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Wellbeing & Health SporTech offering the most realistic and amazing fitness & nutrition experience anytime, anywhere, at the most affordable price, through stunning classes, personal trainers, body & mind multi-activities, challenges, social and the best licenced music


Rewans, the Pokémon Go for Brands, is a new comunication channel based in game marketing or gammification. This app connects brands or products with consumers in a leisure and non intrusive enviroment.

Rewans is an app for free for the user. The announcers launch promotional campaigns using geosegmentation, allowing the player to choose which one they want to play.

The user can play whaterver and wherever with the brands he prefers, interacting with them during at least 5 minutes.We generate objects (Eggs),around him, and he has to catch them getting more and more points. That allows him to be in a final ranking based in the score achieved. Once the campaign ends, the ranking shows to the player if he has been awarded or not. The winners will enjoy experiences sponsorized by the brands like trips,playstation ,etc…or products for free from the brand. The non awarded players will receive special discounts of that brand on order to create traffic to store or for lead generation.

Rewans makes money via his clients, the anouncers, who create easily national campaigns with geolocalized prizes in the app.For the user is always with no cost.

Pricingl is based in the number of users that can be reached in each campaign, according the segmentation and geolocalitation,

Regarding international level, Rewans sell licenses of use per country in exclusivity generating revenues for the sell of that license and getting a fee regarding the sales volume of each market.


JUMP Product Overview
JUMP data driven video platform allows video service providers to increase monetization and ROI through business intelligence, advanced predictive analytics and marketing automation.

Business intelligence

Benefit from pre-built analytic tools and KPIs specific to the video industry to gain key insights into your video service (new user trends, user activity, engaged users, churn, content performance, content connection, etc.) Simplify backend integration Simplify integration with pre-integrated backend Comcast Technology Solutions to easily extract, transform, and load all your video business data and create your big data platform in the cloud.

Advanced predictive analytics
Churn prediction, trial conversion, automatic user clustering, trends prediction for all relevant KPIs, personalization and more advanced data analysis based on machine learning technology.

Influence your customers’ behavior along their “journey”
Integrate with third party marketing automatization tools to retain customers, launch win-back campaigns, increase product conversion goals using A/B testing, and much more.

Enterprise grade solution
NBCU, Telefonica, FOX, and America Movil are among the brands that are using JUMP’s data driven technology to get the most out of their video service data and reach the next level.


We are dedicated to the design and production of high-quality visual effects for film, advertising and television. Our trade and activity isn’t always simple to describe, although our processes are both very artistic and highly technical.

We work at the forefront of computer hardware technologies; although software is currently our best advocate. Our spectrum of artists and professionals is, luckily or unfortunately, very specialized. Our product, like any intangible one, is complicated to sell and expensive in most cases. It has always been a luxury item within the film production industry and there are not many people in Spain who can provide such high quality. We are similar to the digital goldsmiths of the audiovisual industry. However, high-quality digital effects are increasingly becoming a necessity and the range of services grows every day. Technology also allows us to bring services closer to the public, and today can be available to many more productions to a greater or lesser extent. And I think that is what we have been doing for the past eleven years, democratizing high-quality digital effects.


Nested is a Marketplace for flexible office space renting solutions. Our service offers renewable month-to-month leases without deposits. Additionally, we provide a talent matching system to encourage professional synergies with property owners. NESTED is the Airbnb for office spaces.

At Nested we make it possible for companies to grow smoothly within the rigid infrastructure of the real estate sector; connecting companies with excess workspace to other companies, individuals or freelancers who need the space to operate and grow.

We offer any company with underutilized space to convert into a “Coworking”.

Flexible agreements eliminate the risk of a long-term lease, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on growing their businesses.

With our offer, we can cover the needs of any stage of an entrepreneur or business, from providing a periodic meeting room, to a work desk in a coworking or business center (hourly, daily or by job), or work desks or private offices within another company (monthly), including entire offices under more flexible conditions (shorter duration, less deposit and with the right to sublease) than others advertized.


MOCA is a cloud software platform specialized in Location Intelligence and Marketing Automation. It is based on machine learning technologies and was awarded at the prestigious GLOMO awards of the Mobile World Congress.

MOCA unites the physical world (geolocation) with the digital world (Apps and Web), allowing personalized communications aimed towards increasing sales and improving the effectiveness of commercial actions.

How does MOCA help companies?

MOCA multiplies the effectiveness of mobile phone campaigns by enabling hyper-segmented communications which will reach consumers at the right time and place.

The MOCA platform encourages sales boosts and improved profitability; also it collects information from mobile devices, geolocation, Wi-Fi devices, Bluetooth sensors, amongst others, such as the `Customer Relationship Management tool´ (CRM). The purpose is to facilitate user segmentation in real-time for the development of effective marketing campaigns.


Swapp was born with a specific goal to achieve, to change the way of understanding the current market. Using modern technologies we develop alternatives that improve the end user´s experience. Our offers are always based on a philosophy of change. Customary, it is possible to obtain what you seek through exchange whilst maintaining the ideal of a collaborative economy. Nevertheless, Swapp operates as a supervisor to ensure the success of platforms and regulatory compliance.

The great bet of Swapp is on a market of exchanges in which you can get what you want in exchange for what you no longer use. On average, people store more than € 4 000 in value of items at home which they do not use. Swapp wants to help individuals transform those € 4 000 of “junk” into what is really needed at the time. The world is constantly changing and the material demands of people too. Why not take a blank object that you could exchange for what you really need at any moment? Buying new and expensive all the time is over.

At Swapp, with just one item you can have them all!


Brave UP is a web and mobile phone application that improves communication between schools and its community of students, parents and teachers.

Its objective is to promote a healthy coexistence within the school community; fostering communication between students, parents and teachers by helping them to communicate directly and immediately in order to detect any problems that exist or that are perceived, so that they can be addressed head-on and in a timely manner within the school community itself.

Through an easy-to-use interactive platform, available on Android, iOS and web browser, we seek out online communications that will have lasting impacts on the daily lives of users.

With the information that teachers, students and parents provide us, we develop academic analysis, educative talks, and individual behavioural adjustment sessions when non-conducive behaviour is observed-In particular, school bullying, gender violence, racism, et cetera.

To prevent such problems, we developed an operation to analyze and categorize the opinions of students, parents or teachers into three phases: extraction of information, preparation of reports and detailed delivery to the center.

When a monthly report is solicited, our program collects impressions, opinions and comments posted online regarding the individual (always respecting and guaranteeing their privacy). Matrices are used to analyze and diagnose the information in order to construct a posterior corrective strategy and a set of adoptive actions.


All cognitive impairments, whether they may be neurodevelopment disorders, attained brain damage or neurodegenerative disorders, require cognitive stimulation performed by therapists (psychologists, psychiatrists and neurologists). However, current treatments have not incorporated all the technological advances of recent years; making them obsolete treatments, expensive and demanding a great deal of time from both patient and therapist-Sincrolab was developed to solve this problem.
Sincrolab is a company dedicated to the creation of software for cognitive development, and the solution to neuropsychology disorders that were established in 2013 in Madrid. Sincrolab emerges as a laboratory to create tools that will help foster faster and cheaper neuropsychology treatments for the treatment of neurodevelopment disorders, like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), et cetera, and in the prevention of age-related disorders such as Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI).
These tools are being recognized for each and every prescribed label. To date, there are two clinical trials being conducted at the Center for Biomedical Technologies at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid; ADHD has already been recognized by the Hospital Clínica de San Carlos, whereas the first trial for DCL is currently being prepared.
The main objective of SincroLab is to become the industry leader of technological tools for neuropsychology rehabilitation of patients with neurodevelopment disorders, and the prevention of cognitive deterioration, utilizing a highly reliable platform to tackle cognitive deficits of the mental health and educative sectors.


The majority of young persons today face a serious obstacle when it comes to moving out and gaining independence as it is very expensive, albeit for study or work. In fact, recent news suggests that specifically in Barcelona, the average price of renting a 3 bedroom apartment is almost € 1,200 / month – an increase of 17% compared to last year.
That’s why we created “De Piso en Piso” (“From Pis in Pis” in Catalonia), an online platform that connects people looking for and offering rooms in shared flats.
How do we do it? Our website depisoenpiso.com, backed by social networks, receives messages from people looking for or offering flats.
An example could be the following, “We are two girls 22 years of age, students at the University of Barcelona and we have a room available in our apartment.” Next, the user posts the available room on our webpage at their specified price. On our website, the room will appear ready to be reserved at the price indicated plus an added 20% commission taxed by De Piso en Piso on the first month´s rent. The objective is to find a suitable tenant to move into the flat in less than 48 hours.
We began the company as a small beta program just 2 years ago, today we have helped more than 40 000 individuals find accommodations in Catalonia, Aragon and Madrid. Summer of 2017 Piso en Piso officially became a registered company.
Our proven business model is based on a collaborative economy (much like platforms as Airbnb or Uber), and is a B2B2C model: we attract the attention of many individuals seeking accommodation through our platform. Then, individuals who have available rooms (including real estate agencies) publish their rooms from which we charge a percentage of each operation.