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Petoons Studio is a studio specialized in video games for children and families.
Playing together is one of the main needs of parents and children. More than 34% of families believe that playing together is what makes them happier and 1 in 2 children claims to play more with their parents.
Today, more than 60% of fathers (70% fathers and 52% mothers) play video games together with their children.
Most children’s video games offer solitary play experiences, generating isolation and reducing the development of social skills. At Petoons Studio we design video games so that children and parents can play together as a family and be happier.
The market for family games is currently valued at $9B.


Platform of Tickets for Live Streaming of Events or Concerts or Webinar, each organizer has its own Website independent to the rest, generated by PAYXVIEW and managed with Interactive Control Panel, to configure the visitors that can enter the event with Free Ticket or Payment. This Website allows the organizer to promote your event with a timer, and through social networks. The retransmission of the event would be done by TV and the signal would be collected on the organizer’s website according to the Public or Private format.


Online platform for the design, development and commercialization of Musical Experiences at an international level, mainly in Spain and Portugal, the largest receivers of musical tourists worldwide, whose number is growing exponentially every year, as it is shown by multiple studies. The Experiences are open to any style of music and classified into 3 differentiated business lines: Boutique experiences (exclusive events), Break the weekend (weekend getaways) and Festeshare (multitudinous festivals in cities or places with tourist interest). The Experiences are marketed directly via online marketing and through partners (music promoters, agencies and companies in the gift sector). Customers are individuals, companies, brands and institutions. At the moment Son Stellae has already commercialized Experiences to the opera and ballet in London and to several Boutique Festivals in the Peninsula. The forecast is to market 10/15 Experiences in 2018, 30/40 in 2019 and reach 100 in 2020, being a benchmark in Europe for musical tourism


Classical musicians and amateurs want to learn from the elite; soloists such as Leonidas Kavakos or Mischa Maisky, but there are very few opportunities to do so, as famous musicians teach few times a year and most students cannot afford to travel to the other side of the world. DakApp exists to bring the best training in classical music to all music lovers (from millennials to digital savvy adults) thanks to technology.
DakApp is an online platform accessible from phones, Ipads and PCs, which offers online access to classes with more than 150 teachers covering all classical instruments. Nowadays, it is the world’s largests classical music education platform: the application offers more than 300 masterclasses, each one of them including HD videos of 45 min to 3h sessions, analysed scores helping to understand and interpret the pieces, as well as direct access to Q&A with the teachers through the platform.


Video on demand platform that connects long tail content providers with segmented audiences, through unique social features in the market.
• Long tail content
• Own screen sharing feature
• Own social network
• Own advertisement server
• Own marketplace to match content providers with brands.


Coolturebox is the first operator of “smart boxes” that offers cultural entertainment experiences in market. The experiences of Coolturebox include the best shows: theater, musicals, festivals, concerts, magic, circus, dinner show, classical music, opera, dance, monologues, humor, museums, cultural exhibitions and multi¬thematic. Their experience boxes are suitable to make a gift, as they include show tickets from 1 to 6 people and stays in accommodation up to 2 nights, and in addition to the experience they also include a collection of books of different cultural themes, with an impressive photograph and handmade illustrations.

Coolturebox solves a problem that we all meet, and is that most of the time we do not know what to give to our friends, family, etc. we have so many commitments we as birthdays, weddings, events and celebrations like father’s day, mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, invisible friend’s, Christmas..

With Coolturebox we can make an original gift at an affordable price, to those who we give a Coolturebox will have some years to use their gift, it and they will be able to use it when, where and with whom they want.


“Reading comprehension: the key to success in education”
Reading competence training is one of the most important tools to avoid failure at school. But just how can we train it? Obviously, through READING!
In response to blatant rejection commonly displayed by adolescents to a language which is not attractive to them, we have developed an innovative and modern concept of visual and interactive reading of the great works of universal literature: IMMERSIVE READING
Awaken the enjoyment of reading by converting your Smartphone into an ally.
The innovative system of “immersive reading” engages and motivates adolescents, improves reading comprehension and the ability to read analytically and critically. It is a new reading concept that awakens reading skills and, consequently, mastery of the languages.


SYNCROM ENTERTAINMENT is a unique division dedicated to the creation of videogames on mobile phone or tablet targeted at children up to 8 years of age.

They are educational videogames that are fun and casual which children will surely enjoy.

At the same time, our intention is to create a digital conglomerate to support this activity: Youtube channels, Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram accounts amongst others. The purpose is greater than simply adding marketing and sales points, if not, to contribute content to the project, each one in line with its select platform.



1st Relational Leisure company in Spain. HIPLAN facilitates people to engage in leisure activities relating to new people. Company where we have created a social-discovery application format associated with inspirations of leisure plans that can be carried out nearby. A model that generates synergies between two markets: that of meeting people and making leisure plans. HIPLAN is a mobile application developed for iOS and Android platforms in collaboration with our technological partner Quadram Quality Services, provider of applications that accumulate more than 30 million downloads.

Does it work? YES. Our success rate in communication between users is 5 to 10 times greater compared to the match.

Why does it work? Solve the whole problem: what to do, where, with whom and how to start that first contact. It facilitates the process to the user so it is simple and natural to connect with people in real life, in a cinema, a theater, a restaurant, a bar. It is a very interesting tool for companies that dedicate themselves to leisure. From a ticket portal, sports activities, a disco, restaurants or bars.

Our Blog is: www.hiplan.me/blog/


Flamenco Real is flamenco stamp of quality whose main goal is to differentiate, classify, and catalog the flamenco offers on a basis of quality. The initiative was developed through motivation from various needs identified in this sector, especially those that affect stage performers.

There exists no quality control for flamenco dancing in this sector as it does in other subsectors. However, it does appear that there are differences between the organization and the management in part because of the flamenco studios. Existing examples of flamenco venues that develop their events through share management with cultural sponsorship, and others use it as a tourist trap, eliminating the necessary and correct dual management: from the an artistic and economic point of view.

Following the directives of the UNESCO since the declaration of flamenco as Immaterial Cultural Patrimony of Humanity, promoted events and development for Flamenco Real are in route to diffuse, divulge, and conserve the art of flamenco.
Following these directives and in harmony with the new travel tendencies to find authentic expressions and get away from tourist areas, we design and organize flamenco events with the intention of the clients becoming more familiar with it and to know this art from a new perspective, enjoying the experience more.