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All cognitive impairments, whether they may be neurodevelopment disorders, attained brain damage or neurodegenerative disorders, require cognitive stimulation performed by therapists (psychologists, psychiatrists and neurologists). However, current treatments have not incorporated all the technological advances of recent years; making them obsolete treatments, expensive and demanding a great deal of time from both patient and therapist-Sincrolab was developed to solve this problem.
Sincrolab is a company dedicated to the creation of software for cognitive development, and the solution to neuropsychology disorders that were established in 2013 in Madrid. Sincrolab emerges as a laboratory to create tools that will help foster faster and cheaper neuropsychology treatments for the treatment of neurodevelopment disorders, like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), et cetera, and in the prevention of age-related disorders such as Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI).
These tools are being recognized for each and every prescribed label. To date, there are two clinical trials being conducted at the Center for Biomedical Technologies at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid; ADHD has already been recognized by the Hospital Clínica de San Carlos, whereas the first trial for DCL is currently being prepared.
The main objective of SincroLab is to become the industry leader of technological tools for neuropsychology rehabilitation of patients with neurodevelopment disorders, and the prevention of cognitive deterioration, utilizing a highly reliable platform to tackle cognitive deficits of the mental health and educative sectors.


The business idea is to develop a mobile device application which will allow the diagnosis of senile dementia and cognitive deterioration.
This deterioration will be combated with mental exercises to reduce and delay the effects, both in patients positively diagnosed and those with genetic predisposition or concerns of suffering from this disease.
Current applications oriented at these patients solely focus on geolocation and simple problem solving. Our competitive advantage is the ability to measure levels of cognitive dysfunction through assessment scales in order to adapt accordingly exercise difficulty. The mobile application will provide the possibility of personalizing these exercises according to gender, education, likes and preferences, and it can also be used as a data bank where the user can add information about their relatives, places of interest and memorable moments. The application will generate statistics that provide doctors and caregivers with important information about the progress of their patients´ cognitive decline.


Vooiage will provide a solution that combines virtual reality and body sensors to the phisiotherapy process, acelerating the recovery while giving more interactivity to the patients and data collection for phisiotherapy.

Thanks to Vooiage the phisioterapist are able to helps the patient to be focused, motivated, engaged and aware of himself in recovery process




Saving lives through early cancer detection

Amadix is a leading molecular diagnostics company focused on developing innovative diagnostic tests for early cancer detection to improve patient survival and quality of life.

The Company’s non-invasive assays tested in blood are oriented to early cancer detection avoiding the complications and side effects of existing invasive procedures and to improve the accuracy and compliance of currently marketed non-invasive tests. ColoFast, the most advanced product developed so far, is an innovative blood-based test for colorectal cancer (CRC) diagnosis based on a gene signature of micro-RNA (miRNA). The clinical validation of the test is currently undergoing an European prospective study and is planned to obtain CE-Mark in the coming months to be commercialized in 2018. The Company’s test pipeline includes, in addition, two blood-based tests for early detection of lung and pancreatic cancer.




HealthSens S.L. is a “Spin-off” of the Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias and the University of Oviedo set up with the objective of developing, producing and commercializing electrochemical sensors to be used in the detection of biomarkers in highly prevalent diseases, thus enabling early diagnosis and/or appropriate follow-up of patients.
Healthsens specializes in the development of Point of Care (POCT) medical devices for the diagnosis and monitoring of high-impact pathologies in our society, including oncological (prostate cancer), neurodegenerative (Alzheimer’s), renal (chronic kidney disease) and digestive (celiac disease) diseases. The devices developed by Healthsens are easy to use, non-invasive, compact and portable so they can be used by non-specialized personnel outside laboratories, for example in Primary Care Centers, pharmacies and doctor’s consultation rooms. In some cases, the devices could be used by the patient at their home (e.g. the medical device for monitoring kidney disease). Healthsens is also aiming to develop a system for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease based on the immunological capture of amyloid peptides in the cerebrospinal fluid.
Our vision is aligned with current health trends, focusing on a better patient management and higher quality of care, thus contributing to the personalization of healthcare practice and the sustainability of the health system.


Solving worldwide health and wellness needs

Mangrana is a highly scalable eHealth technology platform that uses multidisciplinary and artificial professional intelligence to empower and educate citizens around the world, regardless of their socioeconomic and cultural background, about when and what decisions to make regarding their basic health and wellness.
Currently access to education and basic advice on the most frequent health problems facing the world citizens, is not available to the entire population, however smartphone users are accounted for billions and people who consult the internet (websites and apps) In front of their symptoms are approaching this year to 700 million.
Mangrana’s first product, “wtswrng” is a smartphone app that helps citizens to make decisions about when and what health resources to use. It is the first symptom checker that can be used globally and by all types of citizens who have a smartphone, since it uses the universal language of images.
The global data captured regarding the patterns of symptoms as well as the behaviors of the people in relation to their basic health needs, will be of great epidemiological, sociological and commercial value.


The Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis produces scarring of lung tissue decreasing progressively the breath autonomy of the patient. IPF is a serious disease that usually affects middle-aged and older adults. Many people live only about 3 to 5 years after diagnosis. 3 million of patients around the world are estimated to have IPF. Without it is impossible to know the actual number since it is often misdiagnosed as different pathologies with similar symptoms.
To improve its detection, in eKuore we are working with Boehringer-Ingelheim (BI) in the development of an IPF early detection system.
In this way, eKuore will develop the devices able to register the auscultation and upload them to the Cloud where them will be compared with identified patterns of FPI by the algorithm designed by BI. This will give an early diagnose of the disease and will refer the patient to the specialist.


Knowledgeable and with much experience in the sector of animal companionship, our Project is to open a new chain of establishments in this sector dedicated to these distinct activities: veterinary consultants, canine and feline beauty shops, spa, recovery center for dogs with mobility problems, etc. and pet stores.

Our establishments, with store designs that are novel and attractive, get away from the traditional store; they will be situated in the best, most important, most prestigious commercial centers of the country, El Corte Ingles.

In this moment the sector of animal companionship is growing in Spain at the level of other European countries that have already developed it years before. Companies, dedicated to the pet sector, are being bought by foreign investors and being placed in established commercial places that have stores in distinct parts of the country.

Developing these types of stores in large commercial chains of Spain, like El Corte Ingles, will situate us in a good position of having the possibility of opening 70 stores in all of Spain. We have assured traffic, that is, El Corte´s clientele, in addition customers that already have pets and want to find out what offers we have as an external operator operating within El Corte Ingles, but still offer the same guarantees.

The project can have one service or various depending on the size and characteristics of the center.



Presentation of the Company:
Bioprognos is a biotech company, created in January 2016 and dedicated to the development of diagnostic solutions for the early detection of different types of cancer through a simple blood test.

To improve clinical outcomes and quality of life for cancer, by developing innovative, non-invasive, accurate, and cost-effective diagnostics solutions.

To be the top reference worldwide diagnostics company that allow people to enjoy better health.

The test “MBDAA for Lung Neoplasia Dx”, calculates the risk of lung cancer ―and provides histology in the case of a positive test―, combining the values of 6 tumour markers obtained with a simple blood test, with other clinical data from the patient, with a 93,5% Sensitivity and 96.2% Specificity.

Our coverage model will be Direct and Indirect Sales, in a world wide market.

Public and Private Authorities involved in cancer prevention protocols
Clinical Analysis Laboratories (Private and Public) with, or no experience with tumor biomarkers
Lung Specialists/Oncologists
Insurance companies
Biomarkers Manufacturers
Institutes of Oncology
Research Institutes

In a couple of weeks we are starting a multi country proof of concept project with an International and relevant laboratorie. NDA signed.

Our main competitor for Lung cancer might be the test known as PAULA.

We have reached the “CE Declaration of Conformity” (CE Mark) for our Lung Cancer MBDAA Algorithm.
1 Algorithm ready to Market this month
2 Algorithms expected ready to Market in 3 months

Improve the Especificity and Sensibility for 12 new Cancer Algorithms, starting from Lung cancer and reduce the Go-to-Market time frame


MediCheck is the solution for access to prívate healthcare in an affordable way, without needing to pay fixed monthly fees.

In analyzing the private healthcare sector, we identified a series of barriers to access for part of the population. MediCheck puts clinics in contact with patients through the web and the MediCheck app in order to create the best healthcare market where supply and demand is found at equilibrium prices in which both parties benefit. We put in place quick and quality healthcare with prices that are accessible to patients and fair to professionals.

We are a multi-discipline team with potential, motivation, and the necessary experience, both in the healthcare realm and the business environment, to establish this project as a real alternative to health insurance. Today we have fully developed the technology as well as an ample medical team, which allows us to direct all our resources toward the business growth of the project.