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Currently, people with visual impairment have major problems accessing Braille literature. As well as to read your personal documents. The lack of accessible electronic devices, the scarce Braille print offer, the high prices of these solutions and the time they have to wait to acquire the document.
Therefore, from Tiresias Systems we have created BraiBook, a tool that puts at your disposal all the books published, without having to wait and cost the same as a conventional eReader.

Ergonomic design.
Allows one-handed reading
Instant PDF conversion, ePub and Txt to Braille
Allows learning of Braille self-taught
Bluetooth connection. Connects to other devices
The entire bookstore is within easy reach. Capacity of more than 4,000 books
Audiobook System

1 .- Download the file on your computer
Download the book / personal document that you want
2 .- Load the file into BraiBook
Via USB, SD card or Bluetooth.

3 .- Begin reading in Braille

Our business model is B2C (business to client) and B2B2C (business to business to client). Our revenues will be generated by the sale of our device to final customers or distributors.
Our value chain begins in Brainstorming sessions with the users, afterwards search for technological solutions, testing, final improvement and finally the commercialization, looking for efficiency and celerity throughout the process.


Be Helpie is the #SolidaridadSmart app

It is an entertainment app for millennials that offers its users the possibility to gain content related to their passions: music, sport, fashion, technology, lifestyle, motor, leisure and culture.

Content can be gained through 3 different levels of participation:
– With free participation you can get economic prizes and you get the recurring use of the app.
– With the virtual credits are chosen to awards of average level and the application is sharing by recommendation omnicanal direct of the users.
– With Helpits of € 1 direct rewards are obtained or high-end sweepstakes are chosen while collecting funds for solidarity causes.

#SolidaridadSmart is a new way of understanding solidarity in which 3 different agents are united on the same platform: NGOs that need to raise funds, millenials who want prizes being solidarity and companies, who channel their CSR and get a return of brand.

NGOs raise funds from a millennial public that they are not managing to reach adequately and massively disseminate their solidarity causes.

Millenials access content that they love through their favorite channels (smartphone, influencers and social networks) and can get rewards by being supportive.

The Helpies companies channel their CSR through Be Helpie by donating money or content to NGOs in exchange for direct, very low cost advertising impacts, permanently measured and associated with a solidarity brand


CerQana encourages the autonomy and inclusion of elderly or dependent people. It adapts the technologies to the concrete capacities of each person in each moment of his life, eliminating the technological gap that they suffer; And adds a series of new features that allow your family or those responsible to ensure your security remotely.
CerQana is born as an application that modifies the Android operating system of any smartphone, simplifying and adapting it, and allowing the family can receive notifications or notifications about the status of the user through a web platform or other cross-platform application. The system automatically detects situations of risk or strange, and alerts in real time to the responsible, so that it can intervene if necessary and help the user.
The objective of CerQana is, on the one hand, to eliminate the digital divide and, on the other hand, to help older people or young people with cognitive or intellectual disabilities enjoy greater freedom and autonomy with total security.
With an undoubtedly growing market, which in Europe only reaches 133M people, CerQana is aligned with the targets set by the European Union for 2020. It helps to reduce the costs of care for the elderly, delaying the eventual entry into a Residence of the person by allowing to maintain their autonomous life.


Lyfebox is an app that helps to curate, organize and generate original content for online marketing.
It is also a customized tool web that allows you to manage, edit and publish those contents.
It will let you generate your contents in a collaborative way; easily editing them at will; and publishing them right away in your website, blog or social networks.
An agile, simple and effective way to administrate your communication with your audience, adding up the potential use of templates which will let you optimize your schedule.
Lyfebox is a management content facilitator, with a short learning curve, oriented to all types of SME’s. It is also ideal for sports, culture or social institutions with an ample number of members.
Shorter learning curve but also less time required, less tools needed, better organization via content centralization, historical communication record and cheaper price.
It gathers in just one and friendly tool, the curation and generation of contents; its edition and digital publication; and also the measurement of the results obtained. This will guide the user to a better definition of his online communication strategy.


If arriving at the end of the month is a problem, we provide a solution.

Using our system, through a mobile app, virtual or physical card, consumers can save on every purchase they make, wherever they decide to do it, since we expect to reach most of the business fabric, that is, any establishment, Company, trade or professional service provider, who has our logo will be provided with our procedure, which in each purchase made by a consumer will benefit from a discount bonus, the possibility of a random distribution and the ease of paying their Purchases (with the accumulated balance that they have obtained), in any associated establishment without there being any risk of expiration or time limit to use the remainder of your account, ie if you don’t want to buy or acquire anything, your balance is Will increase as a result of the purchases or payment of services that you are making and will always have available to purchase any other product or service throughout S, because our system is conditioned to consumption, that is, that you can not obtain cash quantities, but buying in the companies or service providers, affiliated with our method, we do this to benefit also the businesses that Decide to take our Brand, increasing the consumption of its customers and promoting your company or services, free of charge through our website, or by the same medium to advertise your company at a very affordable price.


Do you find hard to walk the 18 holes in a long course or playing golf every day?



– Complies with all the EC regulations for this type of vehicles.
– As a innovative anf high perfomance vehicle the equipments included and the manufacturing sistem exceed quality standards.
– Powered by two electric DC brushless customize engines electronically switched made bay Maxon (Braun Group-Switzerland).
– Controller box of special design in order to distribute the power transferred to the wheels, specially developez by Maxon for the scooter golf.
– 48V-15Amp, lithium battery allows autonomy of about 32 holes, always seated; and more than 36 in mixed form, walking and seated.
– Special tyres adapted to the weight distribution.
– Calculation and design developed by a specialized auto motion engneeering I-Alpe (Madrid.Spain)
– Adapt for different customer preferences, chassis colour, club bag and cuff.
. Can be used by peaple weighing up 150 kg (330,693 pounds) plus club bag.
– One year warranty

Enjoy your favorite sport!


• Have you got an awesome FinTech solution but not the contacts, cultural and language skills to penetrate business accounts across borders?.
Fintech Venture Consulting, S.L. is a fintech start-up which aims to help EU and USA fintech start-ups succeed across borders, with their fintech solutions and specialised professional services.
Get your sales optimized to maximum, because ideas are important but execution is key.

• The activity consists on becoming the main outsourced hub for exports established in the Spanish market for IT foreign companies that wish to export their FinTech products to Spain, not having these companies, their own export department due to the fact that they are start-ups.


FinTech consultancy firm which main purpose is to evalute FinTech technical solutions and projects from technical partners in Europe and USA geographical spaces in order to commercialize these solutions (technological products and specialized projects) in the Spanish market among fintech final customers.


The activity is defined as sales consultancy professional services for FinTech/RegTech solutions and FinTech technical projects which includes all phases of technical sales, from Territorial Plan, Pre-sales to Post-sales support.



• European/USA FinTech solution analysis from the technical and functional point of view, which aim is to verify feasibility to commercialize the solution in the Spanish market.
• Determining the vertical market to which the solution is addressed.
• Determining if the solution can be integrated with their IT systems and processes or if a system integrator is required to implement the solution


In iUrban.es we get customers where nobody has arrived, from the first moment without needing to download any type of application. In the city. By converting cabins with our partner ” Telefónica” into national and international information points in more than 25 countries, and in restaurants and hotels, when the user loads the table, he is captive in front of an interactive screen to increase our customers’ tickets, We are already working with 2 well-known franchises with more than 500 restaurants, and 30 hotels that are waiting for us to manufacture our solutions to incorporate the 50 advertisers we currently have.


Neuronal Bite SL was born when we saw that small and medium e-commerce had a need: to introduce artificial intelligence to its business models, without it the companies will lose competitiveness. The big technological companies know this and make use of it, big nontechnological companies also have artificial intelligence implanted in their business models,through custom made models, in fact part of our team has been dedicated to develop for these companies during the last 8 years.

That is why Neuronal Bite was born, we implemented modules of artificial intelligence with technology developed by ourselves, in order to optimize the sales of each e-commerce.

We offer a SaaS, the process is through a registration form on our website. From there, any ecommerce can begin to consult how to optimize its sales through the different modules that we offer: product recommendation, churn rate, customer segmentator, etc.


SchoolMars allows families and alumni to write comments and make notes to their schools through a unique rating system. In this way, they help other users to choose the best educational option. In addition, SchoolMars offers schools a powerful tool to publish and give visibility to their educational project, facilities, services, applied technologies, and thus open a channel to capture talent and new registrations.

The platform is scalable and ready for expansion, starting with the recent launch of SchoolMars UK.


After completing SchoolMars v2 in May 2015 and with the launch in September 2015 of the control panel for schools and educational centers, the volume of 323 customers (freemium + premium model) has been reached in just 1 year, more than 5k in The main KPIs (opinions or leads) and a 200% growth in organic traffic. We are in the process of developing new features and reducing rebound rates or funnels while completing the launch and replica of the UK platform as well as our marketplace.

Milestones & KPIs

• Traction with +470 customers (schools freemium model + premium), since September 2015.

• 200% monthly growth in visits since September 2015.

• Total visits: +500.000, U / U unique / month: +25.500, – + visits / month: 10%.

• First campaigns and agreements with educational partners (Microsoft, Educaweb, BQ).

• Internationalization. SchoolMars UK (www.schoolmars.co.uk).

• Organizers of the 1st National Educational Marketing Awards (www.premiosmarketingeducativo.com).

• Award for the best young entrepreneur project in the Valencian Community.

• Acknowledgments in national media. The Confidential, El País, ABC, …

• SchoolMars v1 (MVP) and v2 (Current Product) developed: PublicWeb (reviews platform), SchoolWeb (control
panel and marketing tool for schools and educational centers) and AdminWeb (Backoffice SchoolMars).

• Validation of the product and idea with recognition in national media and clients. BBDD from 6 Emerging
Countries at Edtech.