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“Reading comprehension: the key to success in education”
Reading competence training is one of the most important tools to avoid failure at school. But just how can we train it? Obviously, through READING!
In response to blatant rejection commonly displayed by adolescents to a language which is not attractive to them, we have developed an innovative and modern concept of visual and interactive reading of the great works of universal literature: IMMERSIVE READING
Awaken the enjoyment of reading by converting your Smartphone into an ally.
The innovative system of “immersive reading” engages and motivates adolescents, improves reading comprehension and the ability to read analytically and critically. It is a new reading concept that awakens reading skills and, consequently, mastery of the languages.


SYNCROM ENTERTAINMENT is a unique division dedicated to the creation of videogames on mobile phone or tablet targeted at children up to 8 years of age.

They are educational videogames that are fun and casual which children will surely enjoy.

At the same time, our intention is to create a digital conglomerate to support this activity: Youtube channels, Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram accounts amongst others. The purpose is greater than simply adding marketing and sales points, if not, to contribute content to the project, each one in line with its select platform.



1st Relational Leisure company in Spain. HIPLAN facilitates people to engage in leisure activities relating to new people. Company where we have created a social-discovery application format associated with inspirations of leisure plans that can be carried out nearby. A model that generates synergies between two markets: that of meeting people and making leisure plans. HIPLAN is a mobile application developed for iOS and Android platforms in collaboration with our technological partner Quadram Quality Services, provider of applications that accumulate more than 30 million downloads.

Does it work? YES. Our success rate in communication between users is 5 to 10 times greater compared to the match.

Why does it work? Solve the whole problem: what to do, where, with whom and how to start that first contact. It facilitates the process to the user so it is simple and natural to connect with people in real life, in a cinema, a theater, a restaurant, a bar. It is a very interesting tool for companies that dedicate themselves to leisure. From a ticket portal, sports activities, a disco, restaurants or bars.

Our Blog is: www.hiplan.me/blog/


EL Maestro is a TV program like a ¨reality¨coach, that offers a 360 solution in which techniques and tools are applied in first person in order to facilitate developing potential and talent. El Maestro was born to encourage parents and profesionales of the main education principles, for support, development, trust, and better communication through tools and academic resources.

1st phase – TV
2nd phase – Web portal of materials, tools, and cases for parents, professors, and alumni.
3rd phase – Apps for smart devices

Distribution through TV channels and the internet. Different sources of revenue will include:
• Merchandising
• Product placement
• Sponsorships
• Sale of TV format in international market


Flamenco Real is flamenco stamp of quality whose main goal is to differentiate, classify, and catalog the flamenco offers on a basis of quality. The initiative was developed through motivation from various needs identified in this sector, especially those that affect stage performers.

There exists no quality control for flamenco dancing in this sector as it does in other subsectors. However, it does appear that there are differences between the organization and the management in part because of the flamenco studios. Existing examples of flamenco venues that develop their events through share management with cultural sponsorship, and others use it as a tourist trap, eliminating the necessary and correct dual management: from the an artistic and economic point of view.

Following the directives of the UNESCO since the declaration of flamenco as Immaterial Cultural Patrimony of Humanity, promoted events and development for Flamenco Real are in route to diffuse, divulge, and conserve the art of flamenco.
Following these directives and in harmony with the new travel tendencies to find authentic expressions and get away from tourist areas, we design and organize flamenco events with the intention of the clients becoming more familiar with it and to know this art from a new perspective, enjoying the experience more.


This Cultural Association was born with the purpose of creating a meeting place, information and coexistence between students, amateurs and professionals, and also to the public interested in the flamenco’s ambiance and the Andalusian culture, an open space where you can feel and live it closely. It will not be an academy nor a “tablao” (scenario), but a meeting place, where should prevail the spontaneity and authenticity.
Our mission is to be a non-profit organization that contributes to social development through multicultural union, exchange and the flamenco art, its music and poetry, promote projects and new forms of social-educational commitment to different needs. A bridge between Mexico and Andalusia to promote cooperative relations in the educational and artistic field of flamenco art, providing scholarships to students of low resources and with great skills for flamenco in any of its aspects: singing, dancing, playing guitar or to perform their studies in Andalusia.
Activities to be performed in the spaces:
A) To inform and advise in a personalized way, to connect according to the individual interests, the people who wish to learn flamenco with the masters, as well as being a center of information of all the flamenco activities that take place in our surroundings.
B) To create an Ibero-American flamenco community, uniting people through art.
C) Exhibition center for Andalusian painters.
D) Flamenco’s books and music library.
E) Organize conferences, meetings, interventions, presentations of books, records and any activity related to flamenco.
F) Offer Andalusian gastronomy.
G) Activities that strengthen the knowledge of the Andalusian culture.



Bet Master is a free social game for cell phones based on real sports bets, in which users compete between if they´re betting ¨bananas¨ in sports events in order to reach the number one spot in the rankings.


“Try to understand a movie without hearing, without seeing. This is the situation in which there are more than 2 million people with audiovisual disabilities in Spain, with limited access to film and television.
The cinemas are spaces of cultural leisure of great consumption where they assiduously attend all type of families and segments of population. However, such a routine action as attending the last film premiere or watching a movie at home can become a complicated task for those who suffer some kind of audiovisual disability due to the limited availability of accessibility systems available in the market.

People with visual impairment need the support of other people who describe the image, while people with hearing impairment depend on family members and friends to interpret the images, creating annoying murmurs and misunderstandings. Traditional systems of accessibility generate discomfort and sometimes rejection in people without disabilities, which makes it difficult to integrate these groups.

In 2013, WhatsCine emerged, in collaboration with the Universidad Carlos III of Madrid, to alleviate this deficit and improve access options to the mass culture of this sector of the population – close to 5% of the total census in Spain – And with the commitment to create an environment appropriate to their needs.
This is how the first technology capable of bringing film and television to people with audiovisual disabilities at no additional cost to them, through a unique software in the world, allows the integration of three systems of accessibility in the same application:

• Audiodescription (visual impairment).
• Adapted subtitling (hearing impairment).
• Sign language (hearing impairment).

Its inclusive technology, which allows cinema and television to enjoy these groups without interfering with other viewers, has changed the way people with audiovisual disabilities access the contents of film and television.
It is currently available in Spain, in more than 500 exhibition halls, and on the Movistar + platform, through the WhatsCine-owned Movistar + 5S app.

Through a free application for the user, available on iOS and Android, each user enters the application through their own terminal and according to their disability choose the accessibility that they want to use.

Recognized in 2015 with Reina Letizia Award for Accessibility Technology and in 2016 with the Innovation and Creation Antonio Magariños Award and the App for All Award in the Best App category, it has opened a new headquarters in Miami in April 2017, (Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay) and the United States, where about 74.5 million people with audiovisual disabilities live .

The challenge is to break down the barriers and make known a product that offers great social support to people who often feel isolated and different due to their disability, either visual or auditory, total or partial. The objective is to provide this service to all people with audiovisual disabilities so that the experience is as close as possible to that of a person who sees or hears.


Infomix is the first WebTV at the national level that supports young audiovisual talent, with a variety of on-demand and off-the-shelf content. The project is born as a result of the lack of practical training that currently exists in the university classrooms of Communication (Journalism, Audiovisual Communication and Advertising) and the little diffusion of audiovisual works created by young people. The project is divided in two, firstly the ‘Cantera’, which the university students carry out their ideas, work as a team, practice and leave better prepared to the labor market. And on the other hand, the ‘Showcase’, where the creators of content show their audiovisual products to have a greater diffusion (webseries, short films, etc.). We are committed to innovative ideas and our programs focus on snack content (easy to consume and anywhere) and evergreen (no expiration date).

GAMES 2 LEARN – Prehistory

Creating a videogames company focused on the educational games. Video games are two very different types: on the one hand, it will belong to the type of game-based learning; It will be historical and archaeological learning through video games, and on the other hand belong to the type of Role Playing Games; where players assume the role of a particular character.

The game will be aimed at players from a wide range of ages, especially for college students Career History, students of colleges and institutes will also be accessible on most devices and platforms.