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Establishment of a factory that structures Green Eco for the research, development, design, production, distribution and installation of air conditioning equipment with energy savings of more than 80%, based on new technologies focused on the Adiabatic system to cool the air, and its hybridization with the Direct Expansion technology. We also provide commercial, technical and industrial advice to companies and institutions regarding the use and application of our technology.


The company Sistema Eólico Morcillo S.L. exploits the patent of a horizontal axis wind turbine on a trunk-pyramidal structure, with the purpose of being able to commercialize this patent in all countries. It is part of the main activity, the construction of this type of aerogenerators, as well as the installation of the same for the generation of renewable electrical energy, entering the market of producers of electrical energy.


Bioo  produces electricity from plants’ photosynthesis thanks to a unique technology focused on providing sustainable and green electricity on different markets.  The business model of Bioo is based on R&D as well as the design and comercialization or pructs applying its technology.

The business model is focused on developing products applying Bioo’s technology in the industry of Green Cities and IoT. Bioo has a timeline that includes the launching of 3 products onto the market in the following 3 years. Additionally, the company is open to implementing a license model of the technology to develop new complementary products.



Rain of Life is a Spanish technology consulting company specialized on environmental issues, and the design and production of water treatment equipment.
Part of the technology we use is state of the art, and our innovations are protected by patents in Spain, Mexico and Colombia. Certainly, as we expand production into other markets we will protect our products with responsible patents.
For years before the inception of Rain of Life as a company, we had already been researching and developing our atmospheric generated drinking water equipment. This allows us to affirmatively maintain our position as a unique company-greater than our competitors in: efficiency, maintenance costs and production guarantees.
We have developed a system that extracts humidity from the environment, recreating precipitation, whereas obtaining potable water of the highest quality ready for consumption. Our technology offers an amortization on investment of nearly one cent euro per litre, and high-efficiency energy consumption rates without generating toxic wastes or pollution.
Our modular equipment allows for construction of potable water generation facilities-with which we can guarantee greater than 50 litres per day generation in the most basic domestic of systems, whereas scalable large installations would be capable of providing virtually unlimited quantities of excellent drinking water.
Almost 4,500 children die every day due to diseases causing diarrhea; we seek to provide the solution to eliminating child mortality due to lack of access to clean, potable drinking water.


Garbionda S.L. is dedicated to Research, Development and Innovation (R&D+I) of motorways, through which we have designed and patented an innovative system for cleaning road infrastructures, additionally providing continual maintenance. Our techniques are unique and sustainable.
Activites carried out by Garbionda Sustainable Maintenance focus on cleaning crash barriers and barrier wall reflectors, later on a long-term sustainable maintenance is performed and specific products are applied which will return the crash barriers to their original state.



Tunnel Energy is a Spanish eco friendly initiative created to capture the current that is generated as the subway forward movement inside a tunnel displaces the air, which is then captured by an aero generator, and mines tunnels.


The process of generating electricity is created using the piston effect.
Via the installment of multiple modules of aero generators specially designed for this type of location, where low wind speed is combined with exiguous restricted space that in order to function requires that very high safety standards be met.


Using rows of interconnected aero generators, we will be able to capture the air current generated.
The installment process is simple and concise eliminating the need for costly construction and lengthy repairs. Given that the electricity generated is for self-consumption this gives us the possibility of erasing the presence of power and transmission lines.

The maintenance process is also simplified and if failure were to occur a functioning one individually replaces the malfunctioning unit, this creates a huge advantage in the value chain, as it will also help keep maintenance costs very low.

The cost per unit of each aero generator will remain very low, given the huge advantage of implementing economies of scale to the process, hence giving us the opportunity to manufacture in the thousands, adding this to the automated assembling process of the aero generators, helps to dramatically reduce the overall costs of the installation.

The idea is to have 3 different sizes of the aero generators in racks of 5×5 and 10×10, although this can be fully adapted to suit the client’s needs. The main preference is to install the aero generators in subway tunnels, due to its current constantly generating source, but it can be adapted to suit any passing train inside a tunnel that generates an air current.

The process is also eco friendly as being installed underground generates very little environmental impact.
The concept simulates that of a wind farm but boasting constant wind speed at peak traffic times and gusty strokes during more idle ones, helping generate electricity as the need for it is created, but fully functioning 365 days a year.

The target market for aero generators is endless, being a suitable way of generating electricity in underground installations such as subways, trains and commuting trains.


This project has four different business lines that generate revenues, manufacturing, engineering, installation and maintenance.

Manufacturing- it will be carried out under our license, as we are the only ones in possession of the utility model.

Engineering- the manufacturing premises will be designed.Installation- the modules will be installed, with the electrical connections and wiring put in place. Key in hand.

Maintenance- all of the installation process will be supervised and renovation will be included as part of the services provided.

Our marketing strategy will be based on the implementation of a pilot plant, backed by a marketing and publicity campaign. Our goal is for the campaign to back up the good results generated by the pilot plant, in various international and national media sources. Our goal is to make Metro de Madrid our commercial partner.


Effectiva is a product line in energy efficiency for lighting, intelligent and ecological. It achieves greater efficiency and savings, reduces the consumption of the luminaire by recovering part of the energy consumed. Compatible with possibility of fine adjustments through remote management. The placement is quick and easy, so we will start saving easily from the first minute. It is especially indicated for those places where the presence of the artificial light is more important, being where we will notice the greater effect.


The goal of the Project is to create a a global brand, in the biomass market, that guarantees provision of biomass in Spain´s domestic market. We have a market of 120,000 domestic users that need providers that guarantee quality supply, competitive pricing, and consistency. The characteristics of this market (cost of transport, difficulties accessing silos in small facilities, etc.) make biomass producers attach their commercial strategies to big energy consumers and domestic users are death with through internet portals, DIY spaces, and hardware store warehouses that don´t always have the means to supply on a small scale.

Our proposition is to create a points-of-sale logistics network around the client, with competitive prices and the support of big producers that act as allies and not competition. In addition, we created the certified installers program that guarantees quality facilities and that recommends our brand to the end client and all with the support of the website and app, www.mercadobiomasa.com. The market expectations are positive, with a sector that grows annually by 20%, political support for renewable energy through the EU (Goal 20/20/20) and the recent signing of the Paris Pact to fight against global climate change.


4U Control is a company dedicated to the energy efficiency of individual heating systems as well as centralized ones. We offer software and devices that allow zoning so that each radiator can have distinct temperatures throughout the day/night and that can be manually programmed, putting you in control of each radiator through the use of a laptop, cell phone, or tablet.

Our solutions have two types of installations:

A. Individual Heating:
Small installations (apartments, chalet, stores, offices, etc.)
Large installations (high schools, office buildings, residences, universities, etc.)
B. Central Heating and Individual Consumption.


WallboxOK promotes electric vehicles, producing the most competitive and innovative charging stations for electric vehicles. From charging for private use, to portable charging points to charging points for public use.