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JobFie is a web tool to create an online tailor-made recruitment process that optimize job searching.


EMPLOYMENT RECOMMENDER: You will only see the most suitable offers (as a job seeker) or candidates (as a company) for you. Jobfie do the perfect matching thanks to our recommender algorithm that uses concepts of artificial intelligence and text mining which allows JobFie to save time classifying and recommending offers/candidates with extraordinary results.

DYNAMIC CV: Jobfie creates the most innovative CV you can imagine, with interactive design and multimedia content: portfolios, videos, links… and any other elements that will allow you to develop your capacities to the limit and give employers access to what they are looking for.

ONLINE RECRUITMENT: You will be able to do the whole selection process from the web and always be on top of the current status of each of your applications.

You will have a complete and quality process in three phases:

CV Video.

Technical knowledge tests: psycho-technical, languages and other specific tests. Jobfie provides a detailed report with all the results.

An interview through video conference .

JobFie brings together talent and companies easily so that you can find the star candidate in a quick and simple way and at a low cost.

JobFie is designed with small companies in mind offering them a tailor-made recruitment process.


JobFie is seeking between 100.000-150.000e to launch the web and carry out our expansion to the national market.

relevante .me


Big data web and mobile app that filters noise of information social network activity into relevant information to aid the B2B sales process & scale the engagements with the relevant prospects


The number1 challenge in B2B is to generate good quality leads. The process based on acquiring databases and sending massive emails is inefficient, expensive and counterproductive. Social selling is displacing traditional sales processes, but in social selling it takes TOO MUCH TIME of expensive sales executives to find the right prospects. The Digital Sales & Marketing is a large market that is growing at 2 digit figures: B2B Digital Marketing $4,800m, $6,000m Social Monitoring, Social CRM $ 20B, Business Intelligence 16B. However, Sales executives require to SCALE the number of contacts points to build a successful pipeline


Relevante.me makes the sales process TIME EFFICIENT AND SCALABLE by filtering out the noise across disperse social sites, SCALING the engagements with relevant prospects. Based on the social activity being shared, commented or liked to find signs of interest and opportunities to engage efficiently across disperse networks. Our core is to apply data technology to our users own data and to their social connections – to build personal “relevant” profiles.


Software as a Service (SaaS) solution based on a limited free version with a premium pais version for corporates and intensive users. Two main lines of income: 1. B2C (Micro SME y Freelancers) 20€ monthly subscription and 2. B2B (Corporates) 1.000€ company monthly fee + 20€ per user. Estimated a +1hour the time saving provided outweighs the cost of the tool.


Our target customers are professionals who currently use and position in professional social networks (LinkedIn, G +, twitter) in search of business opportunities. Our sales efforts will be based mainly on accesing the active social directly via the networks. The marketing plan will evolve according to the phases of the company and the tactics of the moment, but is based on three fundamental principles: Inbound and Content Marketing, Social Selling using our own tool and Data Driven Marketing. For the corporate targets a sales team will drive sales from this target.


Founder & CEO Jorge Araluce has more than 15 years in B2B sales experience in large multinational high-tech companies like Cisco Systems, Digital now Hewllet-Packard, Intel and is backed by a sound technical team of 4 People with background in Data Science, Software development, User interface/UX and Business Sales & Marketing. All Computer Science degrees, Masters and a Phd in data science.


2014 Q2 – First version of core technology (2 people team). Customer need validated. Capital increase 115.000€ from founders.

2014 Q3 – Awarded an Innovation Loan from CDTI 235.000 €

(payback only with positive Cash Flow).

2014 Q4 – Core operational team.

2015 Q2 – Product Ready to launch


Fabulist Travel is a platform that helps parents organize and book their family vacation by providing a reverse search process, focused on experiences and driven by inspiration, delivering a travel program with smart customization options.

Families with kids have trouble finding the right travel experience. Some of their needs are very specific (for example, finding a hotel that offers everything they need) and others are less tangible and relate to the search process: they wish to have a travel experience that matches their profile and their circumstances.

Fabulist provides a technological solution that includes an inspirational process, offers a reverse search experience based on experiences and incorporates smart personalization. Families are presented with great travel plans that are easy to book and easy to customize.

Fabulist already has a Minimum Viable Product that includes the decision algorithm (recommender system) and commercial agreement with family-friendly touristic service providers.

A technology-based project led by two telecom engineers, Fabulist is seeking 100.000€. This investment will go to marketing and technology. We are focused on acquiring users by collaborating with influencers and schools, launching online marketing campaigns and organizing events with target users. We will continue to recruit touristic service providers and provide the users with the tools to contribute with information and ratings. We have a plan to continue to develop the technical platform focusing on user experience, better integration with the providers’ systems and alternative search process.


Espinela is the new luxury shoes brand for women, 100% made in Spain, with an added personalization service to fulfill the individual needs of each client, in order to create a product with its own personality merging Espinelas’s Essence with the Uniqueness of each woman.

Spain is one of the main shoes production centers, world renowned. However, in a market worthing 14.000 M €, there is no Spanish shoe brand competing in the luxury niche. With the brand Espinela, we open an atelier where we create “Auteur Shoes”, built over the key values of design, maximum quality and detail, craftwork, innovation and customer experience.

Nowadays, the new consumers want to interact with the brand, to be part of it and to live a unique experience both off-line and on-line. In Espinela, we are aware of it, and that’s why go for a multichannel strategy both in communication & distribution, to integrate these two worlds that feed one another, and we have a 2.0. Atelier service to allow our personalization service to be scalable at international level.

At the stage where we are right now, we are looking for an investment of 500.000 € to open our first store and, in parallel, launch our on-line shop with the bespoke service and carry out a strong marketing campaign to achieve, in a very short term, brand positioning and awareness in Spain meanwhile we work on the wholesale business at international level.


Alcatraz Solutions with over 10 years of experience has become for some time now, the benchmark in the field of personal data protection, providing SMEs, Medium and Large Enterprises and Public Administration the alternatives to adapt the Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD). The leading position in Spain of Alcatraz Solutions in Management Tools and Adaptation to the LOPD, with over 60,000 adaptations and 25% market share, his extensive experience in technology law, are the tangible evidence of potential and guarantee of success.

In our objective of continuous growth, we have started few years ago an expansion plan of the company, with an internationalization strategy, that has allowed us to obtain a significant presence in the Latin American market, currently with our headquarters located in Bogotá.

Therefore, our goal is to continue the immersion process in other countries that just joined the legislation on personal data protection (Chile, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Peru, Dominican Republic and Uruguay) with a potential market over 15 million companies, offering an exclusive service in a market without strong competition.

According to this, our company is searching for funding to build and strengthen its leadership position simultaneously in the most important LATAM countries, using the favorable time opportunity and competitive advantage of being the first at the beginning of a new market.


Esteticlic is a website that results from the confluence of people from various professional areas such as: business, programming, commercial and certainly the internet.

Our company has developed display, management, advertising and communication tools for the companies that in the beauty, esthetics, wellness and health fields.

We can offer:

A website where basic information can be displayed: address, phone number, services, prices, schedules…
A powerful Online Agenda for the clients to use as their own, and so that the final users can complete their booking. In this way, the centres can save time and be more efficient.
A client manager to keep track of the clients and have everything under control
A powerful tool to send Newsletters from the centres to their actual or potential clients with just a click.
A place to upload their offers and where the users can download the coupons without any commission.

In order to achieve the points above, the founding members have previously provided contributions amounting 25k. Subsequently, two more capital increases amounting 100k and 200k have been provided, with member contributions of 10% and 5% respectively.

Furthermore, we have recently obtained a Sabadell’s bank loan without security amounting for 30k.

We are searching for funding amounting for about 100-150k that will be fundamentally assigned to:
Sales and TMK (60%)
Digital Marketing (30%)
Web Development (10%)

We are clearly looking for one or several partners (that will be given a percentage of the company) that will motivate and inspire us in this stage of penetration and consolidation in the market. This is the right moment, different sectors are constantly growing, there is a strong competition between them and we have all the tools to help them being different and therefore, win clients, image and prestige. The day of the centres will be completely different with Esteticlic, you just have to try it.


Iyoco project are a comprehensive platform that offers space and content that integrates the arts. We seek to generate new model, through quality and innovation in the recording of audio-visual content, such as voices, and reproduction that allow recorded material. usually by artists or bands, dubbing for films, TV series and documentaries in other local languages, and support for production and postproduction necessary for audiovisual materials.

Iyoco corporations is registered trademark, started in February of 2013,and have since lunched varios musical products and video clips in the market. Our internalisation drive made us venture into Africa biggest market, registering Iyoco Nigeria limited as a subsidiary of Iyoco corporations Spain in August of 2014, with registered number RC1208329. We have been able to creat a mínimum and funtional infastructure in Nigeria. We had a first hand esperience that the Nigeria economy can absolve any business

Its GDP shows moderate growth year after year and has weathered the economic crisis well . It is the first oil producer in Africa, and its imports are supported by consumer goods ( 39 % ) and capital goods ( 61%). It is noteworthy that Nigeria is a leading member of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), which supports regional integration, through policy support for business and investment. Bilateral relations between Nigeria and the West is excellent , due to the program Plan Africa as Spanish foreign policy priority, generating expectations for Bilateral Investment Treaties (BIT ), which establishes a stable legal framework for Western investment in Nigeria.

Investment required in the amount of 250.000€, will help nurture the growth of new cultural expression, stimulate local and international interchange and provide a dynamic, accessible environment for the public to experience the marvels of the creative imagination. We therefore will build an ultra model studio which installation will be dedicated to the following services

Recording Room
Outdoor Recording ( events, conferences , concerts )
Editing audio – visual content
Layout, Mixing and Mastering
CD s Copies, Pagers : internal and external
Radio spots,


We are going to create a center for processing and distribution of food products
from the sea (seafood and shellfish) and rice in fifth range, with vacuum cooking
techniques and high clear technological component. We focus on retailers and

We will develop the activity in the area of Palmones (Cadiz), gastronomic center
of the Gibraltar Land. Ships currently in a restaurant, so it is an established

We go to a low cost market and 3% of the market in the Province of Cádiz,
which are 75,000 kg in 10 years using the experience we have in the seafood
sector, restoration and management of investments.


Young company that has developed a technology that allows to relocate Child Restraint Systems in the backseats of the vehicle, releasing the space invaded by each safety seat installed that unnecessarily limits the habitability of the backseats of the vehicle.

The car recovers 3 rear seats: 1 child safety seat and two adults, two child safety seats and an adult or three child safety seats.

Technology compatible with 100% child restraint systems using Isofix anchoring systems and 90% of cars.

We increase comfort and what is most important, the safety of passengers, both children and adults.

Founders constitute a highly qualified multidisciplinary team.
We need 400,000€ for the impact tests and launch the product on to the market.


FIONA is the LEGO of Cognitive Computing. It allows to create virtual robots, by combining bricks from third parties, to perform specific tasks.

Virtual robots could be used for customer service, personal assistant or knowledge gurus. From reporting weather to provide bank statements, FIONA is the only global platform that empowers companies to automate knowledge worker tasks, on a cheap way and with no technological obsolescence.

Adele Robots has invested around 1MEUR in the development and early commercialization of FIONA.
We are looking for 700KEUR out of 3.5MEUR budget for piloting different solution over FIONA in key clients, as well as to scale up to new geographies.