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El mito de Gea is on a mission to design, distribute and commercialize jewelry / fashion accessories with luxury finishes with the aim to satisfy the desires of clients through exclusivity and creativity.
In the long term, El Mito de Gea aims to be recognized as a leader in the fashion jewelry and accessories market-Nationally and Internationally


Project Description
E-commerce where we swim underwater, we design, we meet, and we become familiar with the trends of the planet. Without established rules but with a clear philosophy: personality is what defines us and it defines as unique. Without ambition but stepping strongly, this is BDanger.

Our Services
At BDanger, we rely on risky people, for this reason we have a section that serves as a new talent launcher for those that fit our philosophy.

BDanger with a Plus
Through our personal shopper service we locate, in our network, the garments that you love of your favorite celebrity and we propose to you other options of the same style fitting your needs and budget.

Technology – Product/Service Solutions
BDanger serves as a launcher for young designers that have recently graduated in order to help give them the first step, that is by bad luck, they don´t have sufficient resources to carry the careers forward.
Our ecommerce has as an end to bring to market different special products and in some cases are exclusively brought from around the world. We select brands to sell through our website that are difficult to find in Spain.
And lastly, we offer a unique and pioneering service in the ecommerce world, in order to help our clients that have no time to search for the clothing of their favorite celebrity or something for a certain special occasion, through a simple reference photo, working directly with the factories, we get really good prices and that gives them a higher margin.


TrendyAdvisor is a fashion search engine with two objectives:

Facilitate searching for online fashion buyers by grouping their favorite stores in one site, that way you can find whatever piece of clothing you´re searching for with one click.

Give visibility to stores that usually don´t show up on search engines such as Google, bring potential new clients.

In addition to a search engine, TrendyAdvisor acts as a reference fashion community, encouraging social shopping.

Fashion ecommerce is in the middle of growth (around 70% each a year), attracting thousands of buyers each year, as well as hundreds of new online stores. This translates to a large potential market, and each time it´s more necessary to facilitate searching to the online user that doesn’t have time to visit each store one by one and who doesn´t even know a majority of them.

After the launch of the website in March 2015, and once the project is validated, we´re searching for a €150,000 short-term investment that will be allocated in three places: marketing and publicity in order to get more users (65% of the investment), human resources to strengthen the team (20%), and to continue bettering the our technology and incorporate more functionality for the user (15%).


Cositas de España (CdE) is the first European fashion ecommerce for Latin America. It was founded in October 2015 and currently services Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

Foreign fashion offerings in these countries are limited mainly by national and American brands that are highly valued and have large market penetration. On the other hand, offerings for European brands are very scarce, with only big brands like Zara, H&M, or Desigual having presence; and they provide limited or different catalogs than what’s offered in Europe.

In general, foreign products are perceived as very valuable, in reference to fashion, European brands are the favorites for some of the most important fashion shows in the world. However, the shortage of offers makes a niche market that is covered in totality.

Currently, this type of product is only found in the physical stores of each brand and in some general retailers, like Ripley or Saga Falabella, that have a small catalog of the main brands. In the world of ecommerce, one can find the same limitation with respect to European offerings, the outstanding specialized places like Dafiti or Kliper.

Cositas de España provides its client the possibility of accessing a greater catalog of European brands and with more variety than any currently existing. In addition, it gives national coverage in countries in which the offerings of European products are limited to 1-5 physical stores per country.

The target market is composed of women 20-40 years old that belong to the A/B social classes. Often they have a college education and work in big companies or are married to business owners with high amounts of purchasing power. They worry about their image and look to differentiate themselves through their way of dressing.

Only in Chile, Colombia and Peru, according to 2015 census data, the potential market is 2.4 million clients. Including other Latin American countries, this number could increase an additional 1-4 million.

The product catalog currently amounts to almost 500 articles and varies from footwear of the latest fashion and accessories of different styles to satisfy the tastes of the client. With respect to price, this varies from $26 to $250 USD, which is within the spending capabilities of the target market
In conclusion, at Cositas de España we have the ability and the opportunity to cover the European fashion demand in Latin America through online channels and retain our clients through a customer centric culture. In addition, the FMA gives us a competitive advantage that will allow us to grow quickly.


“Inselberg is an online platform that connects models with clients from the fashion and commercial industry directly. We help clients find the most suitable match by using cutting-edge technology. Thereby, we make sure models break free from nontransparent gatekeeping.”


Espinela is the new luxury shoes brand for women, 100% made in Spain, with an added personalization service to fulfill the individual needs of each client, in order to create a product with its own personality merging Espinelas’s Essence with the Uniqueness of each woman.

Spain is one of the main shoes production centers, world renowned. However, in a market worthing 14.000 M €, there is no Spanish shoe brand competing in the luxury niche. With the brand Espinela, we open an atelier where we create “Auteur Shoes”, built over the key values of design, maximum quality and detail, craftwork, innovation and customer experience.

Nowadays, the new consumers want to interact with the brand, to be part of it and to live a unique experience both off-line and on-line. In Espinela, we are aware of it, and that’s why go for a multichannel strategy both in communication & distribution, to integrate these two worlds that feed one another, and we have a 2.0. Atelier service to allow our personalization service to be scalable at international level.

At the stage where we are right now, we are looking for an investment of 500.000 € to open our first store and, in parallel, launch our on-line shop with the bespoke service and carry out a strong marketing campaign to achieve, in a very short term, brand positioning and awareness in Spain meanwhile we work on the wholesale business at international level.