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Mybike is the first fleet of mobile workshops in Europe operated through an application (IOS, Android).

We go to your home or wherever you choose and leave your bike ready. No waiting, no transfers. Saving you time to pedal more.


Uncovercity is the way to enjoy unique gastronomic experiences without knowing where you are going until you reach your destination.
Discover and enjoy experiences without deciding where (all our destinations are guaranteed and contrasted) managing for you the reservation, avoiding you to take your private car, driving, looking for parking … we take care of everything for our customers to enjoy the important.
We link the new urban mobility (Cabify, Uber, Lyft…) with the destinations.


Rocking Baby (Babymico S.L.) is a company dedicated to the mobile childcare sector, i.e., the sale of specialized baby carts and chairs. The idea was born as a consequence of the initial activity of the company that founded the CEO of Rocking Baby, Baby Eco. Baby Eco (founded in 2010) is a chain of second-hand shops for babies. With this business, Blanca Garelly (CEO) realized that there was not enough supply of baby carts, which was also excessively expensive.

As a result of this, Rocking Baby was born in 2015, a company that comes to solve many headaches to those parents who do not find products that fit their needs and budgets.

Rocking Baby is a brand that, thanks to the extensive knowledge and experience of its partners in the world of mobile childcare, has managed to design an innovative product, with great usability and, above all, at very competitive prices.


Marketplace for the organization of social events. Filter, compare and hire with availability any service you need for your party. With more than 190 thousand page views, 36 thousand new users, 12 thousand followers in the networks and 1300 registrations, in just 10 months of activity, we demonstrate the evolution and transformation in the Events sector.
We turned directories and requests into a real shopping marketplace.


Eurocoinpay www.eurocoinpay.io is the company, Spanish and headquartered in Leon, which is behind the first Investment Platform that unites two major economies: FIAT money, in clear decline in usability due to its huge inflación, and the Criptomonedas. It is the only exchange whose balances can be used in their day to day by customers to have a coffee, go to the hairdresser, eat at a restaurant, refuel for your vehicle or online payments, etc. .

Eurocoinpay, from a usable point of view, is a payment application, which allows the user (customer and trade) to pay and receive payments in the cryptomoneda you want, also allows you to spend your cryptomonedas through and cards in first-order establishments. From a technical point of view, this is the first Exchange whose balances can be used on a daily basis thanks to its payment application developed in iOS and Android.

REAL USABILITY OF THE CRYPTO CURRENCIES. The much-demanded usability of crypto coins is now a reality, the result of the work of more than twenty professionals, Eurocoinpay comes to respond to one of the drawbacks that presented the cryptomedas for the day to day, a great proposal of value on which to bet.


Point of Sale Customer Finance Platform ready to scale. Lendnetics has developed a finalized a solution that connects borrowers and merchants with different lenders willing to fund them in a paperless & automated process. (1) Borrowers have the chance to ask for cheaper finance on a few steps within the confidentiality of their smartphone. (2) Merchants increase sales, NPS and financing rates and (3) lenders get access to new profitable consumer finance assets that fit their risk appetite paying only per operation.

Lendnetics has gathered the commitment of two financial institutions who are eager to fund customer finance operations through Lendnetics the platform (commercially named SmmartCredit) and has recently signed off a large merchant.

The monetization is two-fold, first as a B2B2C financing platform (SmmartCredit) and also as a white label solution for financial institutions looking to update all or part of their consumer lending offering (called Lendnetics PaaS). Lendnetics has recently sign one such agreement with a small-size Spanish financer and is negotiating others.
Lednetics was founded in 2016 by Luis Pérez Ureña, seasoned banking executive that has held several positions of responsibility at Santander Bank and previously at Urquijo Bank. Currently Lendnetics has a team of 10 experienced professionals coming from banking and tech fields.


Shargo is a Same-Hour delivery B2B start-up that was launched at the beginning of 2016. The objective was to help e-commerces and retailers to deliver the orders to their customers in 1 hour or in the same day with slots of 60min.

The difference with our competitors is the productivity that we generate thanks to a multi-fleet schema and our unique algorithms that build our platform. Thanks to this, we are able to deliver till 6,3 packages / hour with an average delivery time of 41min, what allow us to maximize the driver incomes and to work with 20% of gross margins. Today, Shargo is already delivering 13.000 packages / month, with a monthly turnover of 30.000€, and hoping to reach monthly 200.000€ at the end of this 2018.

Companies as Nostrum, Grupo Rodilla, Optica Universitaria, RestoIn, Fotawa, Mediamarkt, Privalia, Zatro o Deliberry, among other players, have started to work with us giving us from month to month more volume.



At Beewow we make buying gifts easy, fast, fun and extremely cheap. We are a brand that sells cool curated products online and offers multiple categories of products priced from 1€ to 10€. Currently we operate in the Spanish territory and we plan to expand to other European countries as we base our model on an American company that has been really successful since its launch one and a half years ago. Moreover, we are backed by Demium Startups, a renowned Spanish incubator, that adds value to the team which is expert in the key areas of the business


Transactional, vertical and mobile marketplaces

500 Markets is a startup that creates and manages vertical mobile marketplaces focused on monetization of 2nd hand articles, providing users a safety, trust and convenience environment.
Unlike other classified ads apps operators (Wallapop, Milanuncios, Vibbo,…), it integrates the value chain within the app in a closed platform allowing the posting of listings, a controlled communication channel via chat between offer and demand, ‘escrow’ payments, professional logistic service and return guarantee for buyer protection in case the purchased item does not meet the advertised condition.

Interested in sectors with the following specifications:
• Large volume of potential users, both sellers and buyers.
• Real chance to acquire and convert at low costs.
• Abundance of high average value products and/or potential to generate transactions recurrency.
• Specific community character of users keen on a concrete theme.

Currently (June’17) managing BKIE, leader marketplace in Spain for cycling lovers and MOOMS, kids and baby articles. Both combined totalize over 600.000 downloads since launched and present growing monetization metrics after 6 months of transforming the open decentralized model into transactional platforms.


What is Graphene?
It is defined as a lattice of carbon atoms united by links that are an atom space apart: ¨each time you write with a pencil on a sheet of paper, you can think of it as producing graphene.¨ The structure of graphite is composed of weak-linked layers, that when are separated create lattices of graphene. The name provides the interchange – in the term graphite – of suffixes: “ite” to “ene”: each of the carbons with double bonds.

Presentation of the Company
Antecedent: The idea came from the interest in commercializing and industrializing research carried out during almost 10 years on graphene by the research group lead by Prof. Rosa Menendez of the Instituto del Carbon de Asturias (INCAR) of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC).
The company project deals with the fabrication of graphene at an industrial scale with proprietary technology (licensed by INCAR-CSIC), at competitive prices and used for different applications and sectors.
The name GRAPHENASTUR is related to the product like it´s implementation, registering this brand of product.

Location: Social Headquarters
There are many reasons for locating the company in the Principado de Asturias: its tradtion with the elemental base of graphene, carbon; the presence of suppliers of raw materials like tar and coke; it´s capacity for reindustrializing mineral bowls; the necessity of implanting high-tech companies; the multidisciplinary formation of its techniques; the strong investment in the last years in its R+D at an elevated level; and of course, the decision of the INCAR researchers. The registered office address of the company is located in Oviedo, Calle Santa Susana Nº1 Entresuelo.

GRAPHENASTUR expects to situate itself in the midterm as a referent in the production of graphene materials, of high quality, propelling commercial services, closely working with clients, and betting on an agreement with the environment.
The critical factor is the introduction of graphene materials in the marketplace.
Product quality is important and its cost (obtained by volumes of production that reduce cost of the process); not all graphene is equal.

The supply of raw materials is no problem due to the abundance of local suppliers.
GRAPHENASTUR´s strategy will rely on the agreements with INCAR-CSIC as much as for the transfer as well as for continued development of new products and the training of workers.