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Belttrip manages full travel packages. Includes transport, accommodation, food and leisure. The user just has to say where he wants to go and how much money he wants to spend, Belttrip takes care of the rest.
As you fill out our test of preferences when traveling, the customer will decide if you want to go by plane, train, blablacar, sleep in hotel, airbnb, fast food or restaurants and leisure tourism or party. You will receive a package in your house with all your tickets, and tickets for your trip in full.


Waynabox markets complete tourist packages (hotel and flight) to a destination “surprise” selected at random in an internal way. The getaways last for a weekend (from Friday / Saturday to Sunday / Monday) or 5 days and travelers do not know their destination until three days before the start of the trip.

To date, the company has seven cities of origin (Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Alicante, Lisbon, Porto and Paris) and more than 50 European cities or destinations in North Africa. All the trips offered by the company have a base price of between 150 or 250 euros for short stays, depending on the origin and demand of each weekend, and 350 € for long stays.


HOTELS HISPAMAR was born to satisfy the demand of the experiential tourist that revolves around the culture and customs of Spain.

We will capture a large part of the national tourist that is somewhat abandoned in holiday hotels on the coast of the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands in addition to the south of the peninsula because all these hotels have for 50 years focused on foreign tourists. We will also capture part of the foreign tourist who comes to Spain not only looking for sun and beach but also with some cultural concern to know, learn and enjoy our Spanish culture.


¨From tradtional travel agencies to the business model of Pangea.¨
• A one-time buying experience, spectacular, multi-channel, physical and available online as well as on your phone.
• With product offer never seen before.
• A specialized exquisite service.
• And with minimum price guaranteed.


Project Description
The vision of our company is to help the economic development of territories through sustainable and responsible tourism, honoring the cultural identity and patrimony of the destination. This allows for growth and maintaining the activity of small local tourist companies, with the end of consolidating them and generating employment in the community.
Solving a Social challenge
Almost all national provinces have territories of high developmental potential through tourism, having patrimonial and cultural things, but are still not known. Creating singular tourist attractions in which the community participates is a developmental opportunity.

Client Need
According to different reports, 52% of all travelers in the world would like to choose vacation destinations that have the possibility of helping the local community. Turismo Vivencial selects destinations for the traveler so that they get to know them first hand, they´re always little known areas, but with high tourist and economic developmental potential for the local community.

We want the traveler to have live new emotions in their travel that contributes to developing a positive and responsible conscience. The best way of getting that is to bring travelers and locals together. We have revitalized 40 destinations, creating around 600 activities for all national territories. Programs with or without overnight stays. Turismo Vivencial participates in all aspects of the tourist value chain (transportation, lodging, food, and complementary activities).


EasyStay is a technology company focused on improving the guest experience in tourism establishments. We have created a tool that through an app for the guest and a management system for establishing channels of communication, sales and information are created to provide a close relationship between the guest and the hotel.

We want to become the “best friend” host during your stay!

Through the app, guests can access a live chat with the establishment, in addition to knowing the destination information and all products or services that puts the establishment at its disposal, in addition to facilitating processes such as check in or check out. Furthermore, the establishment has a 24h contact with the host through notifications and events, and even manage incidents in real time host.

All to create a new digital experience that makes you value your establishment, back and above all to recommend it.

Easy Stay, the tool where you can manage your guest experience. “The ultimate guest experience manager”


“A social Startup aimed to educate and raise public awareness about patterns of alcohol consumption, zero tolerance and respect for the non-consumer. This is achieved through technology (Applications and digital platforms), consultancy services and consulting services to businesses and the development of recreational and creative ways to reduce risk factors associated with excessive alcohol consumption activities. We seek to strengthen and promote sustainable model values such as responsibility between the individual and society to help respond to this social problem. ”
Having won the Zinc Shower 2016, we participated in 2 other contests Entrepreneurship, namely i) Driving Program – Social Nest, national finalists (In progress) and ii) IEBSchool 2016 – Winners (3rd place) among more 500 projects


Want a local virtual friend / tour guide on your smartphone? Yes! Never again will anyone be alone in a city .

CityMe provides you with a VIRUTAL local friend in any city in the world you choose.
A VIRTUAL local friend who will tell you everything interesting that´s happening around you by voice over, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING .

A young , cool , virtual and local tour guide who will accompany you as you wonder around the city and will let you know in detail everything interesting around you : from the history of the city , its streets and monuments to local restaurants , bars , art and even fascinating and quirky curiosities.

Things you’d miss without a local friend.

And always in audio format / voice over. As if someone was walking by your side.

All you have to do is listen, no reading !

Also you can visit any city of the world without moving from yours.


Climber Hotel gathers demand data from several external sources and cross analyses it with the internal reservations history from the hotel. This way we are able to recommend the optimal price at which the hotel should be selling their services through a pricing elasticity algorithm, which we have developed in-house. We use behavioural science to run real-time micro segmentation and external sources we use are events, competitor’s prices, weather, air traffic, online shopping regrets and denials and the hotel’s online reputation. We estimate that Climber will help hotels save 6-8 hours/week and increase revenues 8-10% (industry averages).

By being easy-to-use and fully automated we removed the middle man – spreadsheets – where the hotel managers used to do their budgets, forecasts and revenue analyses, we now allow them to save time and to focus on what is essential for the hotel – the guest experience.

If the hotel is already integrated with one of Climber’s cloud PMS providers, the plug-and-play lead-time can be as fast as 5 days, so the hoteliers can start optimizing pricing right away. Climber Hotel increases hotel revenue and saves time to the hotelier.


We are the only marketplace in the world able to connect, on a 100% online transactional basis, end clients and mainstream tourism (tour-operators and OTAs), to the fragmented sector of recreational boat chartering. We have developed a combined equivalent of SAP (BoatGrid, a fleet management software), Amadeus (a GDS), And Expedia (aBoatTime, a 100% transactional website) for the nautical industry and all the integrations to offer boats through touroperators and OTAs. Our goal is to become the standard for the three categories and make nautical chartering (offering the boat for sailing) and the use of boats on an accommodation-only basis (alternative to an apartment, without leaving the harbour) a vacational alternative to the masses. Additionally, we would like to exploit, on an online basis, the adjacent businesses that the industry is already demanding, such as boat brokerage, nautical AirBnB, the sale of nautical spare parts, etc.
• We have 3,000 boats (equivalent to 21,000 hotel beds) in more than 100 destinations in the Mediterranean and Caribbean, and have posted revenues since 2011. The market (direct commissions only) is of € 37 bn. € 67 bn if we include adjacent businesses. Since its foundation (Nov’10) the company has raised € 3 mm of Spanish, Swiss, German, Italian, Austrian, Portuguese and Mexican capital, and amongst our shareholders are Google US and Europe directives, the former CEO of Air Berlin for Spain and Portugal, the former worldwide Sales Manager of Air Berlin, a Professor of IESE Business School, the former Olympic sailing team coach for Spain and Portugal, and senior management from the European tourism sector. Additionally we have raised € 890k of different government funding programmes.

We are integrated to offer boats via: Booking.com (world’s largest accommodation website), Viajes El Corte Inglés (leading agency group in Spain), Halcón Viajes (part of Globalia), Catai Tours (tour-operator specialised in high end travel), Nabortu (Russian OTA owned by Expedia), NT Incoming (most important incoming operator for Russian tourists in Spain, partner of Natalie Tours, the largest Russian travel group), Iberotours (German tour-operator, partner of Lufthansa City Center, one of the largest travel agent chains worldwide), Kompas (leading Croatian “incoming” tour-operator), among others.

We signed a contract but not finished the integration yet: HomeAway (competitor to Airbnb) and Dominion Enterprises (American company owner of the 3 largest nautical websites worldwide; yachtworld.com, boats.com, boattrader.com and cosasdebarcos.com).

We are in advanced negotiations with: TUI Travel, TUI Marine (Part of TUI, owners of Sunsail, The Moorings, le boat and Footloose with 2,500 boats in 100 destinations), Thomas Cook (programming finalised), Lufthansa City Center (negotiating exclusivity), WIMDU (Airbnb´s competition) and Unister (negotiating a white label regime).

Although tour-operators and OTAs haven’t unwound their real potential yet, our metrics keep improving. Comparing Jan-Apr 2015 Vs Jan-Apr 2016, net sales multiplied by 3.6x.

Tour-operator, OTA and other channels annual contribution keep growing. In the period Jan-Apr 2016, 34% of total net sales originated in touroperators, OTAs and other channels. That implies multiplying net sales originated in these channels by 3x.

River charter: signed in 2015, our first river fleet with 385 boats and already had sales.

Deloitte audit: completed with favourable opinion for 2013 and 2014. In 2016, we will audit our 2015 accounts with Deloitte again.

Insurance: we signed the insurance contract with InterMundial Seguros for customer travel insurance, completed their intranet training, and sold our firsts insurances. Offering a complete range of insurance policies, including cancellation insurance, should mark the difference against our competitors.

Our strategy seems to be working, since bookings through tour-operators and OTAs are increasing, seasonality is decreasing and we are evolving from simply selling boat rentals to starting to change the sector.