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Welcome to Kiwi Homes, an industrialized manufacturing company of modular homes, both at home and in buildings.
At Kiwi Homes we do this: we build houses in the same way that automobile companies manufacture cars. Welcome to a new era in the construction industry.
We design and build houses / buildings with traditional materials, such as steel and concrete, we use our own modular system that allows us to control all production times and costs.


LastBasic is an engineering services platform where anyone with a technological idea of hardware can turn it into a functional prototype, thanks to experts (engineers and industrial designers) from all over the world, participating through competition following the collaborative economy model. We are able to offer a fast, very economical and value-added service thanks to our global experts.


Booklyng is a solution that helps hoteliers convert a larger percentage of their website visits into direct bookings. The Booklyng intelligence platform enables hoteliers to create a personalized booking experience that can increase their website conversion rate by more than 37%, thanks to its sophisticated intelligence engine and its suite of more than 20 ready-to-use marketing tools capable of guiding, persuading, retaining and even negotiating with hotel website visitors.


GeoDB is a decentralized protocol based on blockchain technology that aims to democratize the Big Data market by returning value to the creators of the data: the users.
It is estimated that Big Data market is worth more than 100 billion dollars in the next 10 years, and currently has many problems among which can be highlighted:
The veracity of the sources, the immutability of the databases and the disorder, slowness and unification of the information.
Lack of transparency in the exploitation of people’s data
The lack of universal buying and selling rules

And above all this, the USERS, the true generators of data value are being forgotten from the equation.


Global Distribution System (GDS) that provides technology and services to key players in the hospitality and food industry, so that they can interact with each other through the use of a single platform.


CANARD has developed an innovative system for the inspection and calibration of air navigation assistance systems, disruptively changing the way these operations are performed in the airport air zone.

These new procedures replace calibration aircraft and maintenance personnel with integrated solutions using drone platforms.

CANARD is in an unbeatable position to take control of a very niche and regional market that moves $3B annually.


Heromask is a virtual reality game designed for children to learn languages. When the player puts on the mask he becomes our hero, someone capable of learning any language presented to him if that is necessary to save the galaxy.
Indeed, the mask that includes Heromask are virtual reality glasses but we say it is a mask for marketing reasons. Along with the pack is included a code with which you can activate the video game to learn languages after downloading it to the Smartphone from any of the main stores (Google Play and App Store).


DIMElab is the first spin off in the field of education sciences of the University of Santiago de Compostela. The company arose within the research group Stellae (GI-1439 of the USC) with more than twenty years of experience in projects related to the educational technology.

DIMElab was officially set up in January 2018, as a consultancy that is dedicated to the elaboration of educational means that really help to learn, since a good part of the educational materials existing in the market lacks of pedagogical perspective, something considered fundamental and necessary in these products.

In this need of pedagogical quality is where DimeLab comes into play, which comes in addition to working as a consultant for companies that develop or need to test their solutions, regardless of their format and the characteristics of the target group (infants, teenagers, families, company staff, society in general…). DIMElab also creates its own products, including digital applications and video games or serious games, both for education and training, as well as toys and resources for older people. In fact, it is the interest of DIMElab to develop a hybrid toy to facilitate the linguistic and cultural immersion of children from 2 to 5 years (in various languages and contexts), as well as the creation of an application for entertainment and improvement of the wellbeing and health Mentality of people over 65 years old. To be able to carry out both projects, called respectively SILTOM and Convida, is for what DIMElab requests a investment.


Bidup is a digital platform (www.bidup.es), market place, of information and processing of auctions of public and private real estate assets in Spain and other EU countries. Bidup has integrated a blockchain service that acts to give legal proof of the documentation provided by the seller and to each bid made by the buyer. This integration gives the maximum legal and operational certainty to the platform
• For the seller: increases the turnout to the auctions resulting in obtaining a higher price of sale. Contributes to the acceleration of the sales process
• For the buyer: Channel access to information and opportunities now very little visible and difficult to find. It is an alternative way of buying or investing in RE assets
• For the User: It is a tool that allows to increase the visibility of an auction of a good that is managing by a third party.


• Approximately, 5% of total Spanish exports of fruits and vegetables suffer from damage-claims on destination. Most frequently, is impossible to determine reliably the time and place where the potential problem that arose to the claim occurred.
• Moreover, 80% of these claims are caused by damages directly or indirectly related to a break in the cold chain during the transportation or the handling process.
• The value of the products claimed directly related to this failure in the cold chain is valued approximately in 802 million euros yearly, and 2.19 million euros daily (Just in Spain)
• Currently, there are no systems that allow optimal traceability. This is because the current systems are characterized by: Segmentation, Lack of transparency, Inaccuracy, Inefficient.


A smart labeling system using rich-data content embedded into QR codes for products that require accurate traceability and registration of all temperature excursions which the product has been under throughout the entire supply chain. At the same time, making this information widely available to all professionals involved in the handling process, including the end-user, using a proprietary software app.


1. Instant readable information: The end-user can find out instantly about the thermal condition of the product or any other useful data embedded into the QR code without involving other third-parties
2. Permanent Tracking System: from its activation to the moment the end-user wishes to access its data, the label continues to record information
3. Detailed: thermal differences can be a surrogate markers of potential problems in the cooling systems both in trucks and cooling facilities
4. Unforgeable: all the information is created by a chemical reaction thus making it impossible to modify later on the information embedded