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SYNEIDIS is a cybersecurity company with the vision of becoming a European leader in cyber security. The company is supported by the ESA-BIC Incubation Program of the European Space Agency with Barcelona Activa.
The main mission of SYNEIDIS is to help European institutions, businesses and citizens to protect themselves from cyber attacks, wherever they come from, and specifically to protect their confidential data both at rest and in transit, by providing a set of cybersecurity products and privacy of information, easy to use, solving the dilemma between security and usability.


Homyspace is a rental and temporary rental company for months, the accommodation solution for companies and displaced workers in major cities.

For businesses, relying on homyspace means reducing travel costs by up to 60%, as well as saving time in search, documentation, etc.

For workers living in apartments, flats and fully equipped houses makes your work trip an experience in which they feel almost at home.


Vinipad is an application for iOS and Android to show the products of a restaurant on a Tablet, wines, beers, spirits, cocktails, coffees and teas and meals, our main achievement is with the wine list, increasing by 15% restaurant sales.
Our project intends much more, taking Vinipad as a backbone our idea is to create an ecosystem that is backed up to reach all the actors involved in the wine sector and HORECA channel


Freedom and Flow Company develops its activity in the Corporate Health and Professional Performance sector offering solutions that manage to monetize each of the actions / projects that are developed in matters of corporate health and business wellness.
Our Purpose and Solution. In this sense, our main purpose is to generate a global health indicator that will become the Great Place to Work for Corporate Health. For this we transfer the use of technology of High Performance sports to the scope of the companies; in order to obtain specific indicators of improvement (KPI’s) in Corporate Health, that are susceptible to be related to specific parameters measured in the field of health economics and professional performance. This is what Freedom and Flow Company has defined as Small Data in People Management.


PetroBIM is a powerful but friendly tool for management and consultation oriented to the management and dissemination of the historical and cultural heritage that, throughout the life cycle (design, planning, documentation, control, intervention and maintenance) allows, through of databases linked to 3D models and a specific technological visualization developed for this purpose, to convert the classic and obsolete master plans and restoration projects linked to the field of conservation of the historical and archaeological heritage, in a single and living 4D model (Sequence in time), which allows walking, navigate and interact through it, create virtual sections, update information, generate filters for graphical and numerical queries of as many elements as they are in the model and generate searches for information.
We managed to generate intelligence for three-dimensional models by the WOBIM® technology we have developed and that we are able to integrate. Management of the model on the one hand and management of information linked to the model on the other.


At minimfit we manufacture technologically advanced, customizable, design centric fitness equipment that can integrate in any space. We believe in an innovative and consistent design where nothing has been left to chance.
Our first product, the minimbike, is a unique exercise bike, monitored by any mobile device, smartphone or tablet, through an app that includes a personal trainer. The minimbike, reduces significantly the scheduled obsolescence of traditional equipment with embedded technology (screens) which become obsolete in 2-3 years, needing renewal.
minimfit is committed to solve the problem presented by the current fitness equipment, which have been thought and designed for gyms. Until today. For the development of our first product, all the paradigms of the fitness sector have been challenged and a unique exercise bike has been developed from scratch. Its production process is absolutely disruptive, since it focuses in maximizing the use of a specifically formulated plastic derivative, eliminating most of the metal components traditionally in exercise bikes, which has allowed us to reach unattainable shapes until now and a clean and aesthetic design.
In minimfit we have reinvented and optimized the way to manufacture exercise bikes, which allows us to manufacture them entirely in Spain.
minimfit – the art of fitness


Imagames is a technological company that allows incorporating gamification into organizations. Gamification in the work environment is the implementation of leisure and entertainment activities within the work environment. The innovative MATRIX platform implements this successful technique allowing to improve the results of the actions carried out by the Human Resources departments.
IMAGAMES intends to use gamification to improve the skills and abilities of employees through the influence on the behavior of people and their engagement, seeking greater motivation and loyalty of the same in organizations.
For this, a technological platform with Artificial Intelligence is used, which allows the implementation of gamification in organizations in a simple and adaptable way to the contents and idiosyncrasy of the company.


InsightMedi es una red privada con una fuerte dinámica de interacción social, en donde los profesionales sanitarios conectan con colegas, dentro de una misma institución, con el fin de compartir y discutir casos clínicos en un entorno seguro.

Compartir información clínica en línea de forma segura es extremadamente complicado. Aún cuando la tecnología facilita el proceso de compartir, al mismo tiempo introduce una serie de riesgos asociados con la protección de la privacidad del paciente. Sin embargo, los profesionales sanitarios de todo el mundo siguen participando en este tipo de actividad debido al alto valor que aporta a sus esfuerzos de formación y consulta; poniendo en riesgo a todos los actores involucrados en el proceso de intercambio: el paciente, las instituciones y a ellos mismos.


InsightMedi is a private network with a strong dynamic of social interaction, where healthcare professionals connect with colleagues, within the same institution, in order to share and discuss clinical cases in a safe environment.
Sharing clinical information online safely is extremely complicated. While technology facilitates the sharing process, it also introduces a number of risks associated with protecting patient privacy. However, health professionals around the world continue to participate in this type of activity because of the high value it brings to their training and consultation efforts; putting at risk all the actors involved in the process of exchange: the patient, the institutions and themselves.


We are the next booking.com of the language courses around the world!
Bookingenglish.com and all the main websites like Bookingspanish.com, Bookingfrench.com, will give language solutions and information for everyone, teachers that need to look for a course for their students and don´t have the time to get the right program tailored with their specific needs, families that want to stay abroad with their kids or just parents that want to send their kids for a year, a term or just for a summer course, Business man, University students and all the people that want to improve their language for their CV, anyone around the world will be able to access the information of more than 50o0 accredited schools around the world with thousands of courses in just one site, each website will be user friendly and with a free service, so you can book directly in just one site, from the accommodation to the course in just a few clicks!

Bookingenglish is a project that counts with the support of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, British Chamber of Commerce and the University Politécnica of Cartagena.