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Shargo is a Same-Hour delivery B2B start-up that was launched at the beginning of 2016. The objective was to help e-commerces and retailers to deliver the orders to their customers in 1 hour or in the same day with slots of 60min.

The difference with our competitors is the productivity that we generate thanks to a multi-fleet schema and our unique algorithms that build our platform. Thanks to this, we are able to deliver till 6,3 packages / hour with an average delivery time of 41min, what allow us to maximize the driver incomes and to work with 20% of gross margins. Today, Shargo is already delivering 13.000 packages / month, with a monthly turnover of 30.000€, and hoping to reach monthly 200.000€ at the end of this 2018.

Companies as Nostrum, Grupo Rodilla, Optica Universitaria, RestoIn, Fotawa, Mediamarkt, Privalia, Zatro o Deliberry, among other players, have started to work with us giving us from month to month more volume.



At Beewow we make buying gifts easy, fast, fun and extremely cheap. We are a brand that sells cool curated products online and offers multiple categories of products priced from 1€ to 10€. Currently we operate in the Spanish territory and we plan to expand to other European countries as we base our model on an American company that has been really successful since its launch one and a half years ago. Moreover, we are backed by Demium Startups, a renowned Spanish incubator, that adds value to the team which is expert in the key areas of the business


Transactional, vertical and mobile marketplaces

500 Markets is a startup that creates and manages vertical mobile marketplaces focused on monetization of 2nd hand articles, providing users a safety, trust and convenience environment.
Unlike other classified ads apps operators (Wallapop, Milanuncios, Vibbo,…), it integrates the value chain within the app in a closed platform allowing the posting of listings, a controlled communication channel via chat between offer and demand, ‘escrow’ payments, professional logistic service and return guarantee for buyer protection in case the purchased item does not meet the advertised condition.

Interested in sectors with the following specifications:
• Large volume of potential users, both sellers and buyers.
• Real chance to acquire and convert at low costs.
• Abundance of high average value products and/or potential to generate transactions recurrency.
• Specific community character of users keen on a concrete theme.

Currently (June’17) managing BKIE, leader marketplace in Spain for cycling lovers and MOOMS, kids and baby articles. Both combined totalize over 600.000 downloads since launched and present growing monetization metrics after 6 months of transforming the open decentralized model into transactional platforms.


What is Graphene?
It is defined as a lattice of carbon atoms united by links that are an atom space apart: ¨each time you write with a pencil on a sheet of paper, you can think of it as producing graphene.¨ The structure of graphite is composed of weak-linked layers, that when are separated create lattices of graphene. The name provides the interchange – in the term graphite – of suffixes: “ite” to “ene”: each of the carbons with double bonds.

Presentation of the Company
Antecedent: The idea came from the interest in commercializing and industrializing research carried out during almost 10 years on graphene by the research group lead by Prof. Rosa Menendez of the Instituto del Carbon de Asturias (INCAR) of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC).
The company project deals with the fabrication of graphene at an industrial scale with proprietary technology (licensed by INCAR-CSIC), at competitive prices and used for different applications and sectors.
The name GRAPHENASTUR is related to the product like it´s implementation, registering this brand of product.

Location: Social Headquarters
There are many reasons for locating the company in the Principado de Asturias: its tradtion with the elemental base of graphene, carbon; the presence of suppliers of raw materials like tar and coke; it´s capacity for reindustrializing mineral bowls; the necessity of implanting high-tech companies; the multidisciplinary formation of its techniques; the strong investment in the last years in its R+D at an elevated level; and of course, the decision of the INCAR researchers. The registered office address of the company is located in Oviedo, Calle Santa Susana Nº1 Entresuelo.

GRAPHENASTUR expects to situate itself in the midterm as a referent in the production of graphene materials, of high quality, propelling commercial services, closely working with clients, and betting on an agreement with the environment.
The critical factor is the introduction of graphene materials in the marketplace.
Product quality is important and its cost (obtained by volumes of production that reduce cost of the process); not all graphene is equal.

The supply of raw materials is no problem due to the abundance of local suppliers.
GRAPHENASTUR´s strategy will rely on the agreements with INCAR-CSIC as much as for the transfer as well as for continued development of new products and the training of workers.


Project Description
Love and Child is a company focused on infants. In actuality, we commercialize infant fashion, schoolchildren materials, and gifts; however, we are developing new product lines related to infant literature and the audiovisual world. Our mission is to create products capable of generating an emotional link between adults and children, that attract customers by their fresh and fun designs, always in line with this driving thread that represents the main representatives of the brand, Lua and Marcos.

Technology – Product/Service Soulutions
Our products don´t require the use of intensive technology. Our ¨solutions¨ or our differentiation radiates from the designs and messages that we try to transmit with all our products.

Distribution and Marketing
Distribution – all of our merchandise is managed through one of our warehouses located in Guadalajara (neutral partner), that offers us a very competitive national flat rate shipping, and good prices passed to the majority. In both cases we have a logistical cost clearly inferior to the cost of the market that companies, like SEUR, TNT, or Envialia, offer.

Marketing – our priority, in order to become public, is to locate our product in stores (online as well as offline) of franchises like El Corte Ingles, FNAC, Carlin, etc. Thanks to our effort and commercial abilities, we are being able to reach brand diffusion although it isn´t obvious yet as a new company. Online, we are making ads for reputable blogs, we are adding content to our social networks, and are working in depth the SEO. Some of our production is assigned to some of the main stores in our network, like Amazon, Privalia, Mamuki, etc. We haven´t gotten an inversion in SEM, to this day, considering that we consider the brand not sufficiently visible for it and that there exists a lot of competition in the areas in which you search for our clothing. Confronting successfully the bidding system of Google would require a large investment, that at the present time, we prefer to go towards commercial action in sales points.


Every day in every city around the world there are thousands of professionals working outside a “regular” office. Most of them end up in cafeterias trying to connect to their wifi. At the same time, in the same cities, there are hundreds on unoccupied spaces in hotels, not included in any inventory and generating NO REVENUE.

The solution
Worktel is the first online platform allowing people to work in more places and spaces near them, in a flexible way, in a nice professional environment, by the hour and at a fraction of the cost of a regular office.
At the same time Worktel creates an opportunity for the hotel industry to increase revenues and engagement with a new customer


Miapetra are unique, flats and style sinks, that saving water and made of natural stone, as well as product line of high quality design for the bathroom matches with the sink.

Sinks have barely evolved in design over the past 2,000 years. The design of the sink is intended for use (water storage) that does not meet its current role. Such a design allows excessive and unnecessary water waste.

The flat sink made of natural stone has an attractive design, it helps save more than 75% water and offers a much higher average sinks to be made of natural stone quality.
Along with other applications such as shower and all under an Invention Patent that allows the marketing of a line of products related with the stone exclusively


With Shoppiday you earn money with your purchases, both in stores online and in stores of your city.

Shoppiday wants to change the way people make their purchases by offering a reward for their daily purchases. When you shopping through Shoppiday, whether in online stores or in your local stores, you earn money (a percentage of what you spend). In addition, Shoppiday is a complete tool for local commerce: customer acquisition, loyalty, payment on the mobile, online booking and CRM.
The value proposition facing the user is simple: make money with your purchases and buy what you want, you are not limited to a specific product or service.

Shoppiday was born from the merger of several businesses: Stampydoo (loyalty app for local commerce created in Antai VB), Zapper España (mobile payment app), Wondy (beauty booking app) and online cashback business, Spin-offs of LetsBonus along with Wondy.


Politicians receive an overwhelming quantity of emails every day. Valuable information about the needs and wants of their constituents that goes unnoticed without even being analyzed. Kuorum.org is an online service that helps politicians to get a sense for what their constituents want and then communicate with them. The tool combines real time social data analysis with mass mailing features. And it allows for behavioural and regional segmentation of audiences.

Kuorum.org was founded in 2013 with a capital of 24k€ Triple F.

In 2015 the British accelerator Dotforge Impact entered the capital with a seed investment of 27.2k€ (£20k) in the form of a convertible loan. And currently, Kuorum.org is offering an investment opportunity of 350k€ that will be used, together with 120k€ from the Erasmus+ program of the EU, to consolidate the team and develop the first premium features.