though currentlyfocused onB2B(for bread and butter). We offeraveryhighvalue-added experience to:

  • Colleges, institutes and universities.
  • Academies, business schools, language training
  • Medium and largecompanies for:internal communication, marketing and training.

Value-added services:

  • “Different” meetings andpresentations withintegratedvoice overIP.
  • Collaborative trainingmethodologiesthroughserious games.
  • Development ofpersonal skillsfor both children andadultsthrough specially designed educational activities.
  • Online social saleofproducts presentedbyspectacularshops andshowrooms.
  • Creation ofinternational exhibitionswhere companiespay for theirstands,give lectures, etc.
  • Onlineconferencesby expertson related topics.

Clients: – ColegioAlmedina, Psyma Group, Astra Zeneca, Virtual Expo ELearning Exhibition: €134,000 Accepted contracts pending signature: – Gas Natural, Iberdrola, Famosa, Goliath Games, Antena3 NEOXKidz, estimated total:€ 540,000 Sales pipelineprojectsunder negotiation:€3M

Apple Store Downloads: 232,000 Registered Users: 105,000 The EducationDistricthasorganically grown from 100 users/dayin February2015 to 550users/dayin July.

Ourplanis to expandthe business modelto the end userinFree toPlay mode.For this we needto incorporateattractive contentsuch as casualgames created byus andby third parties throughour ownscriptingfollowingApple’s model(payment %, for each sale,to developers).

The sectorswhere we want tocreate specificvirtual worlds,but undera singleglobal brand,are: Education, Games, Casino (with virtual currency), Dating andShopping.

AlthoughournumbersWill be intheblackforB2Battheendof the year,we need at least         € 2.5M for the second roundand continuewith the globalvision thatwill receivea valuation of $1 billion in3 years.


We help clinicians provide a better diagnostic and treatment for patients with brain diseases. We utilize novel neuroimaging techniques and advanced image analysis algorithms in order to create complex 3D maps of the patient’s brain – “like Google Maps for the brain”. We developed the image processing technology that is able to turn brain medical images into 3D models that can be manipulated in real time. As a result doctors can have a better vision and understanding of the patients history and pathology, which can be critical for diagnosis and prior brain surgery. This technology is commercialized as Imaging as a Service (IaaS), in which doctors can upload medical images, have then processed and access big datasets uploaded to the platform.
CloudN uses advanced diffusion MRI technology able to capture microstructural properties of the brain tissue and provide detailed 3D maps of the brain. These tools evaluate the structural condition of the nerve fibers affected by a neurodegenerative disease (Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson, Alzheimer among others).


Would you like to Worktoday? Find an extrajob in 5 minutes.
Find the worker you need and select him without interviews.
Mobile app which allows people to get EXTRAJOBS helping managers to face absenteeism and incidentals.
The need: Managers in the services sector are not able to face efficiently incidentals due to absenteeism and increase in demand. These situations produce a lack of quality in the services provided and decrease in revenues. Only in Spain absenteeism produces an opportunity cost of 55.000M€/year. On the other hand, workers are watching how their working hours are being reduced as well as their incomes.

Our solution: Our app allows managers to post an EXTRAJOB offer in less than five clicks. The app send the offer only to the ones that fit the experience and proximity requirements. Workers will only receive notifications for the extrajobs that they perfectly fit, based on experience and geo-position, being able to apply or deny. Companies see ranked, according to geo-location, other managers´ valuations and experience, the available candidates that have said YES to the offer. Valuations are mandatory after each EXTRAJOB. Our process, database and algorithm allows to solve the problem just in time, in less than ten minutes companies can have a worker in their business units to help them.

What´s disruptive? Managers decide using others managers’ feedback. Both workers and companies do not face endless lists of job offers or candidates. Solve your problem in less than five minutes.

Clients: Small-Medium Businesses in the Services sector, Fisrt stage HORECA and small businesses. (HORECA, retail, logistics, sports academies, cleaning services, etc), Large Enterprises, Non-Profits

Size of the market: (Only considered absenteeism and low qualification jobs, not included part-time jobs)

• Spain – (4,5% absenteeism) 114M workdays.
• USA – (1,5% absenteeism) 315M workdays.
• Europe – (3,5% absenteeism) 875M workdays.

Business model: Pay-per-use. Companies 5€ (+3€ emergency plus, lees than an hour to incorporation)

Competitors: Our service is dynamic, workers only receive the offers they really can attend, and employers only receive candidates that really can work for them in the date and time they need them.
At the present time Temporary Agencies offer this service in 3-6 hours with a very much higher price. In the medium term they will be our client target.

The team:

 Alvaro Curiel – Co-Founder & CEO. Industrial Engineer. SMP – IE. PLGP – IESE.es.linkedin.com/in/alvarocuriel/ More than ten years in Executive positions in Finance and Business Development in Consultory and Commercial Distribution companies. Familiy business retail fashion shops.

 Marta Romero – Co-Founder & CMO. Bachelor in Marketing – ESIC. Master in Commercial Distribution – CECO es.linkedin.com/pub/marta-romero-chicharro/17/9b5/6a6 More than 6 years as TIC Project Manager. Social Media and Recruiting Expert. Family business American food restaurants and retail food distribution.

 Alberto Recas – CTO. Bachelor in Science Business Information Technology – Wales University. Master in Business Intelligence – Alcala University es.linkedin.com/in/arecas TIC Project Manager. SEO, SEM and ASO expert.

Awards / Supporters: MyElevatorPitch2014 (2ndPlace), ESIC Incubator, Microsoft BizSpak, IE Area31, Pasion>ie, Finalist Plug&Play 2015, ENISA. Best App ZincShower 2015, Finalist Fundacion Everis 2015.

Stage: Service launched feb-2015. First payment clients. App inGooglePlayand AppStore. Clients: 257business units (↑47%monthly). Candidates: 8.027 (↑51% monthly).

Needs: 255.000€ (equity 20%) for Marketing on-line and off-line. Recruiting, CAU and Staff, Internationalization.


After 13 years of experience as guides in Asturias we decided to create Trekkapp, the first app to make hiking, nature and cultural free routes guided and explained from mobile devices, without data need, using phone GPS, with integrated maps and geopositioned information showed over descriptive pictures on each point.

The app is prepared to show routes in five different languages and we are to publish with the intention of having routes anywhere in the world, including cities. The free app is already active, with over 100 published routes, Asturian part of the Way of St. James included. It is in more than 10.000 mobile phones nowadays, and we are starting the marketing campaign.

To grow and expand we need to make some improvements in the app as well as get more users, for what we will need at least 80.000 Euros.

Investment use:

Develop new routes in all cities in Spain and other most touristic.

Marketing expenditure and fixed costs to position the app as a basic in any traveler in Spain.



ENTRENAR.ME is the largest Web seeker of personal trainer in Europe. The customer who seeks a personalized training can compare, choose and contact the one that best fits their needs between more than 10,000.
Currently we are in Spain, Chile and UK.


Wellness & Fitness centers. In Soluna, we have created a new concept of health and wellness center, focused on personalized attention, small groups and contained cost. Created in 2010, we have 3 owned centers and a franchisee center. In 2015 will inaugurate this year two owned centers and 2 other franchised centers.


We founded MedicSen because a Little girl with diabetes rejected the treatment in Eduardo´s hospital consult.
She had to adapt her daily routine to the disease, sometimes even avoiding birthday parties; She and her mom were constantly worried because they didn´t know if something as simple as going for a hike was good or bad for her glucose. And using painful needles everyday was just not worth it.

It turns out that living with Diabetes stills a mess nowadays, therefore only 1 in every 3 patients achieves treatment goals, so with more than 400M patients, diabetes ends up taking between 10 and 20% of the annual healthcare budget.

Our learning algorithm in the cloud receives information from third party wearable devices that the patients currently use (continuous glucose monitors and smartwatches), and then it shows through the chatbot app, the predicted glucose levels for the next hour and recommended actions to avoid any kind of risk.

Rather than having to adapt their routine, it sends personalized recipies and activity plans to improve glucose performance on their daily lifes and increase understanding of diabetes thanks to the explanations and advices.

No more worries, because the system takes account of all the important information and displays it in a natural conversation to increase treatment adherence. It shows current state, past patterns and predicted glucose levels, so if the algorithm detects a low glucose risk, it will send a notification recommending some snack. Or the patient could ask how several actions will affect his glucose (like drinking a coke in 30 minutes, going for a 1 hour hike or being stressed for an exam). All thanks to the artificial intelligence system and the multi parameter association.

In order to close the loop of diabetes treatment, we developed a needle-free smartpatch for insulin, that is capable of forcing the drug through the skin with absolutely no feeling for the patient. It works automatically connected to the algorithm to release the patient from unneeded dose calculations. And It is also comfortable and discrete, so diabetes won’t stop a little girl or anyone from having a normal life anymore.
We only need to get class IIB medical device approval, so no clinical trials, only safety tests, which makes everything easier.

So far we are backed by Madrid universities, Microsoft, and have a great relation with Lilly (they are helping us with all the regulation strategy for next year and product development). We are connected with UK´s national health system through Dotforge and Vertical is acting as a bridge between us and their valuable partners in Finland.

This technology benefits from current wearable devices and cloud computing tech, and is capable of being adapted to the manual administration of any substance through the skin and to the automated treatment of any disease, thus being a technology capable of reaching every single person who ever needed an injection or who has a chronic disease.

We have a wonderful team with 7 full time members and 6 part time workers.
The company has recently closed a fundraising round of €260K and is preparing a Series A round to raise €2M and to be closed in Q1 2018.


GRUPO NEXT is an industrial project with a very disruptive technological component. relevant. We turned the car into a center of emission of data linked to consumption (Or wear) that each user makes of his car, in such a way that we can anticipate The demand of a car service before the user detects the need. For example, you are driving and you get a notice that within three kilometers there is a Gas station where you will get an 8% discount if you stop for refueling and by the way you are Without gasoline … And “ping” you turn on the pilot of the reserve … Well like this: Spare parts, breakdowns, insurance, car parks, tele-toll, wifi in the car and a long etcetera.

With regard to B2B, we are reaching agreements, not only to reward the end user With offers but also to offer a range of personalized services to Those “sponsors” that have a clear automotive bias. For example, We are just negotiating with a Cosumer Credit to be able to block the start Of the cars that have financed to third parties and that are not up to date with the quota.

For other B2B, the value-added proposal will be different. We are talking with Fleet managers, insurers, care companies on the road and another long etcetera.


Sintermedical will be a Manufacturing Plant for mass production of join implants with enhanced lifestapn, with LASER SINTERING as the first and differential process in the value chain, and the requires clearance to operate under the CE and FDA regulations.

Our value proposition is substained by replacing the primary manufacturing process of implants (currently casting, forging, milling and turning) for ours, which is able to produce a tailored spongy structure to help bone grow into it and reduce the risk of long term loosening, while having the best resistance to wear.


Sintermedical will operate within the subcontracting market for Metl Implants and surgical instruments. Customers will be big and small companies that put medical devices on the market through their existing commercial networks.


Presupuestos.com (translate to budget.com) is a marketplace that connects people who wants a service done with reviewed companies. Media have described us as a mix of Yellow pages and Tripadvisor.

How to use it is extremely simple “Users describe what they need and companies send their budgets” Users who hired companies can review the service, forcing companies to deliver a outstanding quality service, the same as restaurants or hotels do with Tripadvisor or booking.

After three years to develop the fastest web on the market and, over 75.000€ invested by the entrepreneurs, Presupuestos.com is a really strong product, with over 1.000 companies on its database, and 80 companies that have paid for its premium service.

Furthermore, in a project that is really intensive on marketing having the best domain is an important asset.

Both founders are specialized in marketing and web development, and right now presupuestos.com is looking for 100.000€ of funding to invest mainly in marketing and telemarketing.