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“Finanbest: The democratization of Private Banking.

The customer acquisition costs and time constraints faced by traditional human advisors have left many middle-class investors underadvised or unable to obtain portfolio management services. We offer an expert investment model for any investor starting from 3.000 euros, based in an expert team and the most advanced technology.

We provide private banking services at a fraction of the traditional cost, with a four step model automated and optimised from beginning to end: outline of risk profile, customised investment proposal, using the most advanced algorithm in the market (Black-Litterman), selection of world leader funds and finally dynamic monitoring.

In April 2017 we launched our business and in the last 12 months we have closed two relevant distribution agreements, have more than 250 retail clients and manage 10 Million AuMs. Our personalised portfolios have yield 2% additional average return over the market and cost savings of up to 70%.”


Sharing Academy is the first peer-tutoring platform for university students in Spain, where students in need of help to pass a subject find senior peers who already succeeded in that same subject in the same degree and university to offer them in-person or online tutoring classes. According the “Dropout and Completion in Higher Education in Europe” report from the European Comission, peer-tutoring and peer-mentoring among students improve substantially their academic results.

At the moment, students from 53 Spanish universities can benefit from Sharing Academy, that contains more than 9,000 students.



The rise of E sports in the world and in Spain is spectacular.

The growth in annual billing and investment is over 40%, and in Spain in 2016 650 million euros were invoiced and the most important brands in the country are already involved, Movistar, Orange, Bbva, Renault, Mediaset. Vodaphone … all of them in the Ibex 35.

E Corp is presented as a global company of E sports, serving all the members of the sector, we are generators of content for televisions, agency for teams, with own brand of merchandising and producers of the GAME League, with three events at year that we manage from E Corp. The league is associated with two big players  Mediaset and Game , both companys leaders in their markets.

In Spain, 19 million users play every day, of which 6 million more than one hour a day. Audiences in the audiovisual media grow every year, reaching this year globally over 10 million viewers. Television in open.


The app BillyGoatGarage unites the experience of motorists in a digital world with moto-tourist experiences of reality. It also integrates the first and only Mobile-Commerce platform in this sector.

While the GPS navigation is utilized as a game, the user can acquire points in each of his challenges and unblock different packages that allow the purchase of goods and moto-tourist experiences that are 100% real.

The access to these packages can only take place from the application. Thanks to collaborations of KTM, Pirelli, Motorex and Revit, we are able to offer upgraded packages of products and they, in turn, can procure customer loyalty in the exclusive Mobile-Commerce platform of this sector.

Not only has BillyGoatGarage created an exclusive experience with the most prestigious instructors in their class (drivers and ex-drivers of Dakar), we’ve developed a technological tool that allows the practice of moto-tourism in a better and safer environment.

The company focuses its activity on two principle lines of work:

1. Mobile app BillyGoatGarage,available on Android and iOS, and has more than 3,000 users and continues grow. The app incorporates the first and only Mobile-commerce platform in this sector, just like BEACON technology.
2. Organization and commercialization of Moto-tourist packages: Adventure Triple-1 and daily rentals of Trail type motorcycles



Believe allows you to participate in the NY Marathon, the San Silvestre Vallecana and other races from anywhere in the world.



Oreka Training SL has made the invention, the patent, the design, manages the manufacturing process and markets the new indoor trainer for cyclists with real pedaling feelings’


Quantum121 arises out of 121 Conversation an online language academy that needs anew platform to transform the business. Quantum 121 is a platform which facilitateson-line language learning for either of the B2B or B2C markets, which employs a Reservation Management Engine (RMS) in the Cloud. Market analysis indicates that the solution must include Profesional Profiles, Multi-Tenant and White Label capability, an example of which will be 121Conversation installed as a user. This capability provides us with the opportunity to design-in functionality for different vertical markets, where the need exists to monetise the professional´s available time– be they teachers, sales people, accountants, lawyers, consultants or freelancers.

1. The Problem
What is the solution? Quantum121 is a platform categorised as “System of Engagement” – it improves the client experience and drives incremental revenue for sales, SMB, academies, professional services, Higher Education and Associations. The design also allows for the fast deployment of new services.

2. Business Model
How does the business make money? Quantum 121 is billed on a per agenda basis via a monthly subscription with a discount for an annual contract. In addition, we offer configuration, personalisation and management services.

Who is the client? The client is the professional services company, association or freelancers. The end user does not pay us, we enable online and in person booking and payment.

Global vision of how to compete? We will replicate our business model in other developing countries with large digital populations, for example: EEUU, Mexico, Turkey, South Africa, India. And in other jurisdictions with a high concentration of professional services such as lawyers, accountants and business advisors

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A3D Additive Printer, SL, is a business initiative for the development of a 3D printing system of large dimensions (XXL) that allows the manufacture of architectural elements of complex geometry and, specifically, a modular housing with an area of 30 m2 (minimum viable product) that we call “OVO Habitat”. We are convinced that there is awindow of opportunity to position A3D as a change engine in the application of additive technology for Industry 4.0 in different sectors. Specifically for the construction sector we will generate the processes and the methodology to get from design to the manufacturing.

The project basically consists of developing a 3D Printing System through which houses of different types can be manufactured. For this, it will be necessary to have a specific design that can be printed with additive technology.

Formulate a material based on lightweight concrete with high structural capacity. Develop integration, optimization, printing and process management software (methodology, from design to manufacturing). A set of machines (printing hardware), from printing by robotic arm for a volume of 12 m3, to the construction of a robotic system for a printing volume of about 360 m3 with which you can print a house (demonstrator) of 30 m2 of surface.

The project is based fundamentally on innovation, we resort to research and development only when it is necessary, either because there is not what we need or for an interest in protecting part of the development.

Technology is not the end of the project but the means for the practical application of an existing technology in the development of a new business model.

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Our Project is to transform our business from a small transport services Company, that enables inbound field test engineers to run their test activities, into a fully dedicates Test House for mobile communication systems to adhere with the regulation imposed by the International Standard Organizations. We foresee loads of opportunities in this business as the coming 5G wireless technologies have just been kicked off with target to be commercial by 2020. 5G technologies will enable a myriad of business cases for both Mobile Broadband products and, foremost, for the Internet of Things (IoT) applications.
Our objective is therefore to add to the services we are currently providing, Van&Driver and test engineering capabilities, all those engineering services and base knowledge to run lab and conformance test activities, development of test tools, development of scripts for automated testing and R&D for wireless applications both for Mobile Broadband and IoT.


Wellbeing & Health SporTech offering the most realistic and amazing fitness & nutrition experience anytime, anywhere, at the most affordable price, through stunning classes, personal trainers, body & mind multi-activities, challenges, social and the best licenced music