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We believe that cooking recipes at home will be the way to eat, plan and consume food for years to come. Our goal is to help people eat better, in a healthy, conscious and nutritionally appropriate way.
From foodinthebox.com and the app (under development) our customers can buy a wide variety of recipes (over 140 at the moment), and we will take care of all the ingredients portioned with a simple step by step.
Technology is one of the main pillars and differentiating elements of Foodinthebox.
On the one hand we are developing a nutritional engine, which allows to automate the calculation of the nutritional information of each recipe and to compose nutritional plans in a personalized way.
On the other hand, food has developed the ‘PIM’: Product Information Manager, in order to develop a distributed signature of the recipes together with bloggers, nutritionists and gastronomic experts. This is done thanks to what we have called the Ingredient Framework, which allows you to create more than 13,000 different recipes limited to 250 ingredients today.
From the point of view of ‘customer’, we have a technology capable of creating ‘white mark’ microsites so that brands and partners can publish and market their own recipes with their products, and integrate this sale on your website with your identity corporate.


Spaveggi rethinks the way we eat vegetables with a range of plant-based products that identify the consumer with a healthy and highly innovative lifestyle. Currently, we produce and commercialize fresh vegetable spaghetti (zucchini, carrot, beet, sweet potato and turnip), 100% veggetable based, 0% processed, providing people with a healthy substitute for pasta and an innovative alternative to eating vegetables.
Although Spaveggi is the first product with which we have entered the market, we are developing a range of products that are characterized by being healthy, easy and quick to cook (ready in less than 7 minutes) and very fun.
Spaveggi is focused on increasing the quality of life for those working people who lack of time to cook, care about their health and are opened follow the new trends.
Spaveggi brand aims at two business lines. In the firs place, it starts as a product and distributor, and in a second place as a restaurant “Fast food, Healthy food”. Thus, on one hand, we have Spaveggi (a model that seeks to promote the sale of the product without any preparation via e-commerce and big distribution channels) and Spaveggi Kitchen (a model that will create a restaurant that will mainly offer dishes based on Spaveggi along with a healthy and daring menu following the brand philosophy).


Fotawa is a food delivery service that offers healthy, tasty, gourmet meals at affordable prices and record delivery times.

At Fotawa, we strive to be the go to meal delivery service for professionals in urban areas, who are increasingly looking for quality, healthy food without the long delivery times, minimum orders or time investment in the kitchen.

We give customers both convenience and quality. The lunch meals are designed by a michelin star Chef, reviewed by a nutritionist, cooked by an in-house Chef and delivered in 15 minutes.

The on-demand food delivery market in Spain is valued at 1.2 Billion Euro market, with a strong 15% annual growth rate.

We are seeking funding in order to grow our customer base and expand geographically. We plan to move to Madrid and Valencia before expanding to main capital cities in Europe and Latin America.



Ad sales to small and médium sized companies through an app with geolocation that informs you of the best local stores, it can tell you about the menu of the day and offers and promotions.

Each store pays an annual fee that ranges from €100 to €600 depending on the contract agreement.


Project Distribution
Food and Tapas is 100% Spanish company that sells Mediterranean products of the best quality. Our ecommerce strengthens blogs and recipes for a total Mediterranean shopping experience.
Technology – Solutions of the Product/Service

Our products are:
Mediterranean food (paella, extra virgin olive oil, olives, rustic toast, etc.)
Iberian food (Iberian ham, manchego cheese, chorizo, etc.)
Typical food (fabada, conservavas, special tapas, etc.)

Our value proposition is based on excellent products of excellent quality (some are the best of their category), excellent packaging, little references (we focus on Mediterranean, and simple), and excellent delivery (promised delivery is 3-7 days shipping and the average is 2-8 in the US). Our warehouse is in NYC.

Distribution and Marketing
The market analysis that we´ve developed and previously compared with the ICEX NYC and the on ground analysis (San Francisco and Boston) doesn´t show that the market has large potential (we have detailed calculations that can be shared). The attraction for our product is growing and our positioning is adequate.


Misamplás: the new way of cooking

Misamplás brings to your home fresh ingredients, portioned, cut and prepared, to cook delicious recipes in just 20 minutes.

Misamplás is aimed at couples and families between the ages of 30 and 55, urbanites, with little time, concerned about the environment, who want to take care of themselves and eat healthily. With this service, customers gain time and quality of life, being able to cook tasty recipes with organic products at home without going shopping, without washing, without cutting, without staining… And best of all, with no waste and a great saving, because they pay only for what they need to cook.

Users select the recipes from the website www.misamplas.com and can schedule the day and time slot when they want to receive the ingredients each week.

The fresh ingredients come from Almería, Lérida and local suppliers. All products are shipped in isothermal boxes that keep them in perfect condition for 24h and are packaged properly so they are kept fresh for 6 days in the customer’s refrigerator.

Misamplás launched in October 2016 with supply on demand and in the first quarter of 2017 will start with the subscription model and custom plans as “Good for You”. The Company has been financed with its own resources and has just opened a financing round that will end on March 31st.


We are going to create a center for processing and distribution of food products
from the sea (seafood and shellfish) and rice in fifth range, with vacuum cooking
techniques and high clear technological component. We focus on retailers and

We will develop the activity in the area of Palmones (Cadiz), gastronomic center
of the Gibraltar Land. Ships currently in a restaurant, so it is an established

We go to a low cost market and 3% of the market in the Province of Cádiz,
which are 75,000 kg in 10 years using the experience we have in the seafood
sector, restoration and management of investments.


Helheim is a project that seeks to recover mead – an ancient and unjustly forgotten alcoholic drink – and bring it closer to the people all around Europe, offering a new and unforgettable experience made of honey, water, spices and legends.

Helheim is established in Asturias in the northern Spain and formed by a skilled and experienced team with the deep understanding of the current market.

We use only artisan honey, carefully selected yeast strains and the purest water we can find to make first-class meads.

We already possess an established client base, but our production capacity is too small to meet the much bigger and ever-increasing demand. Thus, the logical next step should be about expansion and growth.

To fulfill that, we seek 26.000€ investment that will allow us to find a new, larger industrial space, acquire better equipment and raw materials, and greatly increase our production capacity.


MADE-IN-SPAIN is an international distributor of high quality Spanish products, those with a clear comparative advantage in international markets.

MADE-IN-SPAIN.COM combines online and offline distribution to achieve a unique customer experience, working directly with suppliers to obtain the best products and prices.

We sell online through our websites www.made-in-spain.com, www.made-in-spain.uk and www.made-in-spain.ie, with the last Ecommerce technology and an integrated international logistics system that allows us to ship products throughout Europe at very affordable prices.

Physical sales will be made through a store that combines the direct sale of products and the wine and “Tapas” tastings. In this way, we will enable customers to try our products, giving them the confidence to make further purchases online. The store thus will consist of a winery/Tapas bar with an amazing and perfect Spanish environment where customers are able to both purchase products in-store and order online for subsequent pick-up.

We have a multidisciplinary management team with extensive experience in key areas of business, including business administration, international trade, gastronomy, computing, marketing, communications, fine arts and graphic design.

We are seeking a €200k seed capital investment to complete our business model with the last piece of the puzzle, opening our first physical Store in Dublin and enhance the online service, including a new version to open the Ecommerce to worldwide customers. Once formed the business model in Ireland, a new funding round will allow us expand our model to the markets of UK and Germany.